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121 min | USA:139 min (special edition)
Crime | Thriller
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Ron Howard
Nominated for Golden Globe. Another 3 wins & 3 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1996-11-08
Filming Locations: Bergen County, New Jersey, USA
Budget: $80,000,000
Opening Weekend: $34,216,088 (USA) (10 November 1996)
Gross: $136,448,821 (USA) (13 April 1997)
Dan Hedaya
Dan Hedaya
Rene Russo
Rene Russo
Evan Handler
Evan Handler
Mel Gibson
Tom Mullen
Brawley Nolte
Sean Mullen
Gary Sinise
Det. Jimmy Shaker
Delroy Lindo
Agent Lonnie Hawkins
Lili Taylor
Maris Conner
Liev Schreiber
Clark Barnes
Donnie Wahlberg
Cubby Barnes
Nancy Ticotin
Agent Kimba Welch
Michael Gaston
Agent Jack Sickler
Kevin Neil McCready
Agent Paul Rhodes
Paul Guilfoyle
Allen Bernstein
Bob Stone
José Zúñiga
David Torres
Iraida Polanco
John Ortiz
Mike Hodge
Man at Party
Paul Geier
Mayor Barresi
Louisa Marie
Woman at Party
Edward Francis Joseph
Guest at Party
A.J. Benza
Reporter Guest
Peter Anthony Tambakis
Tony Hoty
Daniel May Wong
Agent Sam
John Short
Agent Dewey
Ed Jupp Jr.
Technician (as Ed Jupp)
Stephen Oates
Gene Harrison
FBI SWAT Team Leader
Mick O'Rourke
FBI SWAT Team #1
Henry Kingi Jr.
FBI SWAT Team #2
Roy Farfel
FBI SWAT Team #3
Lex D. Geddings
Donna Hanover
News Reporter
Rosanna Scotto
News Anchor #1
Tony Potts
News Anchor #2
John Finnerty
Newshound (as John 'Spike' Finnerty)
Todd Hallowell
Don Campbell
Joe Bacino
Cop #1
Carl S. Redding
Cop #2
James Georgiades
Cop #3
Christian Maelen
Cop #4
David Vadim
Cop #5
Addie O'Donnell
News Reporter #1
Judy Hudson
News Reporter #2
Mitzie Pratt
News Reporter #3
Lynne Redding
News Reporter #4
Michael Countryman
Bank Manager
Chris Lopata
Agent Levin
John Hartmann
Agent Lambert (as John Richard Hartmann)
Anton Evangelista
FBI Agent
Richard Price
Detective #1
Joseph Badalucco Jr.
Liquor Store Cop (as Joe Badalucco Jr.)
Dell Maara
Liquor Store Perp
Tommy Allen
Detective at Kidnap House
John Dorish
Vincent J. Burns
Detective Doran (as Vincent Burns)
Brad Brewer
The Crowtations
Darren Brown
The Crowtations
Marvin Brown
The Crowtations
Glenn King
The Crowtations
Cheryl Howard
Science Fair Coordinator
James Ritz
Science Fair Judge
Anna Marie Wieder
Woman at Science Fair
Joan D. Lowry
Mayor's Wife
Craig Castaldo
Teodorina Bello
Woman on Street #1
Jane Jenkins
Woman on Street #2 (as J.J. Chaback)
Lori Tan Chinn
Woman on Street #3
Carl Don
Man on Street #1
Nathaniel Freeman
Man on Street #2
Phil Parolisi
Man on Street #3
Rafael Osorio
Man on Street #4
Leslie Devlin
Newscaster #1
Lewis Dodley
Newscaster #2
John Brian Rogers
ND Cop #1
Jeffrey H. Kaufman
ND Cop #2 (as Jeffrey Kaufman)
Mark Smith
Undercover Cop
James Patrick Whalen Sr.
Detective (as Jim Whalen)
Kim Snyder
Kate's Friend
Panicker Upendran
Store Owner
Eric Attio
Man on Street (scenes deleted)
Steve Axelrod
Chief of Dectectives Lieberman (uncredited)
Carl Burrows
Emergency Medical Tech. (uncredited)
Glenn J. Cohen
Bum Lying on Sidewalk (uncredited)
Jeff Eigen
Man at science fair (uncredited)
Marshall Dancing Elk Lucas
Cop (uncredited)
Rawleigh Moreland
Coroner (uncredited)
Christopher Tracy
Arresting Officer (uncredited)
Keith Leon Williams
Cop (uncredited)
Robert 'Bobby Z' Zajonc
Rescue Pilot (uncredited)
Did you know?
This film was based on an episode of The United States Steel Hour (1953) called "Fearful Decision" that first aired live on June 22, 1954. It was so well received it was restaged on May 10, 1955. A film was made from the drama called Ransom! (1956) that was released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.
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Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jack Black both auditioned for the role of Cubby Barnes.
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Both Mel Gibson and Donnie Wahlberg later appeared in M. Night Shyamalan films. Wahlberg made a cameo in "The Sixth Sense" and Gibson starred in "Signs."
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Shadow of camera on Tom's chest just after his son is kidnapped.
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The cars driving towards the New York bank have California plates.
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After the scuffle with Tom in the lighting store, Shaker's shirt alternates between being blood-soaked and clean.
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Tom Mullen: Oh, this is, uh, one hell of a deposit you got here.
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Detective Jimmy Shaker: I got to him once. I'll get him again. And when I do... I'm not gonna want money... anymore.
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Tom Mullen: [to Cubby] What is it? Come on, what is it? A name. I swear if you tell me, I'll make sure you get the best funeral there is.
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Is the Theatrical Version the only version available? Is there a longer one?
During the glorious days of the laserdisc an Extended Version was released in the States and Japan that features nearly 18 minutes of new footage. Even today those laserdiscs are the only way to see this longer cut that involves several extended plot scenes. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
When Det. Shaker "rescues" the kid, the kid listens to him as he identifies himself as a cop. Later when Shaker is in Mullen's house to collect the reward, the kid listens to him also, but this time he recognizes his voice and pees in terror, which tipped Mullen thus giving the next twist in the story. But why didn't the Kid recognize him the first Time?
Shaker might not have said anything to Sean when he first entered the room. When the SWAT team burst in, all Sean hears Shaker say is, "I'M A COP! I'M A COP!" in a desperate, exasperated tone. Sean may not have recognized the voice then because his emotions were mixed at that time given the relief he would have felt. Plus hearing Shaker tell SWAT he was a cop will have thrown him off. Sean could easily have believed Shaker.
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Dan Hedaya Rene Russo Evan Handler