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Queen Margot

159 min
Biography | Drama | History | Romance
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Patrice Chéreau
Nominated for Oscar. Another 9 wins & 12 nominations
Country: France
Release Date: 1994-12-09
Filming Locations: Basilique de Saint-Quentin, Saint-Quentin, Aisne, France
Gross: $2,017,346 (USA) Admissions 530,800 (Argentina)
Isabelle Adjani
Isabelle Adjani
Queen Margot
Jean-Hugues Anglade
Jean-Hugues Anglade
Queen Margot
Asia Argento
Asia Argento
Queen Margot
Daniel Auteuil
Henri de Navarre
Vincent Perez
La Môle
Virna Lisi
Catherine de Médicis
Dominique Blanc
Henriette de Nevers
Pascal Greggory
Claudio Amendola
Miguel Bosé
Julien Rassam
Thomas Kretschmann
Jean-Claude Brialy
Jean-Philippe Écoffey
Condé (as Jean-Philippe Ecoffey)
Albano Guaetta
Johan Leysen
Dörte Lyssewski
Marie Touchet
Michelle Marquais
La nourice
Laure Marsac
Alexis Nitzer
Un conseiller
Emmanuel Salinger
Guillaume du Bartas
Barbet Schroeder
Un conseiller
Jean-Marc Stehlé
L'aubergiste (as Jean-Marc Stehle)
Otto Tausig
Bruno Todeschini
Le bourreau
Bernard Verley
Le Cardinal
Ulrich Wildgruber
Laurent Arnal
Gérard Berlioz
(as Gerard Berlioz)
Christophe Bernard
Charles IX's Bodyguard
Marian Blicharz
Polish Ambassador
Daniel Breton
Pierre Brilloit
Valeria Bruni Tedeschi
2nd Escardon Volant (as Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi)
Cécile Caillaud
Henriette's Servant (as Cecile Caillaud)
Marc Citti
Grégoire Colin
Jeune Egorge (as Gregoire Colin)
Erwan Dujardin
Jean Douchet
Philippe Duclos
Marina Golovine
Lady in Waiting
Zygmunt Kargol
Polish Abassador
Carlos López
Gaede Nancay (as Carlos Lopez)
Orazio Massaro
Roman Massine
Charles IX's Bodyguard
Charlie Nelson
Commis Rene (as Charles Nelson)
Bernard Nissile
Protestant (as Bernard Nissille)
Julie-Anne Roth
Fille Cuisine Egorge (as Julie-Anne Rauth)
Jean-Michel Tavernier
Béatrice Toussaint
(as Beatrice Toussaint)
Mélanie Vaudaine
1st Escadron Volant
Nicolas Vaude
José Alves
Ivo Canelas
Dalila Carmo
António Cara D'Anjo
Hélène de Fougerolles
Une courtisane (uncredited)
Gonçalo Ferreira
Luís Gaspar
Fernando Lupach
Wedding Crowd (uncredited)
Peter Michael
Protestant (uncredited)
Florbela Oliveira
Margarida Reis
Catholic (uncredited)
Maria Rueff
Wedding Crowd (uncredited)
Patrícia Tavares
Anabela Teixeira
Nuno Tudela
Protestant (uncredited)
Carlos Vieira
Protestant (uncredited)
Mafalda Vilhena
Did you know?
Monica Vitti turned down the role of Catherine de Médicis.
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The film was the highest-grossing foreign film in Britain during the year of its release; its box office gross of £600,000, at the time, ranked it amongst the highest grossing foreign films of all time in the UK.
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The scene between Margot and La Mole, where they stand outdoors wrapped in nothing but a red cloak, was included for the American release even though it had not appeared in the original cut. The American distributors had insisted on the relationship between the two characters being more substantial (the romance was to become the focal point for the American marketing campaign).
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When the poisoned King Charles lies in bed, the amount of blood on his face/chest changes.
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At the end of the first scene after Coconnas has extinguished the candle, La Môle is shown in candle light again in the last shot.
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Margot's cloak as she approaches La Mole in the alley.
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La Môle: You smelt of jasmine that morning. I thought: maybe she's ugly under her mask. Or disfigured. But it didn't matter. You wouldn't let me kiss you.
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Margot: La Mole would die for us!
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Charles IX: One who gives life is no longer a mother once she takes that life back.
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How many different versions do exist of the movie?
The movie has a pretty rough production history and there are at least five official versions known:The French Theatrical Version of this ambitioned movie disappointed many critics and the audience and was therefore no success. Especially the drastical violence scenes were too much for many viewers and the complex history is hard to understand by people who do not know the historical context of it.The German Theatrical Version, which was released a few months later, was recut in some scenes and shortened in others not because of censoring but in order to avoid the criticism the French Version received. The characters now were easier to get, but the whole story was still pretty complex.The US Theatrical Version was censored heavily. Besides some plot streamlining it seemed especially important that the romantic component of the movie was underlined. A scene, which was supposed to show Margot's and La Mole's love more clearly, was added. It can neither be found in the French nor in the German version. When the focus was redirected to the love story, the violence scenes were reduced in turn.German TV station ARD created a Long Version for the TV broadcast, which was even a bit longer than the French Theatrical Version.In the year 2007, a fifth version was released on DVD, the Director's Cut. One cannot say to what extent it differs from the original French version because the latter was never released on DVD. However, the violent scenes are featured completely. Some plot scenes are probably missing, because the running time is shorter than the one of the original version.The scene with Margot and La Mole is included as well.A detailed comparison between the Director's Cut and the Long Version with pictures can be found here.
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Isabelle Adjani Jean-Hugues Anglade Asia Argento