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Quantum of Solace

106 min
Action | Adventure | Thriller
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Marc Forster
Nominated for 2 BAFTA Film Awards. Another 4 wins & 27 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 2008-11-14
Filming Locations: Water Gardens, London, England, UK
Budget: $200,000,000
Opening Weekend: $67,528,882 (USA) (16 November 2008)
Gross: $168,368,427 (USA) (25 January 2009)
Giancarlo Giannini
Giancarlo Giannini
Quantum of Solace
Stana Katic
Stana Katic
Quantum of Solace
Gemma Arterton
Gemma Arterton
Quantum of Solace
Daniel Craig
James Bond
Olga Kurylenko
Mathieu Amalric
Dominic Greene
Judi Dench
Jeffrey Wright
Felix Leiter
David Harbour
Gregg Beam
Jesper Christensen
Mr. White
Anatole Taubman
Rory Kinnear
Bill Tanner
Tim Pigott-Smith
Foreign Secretary
Joaquín Cosio
General Medrano
Fernando Guillén Cuervo
Colonel of Police
Jesús Ochoa
Lt. Orso
Lucrezia Lante della Rovere
Glenn Foster
Paul Ritter
Guy Haines
Simon Kassianides
Neil Jackson
Mr. Slate
Oona Chaplin
Perla de las Dunas Receptionist
Brendan O'Hea
Forensics Tech
Rufus Wright
Treasury Agent
Kari Patrice Coley
Hôtel Dessalines Clerk
Sarah Hadland
Ocean Sky Receptionist
Jake Seal
Bartender on Virgin Flight
Peñarandam Felix
Bolivian Taxi Driver (as Felix Peñaranda)
Emilio Janhunen Calderón
Andean Grand Hotel Receptionist
Elizabeth Arciniega
Mr. White's Girlfriend
Alessio Sossas
Carabinieri on Radio
Mark Wakeling
MI6 Agent
Susana Albornoz
Woman with Bucket
Jacques Duckins
Haitian Gang Member
Anthony Hansell
Dockside Valet
Karin Lanz
Gift Bag Girl
Christian Heller
Man with Gift Bag
Dante Concha
Investor at Party
Diego Fernández de Córdoba
Investor at Party
Edwin Cedeño
Investor at Party
Mike Pérez
Motorcycle Cop
Juan Carlos Avendaño
Motorcycle Cop
Rachel McDowall
CIA Flight Attendant
Rodrigo Farrugia
Hotel Bolívar Receptionist
Carl von Malaisé
Greene's Driver
Raffaello Degruttola
Alfa 2 Driver
Robert Braithwaite
Speedboat Captain
Santos Varas Ramos
DC-3 Caretaker
Antonio Gil
Marchetti Pilot
Luis Antonio Gotti
Bureaucrat at Party
Jaime Newball
La Paz Bartender
Alfonso Cuarón
Additional Voices (voice)
Kamil Krejcí
Quantum Member
Gustavo Nanez
Quantum Member
Erosi Margiani
Quantum Member
Uygar Tamer
Quantum Member
Alexandra Prusa
Quantum Member
Muhamed Gandura
Quantum Member
Shamel El-Salhy
Quantum Member
Tsedor Gyalzur
Quantum Member
Daniel Stüssi
Quantum Member
Karine Babajanyan
Floria Tosca
Sebastien Soules
Baron Scarpia
Brandon Jovanovich
Mario Cavaradossi
Martin Busen
Alexandre Krawetz
Dale Albright
Katia Velletaz
Emilia Pountney
David Decio
MI6 Agent
Dave Evans
Delta Force Member (uncredited)
Herbert Forthuber
Quantum Party Guest (uncredited)
Eva Green
Vesper Lynd
Roman Güttinger
Opera Guest (uncredited)
Luis Jherver
Hotel guest (uncredited)
Eddy Joseph
M's Husband (uncredited) (unconfirmed)
Aaron King
MI6 Agent
Tatiana Lavrentieva
Russian Neighbour (uncredited)
Derek Lea
Haines' Bodyguard (uncredited)
Brianna Meighan
Guest at Bolivian Party (uncredited)
Mike Patlin
DC-3 Co-Pilot (uncredited)
Tracy Redington
MI6 Agent
Norman Campbell Rees
Car Driver (uncredited)
Laila Alina Reischer
Company girl (uncredited)
Jan Reuter
Opera Guest (uncredited)
Michael Riedacher
Tosca Opera Driver (uncredited)
Michael G. Wilson
Man Sitting in Chair in Haitian Hotel Lobby (uncredited)
Did you know?
