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116 min
Drama | History
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Jay Roach
Won Golden Globe. Another 8 wins & 23 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2008-05-25
Filming Locations: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Kevin Spacey
Ron Klain
Bob Balaban
Ben Ginsberg
Ed Begley Jr.
David Boies
Laura Dern
Katherine Harris
John Hurt
Warren Christopher
Denis Leary
Michael Whouley
Bruce McGill
Mac Stipanovich
Tom Wilkinson
James Baker
Bruce Altman
Mitchell Berger
Jayne Atkinson
Theresa LePore
Gary Basaraba
Clay Roberts
Derek Cecil
Jeremy Bash
Eve Gordon
Monica Klain
Marcia Jean Kurtz
Carol Roberts
Mitch Pileggi
Bill Daley
Raymond Forchion
Jeff Robinson
Steve DuMouchel
Jack Young
Adam LeFevre
Mark Herron
Ethan S. Smith
David Morehouse
Stefen Laurantz
Joe Allbaugh
Robert Small
George Terwilliger
Marc Macaulay
Bob Zoellick
Patricia Getty
Margaret Tutwiler
Brett Rice
Judge Charles Burton
Joan Turner Turetzky
Myriam Sukerevsky
Terry Loughlin
Chief Justice William Rehnquist
Bruce Gray
Justice Anthony Kennedy
Michael Bryan French
Justice David Souter
Judy Clayton
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
Jack Shearer
Justice Antonin Scalia
Howard Elfman
Justice Stephen Breyer
William Schallert
Justice John Paul Stevens
Bradford DeVine
Florida Chief Justice Wells
Annie Cerillo
Justice Pariente
Walter Farrell
Judge Sanders Sauls
Candice Critchfield
Judge Myriam Lehr
Michael McDermott
Judge Lawrence King
Barrett Shuler
Glen Roth
Philip Nolen
Ben Kuehne
Rus Blackwell
Mark Wallace
Christopher Schmidt
Congressman Sweeney
Ric Reitz
David Leahy
Mary-Bonner Baker
Kerey Carpenter
Alex Staggs
Craig Waters
Bob Kranz
Attorney General Bob Butterworth
Antoni Corone
Tom Feeney
Joe Candelora
Joe Gellar
Gaston Renaud
Evilio Cepero
Marc Little
Reverend Willie Whiting
Jeff Breslauer
Miami GOP Lawyer (as Jeffrey Breslauer)
Olgia Campbell
Donna Brazile
Doug Williford
Mark Fabiani
James Carrey
Chris Lehane
Angela V. Woodhull
Angelina Polka Queen
Paul Jeans
Ted Olson
Tom Hillmann
Brad Blakeman
Brent Mendenhall
George W. Bush
Chris Cox
George W. Bush
Grady Couch
Al Gore
Jason Zumwalt
Al Gore
David Lodge
Joe Lieberman
Matt Miller
Jeb Bush
Warren Skeels
Kicking Protestor
Joel Warren
Clark Center Protestor
Timothy E. Goodwin
Bald Protestor (as Tim Goodwin)
Parker McCabe
Crybaby Protestor (as Parker McCabe)
Grey Duncan
Patrick Mickler
Tim Powell
Absentee Ballot Lawyer (Dem.)
Katie Prestwood
Palm Beach TV Reporter
Brandon Ambrose
War Memorial Secret Service Agent
Erin Fisk
Female Bush Volunteer
Vernal Gordon
Florida Supreme Court Security Guard
Romonda Shaver
Palm Beach Bystander
Tom Sexton
Okaloosa Canvassing Board Judge
Melissa Ross
Boies Conference TV Reporter
Beverly Brooks
Clark Center Reporter
Adam Vernier
Feeney Conference Reporter
Kerry Sullivan
Florida Stay Reporter
Dave Anthony
Florida Stay Reporter
Scott J. Smith
Republican Observer
Brenda Benfield
Republican Observer
Holland Hayes
Republican Observer
Tim Ware
Absentee Ballot Lawyer (Rep.)
