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Queer as Folk

48 min
IMDB rate:
6 wins & 6 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 1999-02-23
Filming Locations: ASDA, Princess Road, Hulme, Greater Manchester, England, UK
Denise Black
Denise Black
Queer as Folk
Aidan Gillen
Aidan Gillen
Queer as Folk
Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam
Queer as Folk
Craig Kelly
Vince Tyler
Andy Devine
Bernard Thomas
Esther Hall
Romey Sullivan
Alison Burrows
Sandra Docherty
Caroline O'Neill
Janice Maloney
Carla Henry
Donna Clarke (8 episodes, 1999)
Caroline Pegg
Rosalie Cotter
Alfie Robinson
Baby Alfred
Antony Cotton
Alexander Perry
Ben Maguire
Christian Hobbs
Juley McCann
Siobhan Potter (6 episodes, 1999)
Sarah Jones
Suzie Smith (6 episodes, 1999)
Peter O'Brien
Cameron Roberts
Did you know?
The character of Vince is a Doctor Who fan - both creator/writer/producer Russell T. Davies and script editor Matt Jones are fans of Doctor Who (1963) and wrote spin-off novels for Virgin Publishing in the mid-1990s. Davies later became executive producer of Doctor Who (2005) and hired Jones to write for series two.
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A follow-up, spin-off series ("Misfits") was initially commissioned by Channel 4 due to the show's success. It would have followed the characters of Hazel, Alexander and Bernard from the original series, while introducing new characters. Although Russell T. Davies developed draft scripts for four episodes and storylines for a further 22, the series was cancelled before it went into production.
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Award-winning children's author and comedy writer Adam Perrott was an extra in this TV show.
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Stuart Alan Jones: My world's so fucking huge!
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Alexander: He's here, he's queer, I'm buying him a beer!
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Vince: And I can't be the best shag he's ever had. He's Australian!
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Denise Black Aidan Gillen Charlie Hunnam Saira Todd