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Radioland Murders

108 min
Comedy | Crime | Drama | Musical | Mystery | Romance
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Mel Smith
Country: USA
Release Date: 1994-10-21
Filming Locations: Carolco Studios - 1223 North 23rd Street, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA
Opening Weekend: $835,570 (USA) (23 October 1994)
Gross: $1,299,060 (USA) Filming Dates 28 October 1993 - 23 December 1993 Copyright Holder copyright MCMXCIV Universal City Studios, Inc. Related Links
Mary Stuart Masterson
Mary Stuart Masterson
Radioland Murders
Michael McKean
Michael McKean
Radioland Murders
Brian Benben
Roger Henderson
Ned Beatty
General Walt Whalen
George Burns
Milt Lackey
Scott Michael Campbell
Brion James
Bernie King
Michael Lerner
Lieutenant Cross
Jeffrey Tambor
Walt Whalen, Jr.
Stephen Tobolowsky
Max Applewhite
Christopher Lloyd
Larry Miller
Herman Katzenback
Anita Morris
Claudette Katsenback
Corbin Bernsen
Dexter Morris
Rosemary Clooney
Bobcat Goldthwait
Wild Writer
Robert Walden
Dylan Baker
Billy Barty
Tracy Byrd
Candy Clark
Billy's Mother
Anne De Salvo
Female Writer
Jennifer Dundas
Bo Hopkins
Billly's Father
Robert Klein
Father Writer
Harvey Korman
Jules Cogley
Joseph Lawrence
Frankie Marshall (as Joey Lawrence)
Peter MacNicol
Son Writer
Bridgett Newton
Member, The Miller Sisters
Amy Parrish
Member, The Miller Sisters
Nina Repeta
Member, The Miller Sisters
Frank Trimble
Member, The Dead Tones
Kevin Scott Warner
Member, The Dead Tones
Frank J. Aard
Rollerskating Penguin
Ellen Albertini Dow
Mary Boucher
Soapbox Girl
Doug Chambers
Tina Corsini
Betty Boop
Jim David
Biff Blaster
Deacon Dawson
Happy, Peter Lorre Villain
Hadley Eure
'Paprika' Actress
J. Don Ferguson
Johnny Ace, Hard Boiled Dick (as Don Ferguson)
Wilbur Fitzgerald
'Tortured' Actor
Keith Flippen
Space Cadet Jimmy
Paul 'Mousie' Garner
Double bass performer (as Mousie Garner)
Randell Haynes
Difficult Actor / Interrogator
Mark Joy
Jack Granite, Man's Man
Rebecca Koon
Ma, Mildred's Mother
Gary Kroeger
Gork, Son of Fire
Tammy Lauren
In the Mood Bandleader
Marguerite MacIntyre
Bubble Bath Announcer
Lori Anne Mahl
Mildred, Johnny Ace Secretary (as Lori Mahl)
Charles Marsh
Upside-Down Yodeler
Jim McKeny
Tom McCallum
Madison McKoy
Cab Calloway
Rod McLachlan
Black Whip, Granite's Dog
Marc McPherson
Patt Noday
Sherwood Smith
Richard K. Olsen
Pa, Lt. Cross Actor
Donna Peters
'Gork' Actress
Robert D. Raiford
Ben Butter (as Robert Raiford)
Robin Dale Robertson
Temperamental Actor
Jack Sheldon
Ruffles Reed
Frank Terrio
Gary Anthony Williams
Dr. Ashton-Reeves
Brad Moranz
Dancer #1
Jennifer Hammond-Moranz
Dancer #2 (as Jennifer Moranz)
Deborah DeFrancisco
Dancer #3 (as Deborah De Francisco)
Lynn Raley
Dancer #4
Leanne Reese
Dancer #5
Crystal Williams
Dancer #6
Dixie Wilson
Dancer #7
Barry Bell
Cop #1
Gabe Caggiano
Cop #2
Anthony Christian
Cop #3
Lou Criscuolo
Cop #4
Michael Harding
Cop #5 (as Mike Harding)
John Keenan
Cop #6
Mark Marshall
Cop #7
Mark Jeffrey Miller
Cop #8
Michael P. Moran
Cop #9
Mike O'Brien
Cop #10
Bob Sayer
Cop #11
Rock Taulbee
Cop #12
Robert C. Treveiler
Cop #13 (as Robert Treveiler)
Hank Troscianiec
Cop #14
Harold Bergman
Rita Butler
Affiliate's Wife
Dave Hager
Laughing Man
Kim Head
Scott Hilley
Drunk Affiliate
Ed Lillard
Loud Affiliate
Leighann Lord
Joann Luzzatto
Eric Paisley
Enthusiastic Affiliate
D. Anthony Pender
Operator, Revolving Stage (as Anthony Pender)
Jeffrey Pillars
Nerdy Stagehand
Steve Rassin
Pam Stone
Leslie Truman
Woman in Audience
Norm Woodel
Jamison Jones
Pilot (uncredited)
Michele Seidman
Radio Actress 5-B (uncredited)
Did you know?
Many of the sets, including the exterior of the broadcast building, many of the interior walls, and a biplane buzzing a signal tower, were computer generated.
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George Lucas has stated that the two main characters, Roger and Penny Henderson, are actually the parents of Richard Dreyfuss's character from Lucas' American Graffiti (1973); making this film a bit of a semi-prequel.
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Rosemary Clooney's final feature film appearance.
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The portrait in Gen. Whalen's office shows the general wearing a service dress green uniform which was not adopted by the U.S. Army until the mid-1950s. In 1939, when the movie is set, the general would have worn a khaki uniform.
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When Penny and Roger are first arguing, they go through swinging doors onto the stage. When the cut is made, in the middle of the conversation, they are suddenly in the middle of the stage and the doors are nowhere to be seen.
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At the end of the film the camera pans up to the top of the building, showing the damaged WBN logo. However, the holes where the letters came out of the wall are missing.
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Penny Henderson: [as he's storming off, whispering] Mr. Whalen... other way...
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Announcer: And that's it from WBN in Chicago. If it wasn't clear before, it's certainly clear now; There'll never be anything quite like... radio.
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Claudette: Caught me at a bad time, kid. I'm in.
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Photos from cast
Mary Stuart Masterson Michael McKean