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60 min (97 episodes)
Action | Adventure | Drama | Family | Mystery | Sci-Fi
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John Cullum
Won 2 Golden Globes. Another 15 wins & 43 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1989-03-26
Filming Locations: Big Sky Ranch - 4927 Bennett Road, Simi Valley, California, USA
Did you know?
Bruce McGill is the only other actor besides Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell to appear in both the first and last episodes. In the pilot, "Genesis", McGill plays "Weird Ernie" the Air Force engineer. And in the last episode, "Mirror Image", he plays "Al the Bartender".
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Sam leaped into every year from 1953 through 1987 at least once, except the years 1977, 1984, and 1986. Sam has leaped into the years 1862 and 1945, the only times that he has leaped out of his lifetime.
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Scott Bakula was the first actor cast, and thus was asked to read with actors under consideration for the part of Al. Bakula immediately felt a connection with Dean Stockwell during his audition, and lobbied the producers to cast him as Al.
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For the famous "mirror reflections" in which Sam sees who he leaps into, the series used the old trick of a dual set with a clear glass in the "mirror". Scott Bakula would stand on one side and the actor playing the person he leaped into on the other. If you look really close at the glass, you can see sometimes Scott Bakula's reflection. (Especially if the mirror is near a source of light like sunshine).
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The number of Sam's siblings and their back stories change from the start of the series up until the 2-part episode "The Leap Home". In the first season, Sam mentions having a sister named Katie. In the 2-part pilot "Genesis", Sam mentions that she married a Naval Officer named Jim Bonney. However, in the first season episode "The Kamikaze Kid", which hinges on Sam stopping a sister from marrying an abusive boyfriend, Sam mentions that Katie married and abusive alcoholic, later named "Chuck" in the "Leap Home" episode. Also, in early episodes, Sam never mentions having an older brother named Tom until the "Leap Home" episode.
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Al sometimes does things that he really shouldn't be able to as a hologram. The most frequent is riding in cars, but at times he's also walked up stairs, walked up hills, and visibly leaned on walls.
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Al: Their only desire is for you to pamper them, and play with their...
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Al: I went over to check out the cheerleaders. Oh, Sam. There was one little girl who had these pommelos, man.
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Sam: At last, something sexual he's NOT into.
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What's up with the show's obscure ending?
"Mirror Image" (the series finale) was originally intended to be a season cliffhanger into the sixth season, but the show was cancelled due to low ratings in the end of the fifth season. The producers then decided to reshoot some scenes and make this episode the series finale. The result was rendering the episode a bit lacking, and leaving many questions unanswered. The ending was left open to allow for the possibility of a TV-movie, or even a theatrical film at some point. Neither ever came to pass.
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