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Racket Squad

30 min
Crime | Drama
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Nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys.
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Hal Roach Studios - 8822 Washington Blvd., Culver City, California, USA
Reed Hadley
Capt. John Braddock
Hugh Beaumont
Narrator (prologue) / ... (33 episodes, 1952-1953)
Did you know?
Captain Braddock was created as a stand-in for the officers who worked on the original cases that were recreated on the show.
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In the RACKET SQUAD comic, Captain Braddock's name was changed to John. J. O'Malley and he was dropped after about ten issues, although the stories that feature him were reprinted in later issues.
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Captain Braddock: [to the camera] I'm closing this case now - or rather, the courts will - but there'll be others, because that's the way the world is built. There are people who can slap you on the back with one hand and pick your pocket with the other. And it could happen to you.
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Captain Braddock: [to the camera] What you are about to see is a real-life story, taken from the files of the police racket and bunco squads, business protective associations and similar sources around the country. It is intended to expose the confidence game - the carefully worked-out frauds by which confidence men take more money each year from the American public than all the bank robbers and thugs with their violence.
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