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Rat Race

112 min
IMDB rate:
Jerry Zucker
1 nomination
Country: Canada
Release Date: 2001-08-17
Filming Locations: Santa Clarita, California, USA
Budget: $48,000,000
Opening Weekend: $11,662,094 (USA) (19 August 2001)
Gross: $56,607,223 (USA) (16 December 2001)
Breckin Meyer
Nick Schaffer
Jenica Bergere
Hotel Clerk
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Owen Templeton
Carrie Diamond
Casino Bartender
Douglas Haase
Guy at Bar
Chris Myers
Fox Sportscaster
Kevin Frazier
Fox Sportscaster
Seth Green
Duane Cody
Gloria Allred
Vince Vieluf
Blaine Cody
Renée Lee
Witness in Crowd
Corinna Harney
Cocktail Waitress (as Corinna Harney Jones)
Jane C. Walsh
Cocktail Waitress
Whoopi Goldberg
Vera Baker
Lanei Chapman
Merrill Jennings
Jillian Marie
Kimberly Pear
Brody Smith
Jason Pear
Jon Lovitz
Randy Pear
Kathy Najimy
Beverly Pear
Andrew Kavovit
Mallory Sandler
Guest Services Clerk
Rowan Atkinson
Enrico Pollini
John Cleese
Donald P. Sinclair
Dave Thomas
Harold Grisham
Gerard Plunkett
High Roller
Martin Evans
High Roller
L. Harvey Gold
High Roller
David LeReaney
High Roller
Andy Maton
High Roller
Manoj Sood
High Roller
Phillip Tsui
High Roller (as Philip Tsui)
Allan Lysell
High Roller
Paul Rodriguez
Gus the Cabbie
Marcos Menendez
Other Cabbie
Joel Hurt Jones
Charter Pilot
Catherine Schreiber
Ticket Agent
Amy Smart
Tracy Faucet
Daryl Sullivan
Man in Line
Kevin Rothery
Air Traffic Controller
Jake Bendel
U Rent It Clerk
Guy Cohen
Rental Car Trainee
Susan Breslau
Rental Car Manager
Steven Tingle
Skinhead Tour Guide
Jared Van Snellenberg
Skinhead Tour Guide
Dean Cain
Shawn Kent
Paul Hayes
Lucy Bus Driver
Anaya Farrell
Peggy Jo Jacobs
Linda Kerns
Christine MacInnis
Christopher Peterson
Deep Voiced Lucy
Deborah Theaker
Roxanne Wong
Asian Lucy
Charlotte Zucker
Elderly Lucy
Kate Zucker
Girl in Lobby
Bob Zucker
Boy in Lobby
Deryl Hayes
Sleeping Trooper
Joanne Resnick
Biker Woman
Wayne Knight
Zack Mallozzi
Gene LeBell
Veteran with Gun
Brandy Ledford
Silas Weir Mitchell
David Powledge
Mechanic (as Dave Powledge)
John Duerler
Rick Cramer
Test Driver
Mike Garibaldi
Press Spokesman
Kathleen Marshall
Vic Chao
Colleen Camp
Rainbow House Nurse
Junior Ray
Truck Driver
Tristin Leffler
Pierced Girl
Marty Antonini
Monster Truck Driver
Tyler Gauthier
Baby on Train
Matthew Gauthier
Baby on Train
Shannon Anderson
Brian Stollery
Gillian Skupa
Greg Camp
Smash Mouth (Guitar / Vocals)
Paul De Lisle
Smash Mouth - Bass / Vocals
Steve Harwell
Smash Mouth (Lead Singer)
Marc Cervantes
Smash Mouth Band Percussion
Michael Klooster
Smash Mouth Band Keyboards
Michael Urbano
Smash Mouth Band Drums
Rance Howard
Feed the Earth Spokesman
Jennifer Rugamas
Feed the Earth Girl
Mason Jones
Feed the Earth Boy
Robert Baier
Concert Guard (uncredited)
Jon A. Barnes
Vietnam Vet (uncredited)
Kathy Bates
The Squirrel Lady
Julie Boucher
Crazy Lucy #40
Yvette Dudley-Neuman
Crazy Lucy #29
Lanette Fugit
Patron (uncredited)
Marty Hanenberg
Hotel Waiter (uncredited)
Scott Jackson
Man in Line (uncredited)
Jacque Lawson
Biker with Randy (uncredited)
John Dylan Louie
High Roller (uncredited)
Bart McCarthy
Mental Patient (uncredited)
Rusty Meyers
Passenger in Line (uncredited)
Julie Michaels
Charleen (uncredited)
Andrei Mignea
Gambler (uncredited)
Lucille M. Oliver
Psychiatric Patient (uncredited)
Rod Padmos
Bartender (uncredited)
Bob Pepper
Gambler (uncredited)
Craig Richards
State Trooper Rossi
Edward C.K. Richardson III
Football Captain (uncredited)
Karen Ryan
Lucy (uncredited)
Michael A. Tessiero
Pedestrian #2 (uncredited)
Kyla Wise
Beautiful Woman #2 (uncredited)
Did you know?
Vince Vieluf who portrays Blaine Cody, did not appear on any of the film's posters or promotional material, even though he is one of the main characters, due to an agent who tried to secure star-billing. Vieluf has since fired the agent.
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"Rat Race" has an extremely similar plot to the film It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (1963), in which a group of strangers are caught up in a mad dash to seek out and claim $350,000 in cash. That amount adjusted in inflation from 1963 to 2001 would come out approximately to $2,000,000 - the same amount of money Donald Sinclair offered to the 6 random gamblers. Whether or not this was intentionally written into the script as an homage to the 1963 film is unknown.
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This film features three Oscar winners: Cuba Gooding Jr. (Best Supporting Actor for Jerry Maguire (1996)); Whoopi Goldberg (Best Supporting Actress for Ghost (1990)), and Kathy Bates (Best Actress for Misery (1990)).
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The bullet that was fired and travels next to the rocket car defies the laws of physics. Assuming that the bullet was fired parallel to the ground, the bullet should remain in the air for the same length of time as it would take to drop the bullet from the same height. The bullet in this scene remained in the air for a much longer period of time.
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When the truck gets stuck at the top of the tower, the rope coming off of the radar is shown slack. With the tension caused by the weight of the truck and rotation of the radar, the rope should be taut.
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When the Squirrel Lady gives Vera and Merrill directions, she says, "Go 5.4 miles and you'll see a yellow sign with some graffiti on it...". When they see the sign, Merrill says, "We're at 2.4 miles exactly!" which is incorrect.
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Smash Mouth (Guitar: Let's hit the phones out there and crank it up, cause we are going to feed the whole world.
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Jason Pear: I can't believe it, Dad. You stole Adolf Hitler's Mercedes-Benz.
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Bev Pear: Your daughter has to go to the bathroom!
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Photos from cast
Lucy Lee Flippin