Kenny Logsdon
Absentee Ballot Lawyer (Rep.)
Kelly Atkins
Florida Supreme Court Reporter
Veronica Alsina
Florida Supreme Court Reporter
Mike Whaley
Florida Supreme Court Reporter
Craig Raymond
Tallahassee Reporter
Linda Bevilacqua
Tallahassee Reporter
Jennifer Safina
Latin Protestor
Juliana Moreno
Gore Recount Staffer
Peggy Sheffield
Elections Official
Dizzy Gallette
Loews Secret Service
George Reed
Tallahassee Clerk
Kathy Sanford
Leon County Reporter
Travis Potter
Craig Waters' Security
Jerry Brown
Bush Recount Lawyer
Jan Wikstrom
Bush Recount Lawyer
Charles F. Beyer
Bush Recount Lawyer (as Charles F. Beyer)
Jun Hector Tovar
News Photographer
James Adomian
George W. Bush
Courtney Barriger
Office Staff
Samantha Berry
Office Worker
Benjamin Clayton
Judge Clarence Thomas
Walter J. Colson
Corner Guy
Desiree Connell
Reporter Non Credited
Luis Costa Jr.
TV Reporter
Jeff Darter
Palm Beach County Worker (archive footage)
Wayne DeBary
Leon co. Deputy Sherriff
Omarr Dixon
Secret Service Agent
Erin M. Gawera
Jen Halbert
Post-Collegiate Attorney
Michelle Hall
Robert Bae Harvey
Foreign Press Reporter
Molly Howe
Alana Alibsoo
Barbara Jones
Young Republican
Diana Lovell
Tamara McShane
Bush Supporter
Lauren Ousley
Leslie Ousley
Courtroon Gallery Member
Mariangela Pagan
Young Republican
Jolene Perez
Machine Operator
Dwayne Perkins
Stephen Pigman
Supreme Court Journalist
Adam Pineless
Young Politician
Tom Riska
Republican Attorney
Besanya Santiago
Cuban Protestor
Erica Taylor
Political Supporter
Lisa Marie Thomas
Young Democrat
Mat J. Thompson
CNN Cameraman
Reginald L. Wilson
Leon county sheriff
Robie Alan
Press (uncredited)
Tom Alford
Republican Lawyer (uncredited)
Teresa Arnold-Simmons
On-Camera Reporter (uncredited)
Patrick Barry
NBC News Cameraman (uncredited)
Steven Binko
Food Vendor (uncredited)
Raiko Bowman
Whouley's Aide (uncredited)
Sylvia Boykin
Presidential Aide (uncredited)
Jake Brown
Young Republican
Bobby Buccellato
Extra (uncredited)
Amber Burch
Flight Attendant (uncredited)
George W. Bush
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Ralph Cahill
Aide to Al Gore
Kirsten Carmody
Press (uncredited)
Archie Cogollos
Office Mgr, Democratic Campaign Hqs, Nashville (uncredited)
Eddie de la Rosa
City of Tallahassee Police Officer (uncredited)
Kibwe Dorsey
Police Officer
Ricky Dunlop
Young Republican
Scott duPont
Republican Strategist (uncredited)
Rich Dye
Highway Patrolman (uncredited)
Eric Ekman
Young Republican
Joseph Epinette
Gore Supporter (uncredited)
Kristy Fontelera
FSU Student (uncredited)
Jonathan Giambra
Post Collegiate Lawyer (uncredited)
Khris Gibston
Ron Klain Staff Supervisor (uncredited)
Christopher Godfrey
Young Republican
Al Gore
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Deborah Hurm
Democrat Volunteer (uncredited)
Cheryl Kaleda
Jill Alper (uncredited)
Kate Karpinski
Palm Beach County Worker (uncredited)
Molly Keaton
Republican Attorney (uncredited)
Annie Kidwell
Gunzberger Look-a-Like (uncredited)
Jesse Kozel
Political Activist
Sandi Lacey
Democrat Lawyer
Jordon Laufer
Democratic Volunteer (uncredited)
Martin Lemaire
Press Reporter
Richard Levine
NBC cameraman (uncredited)
Ron Lewis Jr.