This is only the second time that production designer / art director / set decorator Peter Lamont has not worked on an official Bond movie since Goldfinger (1964). The other time was Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) when he won an Oscar for Titanic (1997). This film marks his retirement from the series.
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Reportedly, Daniel Craig was paid (UK) £4.5 million for the movie, more than twice as much as the (UK) £2 million he received for Casino Royale (2006).
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The first line of the Ian Fleming James Bond short-story "Quantum of Solace" read: "I've always thought that if I ever married I would marry an air hostess" whilst the last lines read: "He reflected on the conference he would be having in the morning with the Coastguards and the FBI in Miami. The prospect, which had previously interested, even excited him, was now edged with boredom and futility."
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Bond and Mathis are seen flying on Virgin Atlantic between Europe (presumably Italy) and Bolivia. However, the airline has never offered flights to South America, and all of its flights originating in Europe depart from the UK. (Virgin Atlantic is, however, a longtime sponsor of Bond films, and its founder, Sir Richard Branson, has had a cameo appearance in at least one film.)
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When Bond is talking to Mathis at his villa, Mathis' watch moves between scenes. At the start of the sequence, his watch is facing away from the bottom of his wrist. By the end of the scene, it has moved to a more conventional position.
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Bond goes through a lot of trouble rescuing Camille in Port-au-Prince, only to give her body away to strangers as soon as they get ashore, despite her having the valuable information he needs.
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James Bond: Don't bleed to death.
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James Bond: Are you going to tell us who you work for?
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Dominic Greene: There is nothing that makes me more uncomfortable than friends talking behind my back. Feels like... ants under my skin.
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What car does Bond drive this time and does it have gadgets?
James Bond once again drives an Aston Martin DBS, the same car he drove in Casino Royale. It has no gadgets -- or at least Bond doesn't use any if the car has them. Characters in the film also use Land Rovers, Alfa Romeo 159's, an old DC-3 airplane, a South American-built VW Beetle and even a very old Peugeot 404.
Why did Greene want to control the Bolivian desert?
Greene wanted the area of Bolivian desert because it had natural water sources. (Remember, he says if Medrano turns the land over to Greene he "gets whatever they find there.") He used the idea that there was oil there in order to tempt the CIA into letting him install a puppet dictator. Once the General takes control, Greene intends to supply water back to Bolivia at a massive cost and become very rich. However, viewers have pointed out a flaw in the plot, such that Bolivia is a desperately poor nation that wouldn't be able to afford the high prices Greene would charge; in fact, the movie takes pains to illustrate the poverty in the country, raising the question of whether Greene's plot was truly to get rich from water or simply to be evil for evil's sake.
How is Bond able to kill Slate by stabbing him in the leg with only a pair of scissors?
A split second before he forces Slate (Neil Jackson) out onto the balcony, Bond stabs him in the neck with the scissors. Bond stabs him again in the leg as an added pacifying measure. Director Marc Forster and his editors, Matt Chesse and Richard Pearson opted for a quick-editing method that at times makes the action difficult to follow. Though it is possible he stabbed him in the femoral artery (which, in many cases, can cause rapid loss of blood and death), it doesn't look like that's where the scissors went. If you watch the scene, just a split second after Slate actually dies, there is a pool of blood forming beneath his head.
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