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108 min
Comedy | Romance | Sci-Fi
IMDB rate:
Martha Coolidge
2 wins & 2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1985-08-07
Filming Locations: Claremont, California, USA
Gross: $12,952,019 (USA) ( 1985)
Val Kilmer
Chris Knight
Gabriel Jarret
Mitch Taylor
William Atherton
Prof. Jerry Hathaway
Jon Gries
Lazlo Hollyfeld
Patti D'Arbanville
Sherry Nugil
Stacy Peralta
Shuttle Pilot
Daniel Ades
Laser Ray Victim
Andres Aybar
Louis Giambalvo
Maj. Carnagle
Ed Lauter
David Decker
Charles Shull
Air Force General
Beau Billingslea
Charles Parks
Sean Frye
Boy at Science Fair
JoAnn Willette
Girl at Science Fair
Ina Gould
Old Lady
Nadine Vix
Student at Science Fair
Paul Tulley
Mr. Taylor
Joanne Baron
Mrs. Taylor
Chip Johnson
Darlington Recruiter
Monte Landis
Dr. Dodd
Sandy Martin
Mrs. Meredith
Severn Darden
Dr. Meredith
Randy Lowell
Robert Prescott
John Shepherd Reid
Tommy Swerdlow
Mark Kamiyama
'Ick' Ikagami
Martin Gundersen
Math Professor
Brett Miller
Carpet Man
Dean Devlin
Yuji Okumoto
Lynda Wiesmeier
Chris' Girl at Party
Penny Baker
Ick's Girl at Party
Marcia Karr
Cornell's Girl at Party
Isabelle Walker
Girl at Party
Marii Mak
Girl at Party
Cheri Wells
Girl at Party
Catherine MacNamara
Girl at Party
John Vasily
Ed Garrabrandt
TV Makeup Man
Robin Stober
Deborah Foreman
Susan Decker
David Marvit
Student in Hall
Michael Crabtree
Air Force SP at Gate
Charles Sweigart
Air Force SP at Gate
Peter Parros
Air Force SP at Gate
Ronald Taylor
Computer Technician
James Carrington
Air Force Major
Michael Backes
Air Force Controller
Corki Grazer
Air Force Sergeant
Jeanne Mori
Laser Technician
David Ursin
Joe Dorsey
Congressman Dougton
Will Knox
Laser Specialist
Kevin Hurley
Air Force Technician
Robert J. Woodhead
Hacking Consultant
Helen Kelly
Party Guest (uncredited)
David Monterosso
Student In Cafeteria (uncredited)
Joy Michelle Moore
Party Girl on Surfboard (uncredited)
Tom Tangen
Student on Ice Skates (uncredited)
Did you know?
The aircraft featured in the movie was a B-1B "Lancer". Today, a real-life analog exists in the United States Air Force's Airborne Laser (ABL) project, a collaboration with Boeing, involving a modified 747 cargo jet carrying a megawatt Oxygen-Iodine laser, whose purpose is to shoot down enemy ballistic missiles.
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In earlier versions of the script the Potassium-Cyanide laser, not the Bromide-Argon laser, used frozen fuel. This is why Chris tells the laser to "stay cool" before he goes off to take Hatheway's exam.
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In the scene where Hollyfeld walks in with his cartons of sweepstakes entries, the book Mitch is using as a pillow during his nightmare is "Gravitation" by Misner, Thorne, and Wheeler.
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When the gang are waiting outside Dr. Hathaway's house, the zipper on Jordan's top is at varying levels between shots.
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When Chris is taking his final exam, he is wearing a yellow t-shirt with a blue-striped shirt tied around his waist. During the exam, Chris is seen wearing this shirt over the yellow t-shirt. When he is done, he walks out and the striped shirt is around his waist. When he enters the lab, the striped shirt is over the t-shirt again.
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Kent smudges the optic lens to sabotage it, but the smudge is different later in the movie.
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Mitch: He lied to us.
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'Ick' Ikagami: Do you think it's getting weird around here?
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Chris Knight: Moles and trolls, moles and trolls, work, work, work, work, work. We never see the light of day. We plan this thing for weeks and all they want to do is study. I'm disgusted. I'm sorry but it's not like me, I'm depressed. There was what, no one at the mutant hamster races, we only had one entry into the Madame Curie look-alike contest and he was disqualified later. Why do I bother?
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