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60 min (87 episodes)
Crime | Drama
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Country: UK
Release Date: 1965-01-23
Did you know?
To keep the series fresh the producers would regularly move Frank Marker around the UK. The show was originally based in London's Clapham district, moving to Handsworth in Birmingham, Brighton, Windsor, Walton-on-Thames and finally Chertsey.
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The central character was originally to be called Frank Marvin, but the name was generally disliked. It was lead actor Alfred Burke who amended it to Frank Marker.
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Frank is given a display case of 15 pinned butterflies by a grateful client as part-payment for his fee. He has this in his Birmingham office and takes it to his short-lived Brighton premises. It then hangs in his Windsor home (as seen in "The Beater and the Game") before being displayed in his High Street office in "John VII. Verse 24". A nice piece of visual continuity, the box does actually differ slightly between the ABC and Thames episodes.
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The Golden Flower Chinese restaurant is visible through the window of Frank's Eton High Street office - but as seen in location work for editions such as "Come Into the Garden, Rose", the eaterie is actually found two doors down from Marker's premises. The Thames production team designed the studio backdrop like this as they felt what actually faced the office was visually uninteresting.
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At the start of the second season, Marker moves into new premises in Birmingham which overlook Kane's Timber Yard. Despite the busy sound effects added by the production team to convey the atmosphere of a hectic workplace, the view from his office window regularly depicts the same selection of long-untouched wooden planks, since the scene is a stationary backdrop. By the following series Kane's have been taken over and presumably demolished, as a view of tower blocks has replaced the yard.
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