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146 min
Adventure | Comedy | Drama
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Vikas Bahl
12 wins & 14 nominations
Country: India
Release Date: 2014-03-07
Filming Locations: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Kangana Ranaut
Rani (Queen)
Rajkummar Rao
Lisa Haydon
Jeffrey Chee Eng Ho
Sabeeka Imam
Shailendra Bholasingh
Club Guest
Rik Hoveling
Club Guest
Tamara Hoveling
Club Guest
Guithob Joseph
Benjamin Korver
Club Guest
Melanie Rebergen
Club Guest
Bob Smit
Club Guest
Dani Stauder
Casino Guest
Kimberly van Engelen
Club Guest
Adri Doppenberg
Flight attendant (uncredited)
Did you know?
it won 6 Filmfare awards at the 60 Flimfare awards function,best actress,best director,best film,best editing,best background score and best cinematography.
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Kangana Ranaut's wasn't available to receive the Filmfare best actress award so Director Vikas Bhal went to receive it on her behalf,Rekha was giving the award told Vikas Bahl that she would personally like to go and give to Kangna at her residence.
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while receiving the Flimfare award for the best film director Vikas Bahl said that one day is father was on the films sets to see what job his son does as director unfortunately Vikas Bahl couldn't do any work that day as his assisting directors where doing everything for him.
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The first day at Paris hotel, when Rani hears Vijay Laxmi and the man fighting in the adjacent room the position of the mobile phone on the bed changes between shots.
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When Kangana is leaving from New Delhi to Paris and is seated in the airplane, there are 3 shots of the airplane from the outside and in each of the three shots the airplane model changes from an Airbus A320 to an Airbus A330 to an Airbus A380.
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Towards the end, when Rani calls up her mother to get the English name for 'Heeng'/asafoetida, it is shown that her parents (and everyone else) is fast asleep in New Delhi and it is the middle of the night. While it is apparently morning/ mid-afternoon in Amsterdam when Rani is off to cook her 'golgappas', how can it be the middle of the night in Delhi? The two cities are at a time difference of only 3 hours( or 4 hrs in winter due to DST).
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Rani: [Drunk, Talking to strangers in Paris] Rain! It rains in India too.
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Rani's Grandma: [Calling Rani from India] What have you been up to? Rani: I'm watching television.
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Rani: Foreigners find Lajpat Nagar very funny!
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