Press Agent (uncredited)
Douglas Lopez
Press (uncredited)
Jay Mackey
Young Republican
Desiree Manly
Republican (uncredited)
Suzanne Manns
Senator Klain's Aide (uncredited)
Tiffany Marshall
TV Reporter (uncredited)
Beth McIntosh
Kuehne's Aide (uncredited)
Jen Mears
Republican Volunteer (uncredited)
Russell D. Mercier
Lead Press (uncredited)
Jennifer L. Moore
Reporter - Florida Supreme Court (uncredited)
Karl Morkunas
Food / Clothing Vendor (uncredited)
Craig Myers
Member of Press (uncredited)
Wesley Nielsen
Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
Xiomara Ortiz
Cuban Protestor (uncredited)
Christine Padovan
Legislator (uncredited)
Isom Steve Philips
Palm Beach Co. Sheriff (uncredited)
Julianna Pitt
Lawyer - Dem. (uncredited)
Kevin Porter
Secret Service Agent (uncredited)
Megan Reilly
Sarah Gore (uncredited)
John Gilbert Rollason
Press (uncredited)
Antonio Sarte
News Boom Operator (uncredited)
David W. Scott
Democrat Lawyer
Sean M. Sellers
Press Reporter
AJ Semiday
Hero Cameraman (uncredited)
Magen Senen
Young Republican
Bill Seward
News Anchor (uncredited)
Adonis Stevens
Cameraman (uncredited)
Dorothea Syleos
Extra (uncredited)
Henry Tisdale
Craig Waters Security (uncredited)
Ellen Trent
Crying Lady (uncredited)
Marnie Van der Burgt
Bush Recount Staff (uncredited)
L'Tanya Van Hamersveld
Republican Lawyer (uncredited)
Kirsten Walsh
Intern / Protestor (uncredited)
Brewier Welch
Justice Harry Lee Anstead
Sarah Westbrook
Barbara - Bush Twin (uncredited)
John Weyrick
Republican Lawyer (uncredited)
Corsica Wilson
Protester / Photographer (uncredited)
Carole Wood
Tipper Gore
Mark Wooster
Political Supporter (uncredited)
Christel Wright
Young Republican
John Youmans
Member of Press (uncredited)
Did you know?
According to his obituary on NPR's "Morning Edition," Sydney Pollack was set to direct this until he became too sick to continue the preparations.
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Though he granted extensive interviews to Danny Strong, Warren Christopher still objected to his portrayal in this film.
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The real James Baker III liked and supported the film upon its release.
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The wall at the Division of Elections is shown in grey. It is in fact blue.
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In the first scene, where James Baker is drinking Dr. Pepper, the can he is drinking from was not issued in 2000. However, later on in the movie, this error was corrected and he is drinking out of the older version of the can.
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Ben Ginsberg states that Bill Daley's father "stole it for JFK," referring to the belief that Chicago mayor Richard Daley rigged the vote in Illinois in 1960. Kennedy would have still won the electoral college without Illinois.
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Michael Whouley: There's a hundred and thirty five thousand ballots out there whose counting machines have declared non votes.
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Warren Christopher: The world is watching us. We are theoretically its last great democracy.
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Republican protester: Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw have bald spots. Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw have bald spots. Is this interesting? Interesting? Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Permalink Hide options Republican Observer: [When disputed ballots are being contested by a member of each party, a Republican says] This woman is eating the chads. Is this interesting? Interesting? Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Permalink Hide options Republican protester: He's got a ballot! Is this interesting? Interesting? Yes No | Share this Share this: Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Permalink Hide options George W. Bush: Let me make sure I understand. You are calling back to retract your concession?
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