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115 min | USA:114 min (R-rated version)
Biography | Drama
IMDB rate:
Emilio Estevez
1 win
Country: USA
Release Date: 2002-01-11
Filming Locations: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Charlie Sheen
Artie Mitchell
Emilio Estevez
Jim Mitchell
Rafer Weigel
Tracy Hutson
Marilyn Chambers
Megan Ward
Terry O'Quinn
J.R. Mitchell
Danielle Brett
Nicole de Boer
Karen Mitchell
Deborah Grover
Georgia Mae
Dylan McFadyen
Young Jim (as Dylan McFayden)
Taylor Estevez
Teenage Jim
Eric Cabral
Young Artie
Robert Clark
Teenage Artie
Loretta Jafelice
First Grade Teacher
Brian Paul
Principal Evans
Elva Mai Hoover
Principal's Secretary
Craig Ryan
Peter Bogdanovich
Film Professor
Brad Hopkins
Bill Boyer
Derek Aasland
Jon Fontana
Sadie LeBlanc
Hippie Girl
Tim MacMenamin
San Francisco Cop
James Cloke
Rodger Barton
Det. Solly Weiner
Geoffrey Blake
Michael Kennedy
Tommy Earlls
Robert Buck
Jury Foreman
John Andersen
Royce Hercules
Lawrence Dane
Robert De Salvo
Bruce Vavrina
FBI Agent
Nigel Hamer
'Green Door' M.C.
Carolyn Goff
Joanne Boland
Jef Mallory
George McDonald
Steve Jackson
Ray Kahnert
Steve Pernie
Kevin Kelly
Josh the Tennis Coach
Nicole Crozier
Theresa Runstedler
Karen Holness
Lady T
Earl Williams
Tye Tyukodi
Lifeguard (as Anton Tyukodi)
Kim Poirier
Jamie the "Actress"
Reg Dreger
Ezra Perlman
Young Aaron
Asa Perlman
Young Caleb / Older Aaron
Janessa Crimi
Young Liberty
Hayley Lochner
Shrieking Girl
Robyn Foster
Infant Liberty
Nicole Foster
Infant Liberty
Luca Perlman
Older Caleb
Sheri Nadel
Hippie Girl (uncredited)
Janet Sheen
Nurse (uncredited)
Did you know?
Director Emilio Estevez's first choice to play the Film Professor was James Lipton, but because of the Toronto location shoot and Lipton's Inside the Actors Studio (1994) schedule, the role ultimately went to Peter Bogdanovich.
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Initially, Showtime sent the script to Charlie Sheen and asked him to play Artie. At that time they had no one in mind for Jim. Sheen then sent the script on to Emilio Estevez, who loved it and expressed a desire to direct. Sheen then got back to Showtime, telling them he wouldn't appear unless Emilio both acted and directed.
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The real Jim Mitchell was invited to work on the film as a historical consultant but he declined. However, Artie Mitchell's second wife, Karen (played by Nicole de Boer) did work on the film.
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After Jim has shot Artie and Artie is trying to crawl away, a squib wire can be seen coming out of his right pyjama leg.
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When the brothers go to New York there are cable car wires in the background.
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When Jim is driving to Artie's place at the end of the film, when he leaves his house, it is pouring rain, and when he arrives at Artie's it is pouring rain, but between these two shots, there is a high altitude shot of his car on the Golden Gate Bridge, and not only is it not raining, but the ground is clearly not even wet.
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Artie Mitchell: Those cigarettes aren't going to kill you, brother. I am.
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Jim Mitchell: [directing] Fuck her like you mean it man.
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Artie Mitchell: What's your name again?
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A Note Regarding Spoilers
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Why do the Mitchell brothers call one another 'Bob'?
Throughout the course of the film, both Jim and Artie call one another Bob numerous times, and during the making of Sodom and Gomorrah, they both have chairs marked 'Bob.' At Artie's wedding to Meredith, he and Jim are asked what is the significance of this, and Artie explains "It's our old man's middle man", to which Meredith replies "So?" Jim then answers "And that's all you need to know." Nothing more is said about it for the duration of the film, and the actual reason as to why they call one another Bob is never explained.
What special features are on the DVD?
The R1 US Unrated DVD, released by Showtime in 2001, contains the following special features:Feature length audio commentary with actor/director Emilio Estevez and actor Charlie SheenA 15 minute interview with porn actress Marilyn ChambersA 5 minute interview with San Francisco Assistant DA Bernard WaltersFilmographies for Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, Marilyn Chambers, Artie Mitchell and Jim MitchellPhoto Gallery
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Caterina Scorsone