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100 min
Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller
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Ringo Lam
2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2001-05-11
Filming Locations: 120 Powell St, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Budget: $17,000,000
Opening Weekend: $235,559 (France) (19 June 2001)
Gross: $381,210 (France)$848,053 (Mexico)
Michael Rooker
Det. Jake Riley
Catherine Dent
Brandon James Olson
Pam Hyatt
Mrs. Riley
Ian Robison
Stan Reisman
Allan Gray
James Hutson
Snotty Concierge
Jayme Knox
Wendy Wyckham
Paul McGillion
Chris Kelly
Peter Flemming
Margaret Ryan
Lillian Carlson
Ingrid Tesch
911 Operator
Fulvio Cecere
Agent #1
Dominic Ferronato
Downtown Home Infant
Matteo Ferronato
Downtown Home Infant
Brent Chapman
Claire Riley
Penny Martin
Rob Lee
Lab EEG Technician
Stanley Katz
Market Owner
Lisa Ann Beley
Terrified Neighbor
Mark Brandon
Reporter #1
Tracey Hway
Reporter #2
J.J. McColl
Video Teacher
Alexander Pollock
Young Garrotte
April Telek
Downtown Mother Victim
Paul Bittante
Hooker Cop
Jason Griffith
Bus Driver
Hiro Kanagawa
Lab Video Technician #1
Daryl Shuttleworth
Uniform Foyer Cop
Biski Gugushe
Loft Cop
Josh Green
Murphy (uncredited)
Jenny McShane
Woman with red car (uncredited)
Nick Swarts
Jake (uncredited)
Did you know?
At one point, James Woods and Jennifer Lopez were supposed to star in this.
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The Torch knocks out a nurse in the morgue. She falls on the ground, but her position changes throughout the fight scene.
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The angle of The Torch's gun changes repeatedly between cuts when The Torch is pointing his gun at Jake in the operating room.
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When Garotte overhears a mother in the street calling her son a bad boy and turns to follow her to kill her, the scene then cuts to Jake and the replicant, where an entire day goes by showing the replicant being "trained", but when it cuts back to Garotte as he is moving in to kill the woman, it is clearly the same day as he when first "met" her as she is wearing the same clothes.
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Replicant: Calm the fuck down!
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What are replicants?
Replicants came from the Screen Writer of Blade Runner, David Webb Peoples' daughter, Risa, who was studying microbiology and biochemistry. She introduced her father to the theory of replication - the process whereby cells are duplicated for cloning purposes.
Why was Garrott so passive and couldn't quickly put away Jake and the Replicant, who were supposedely inferior?
There are at least several answers to this rather good question that seem a bit vague. Garrott had a few encounters with both Jake and the Replicant. Anyway, here it goes.1) Garrott was a killer who enjoyed using stealth to slowly torment its targets without getting caught-using brute force would expose himself to the public eye and could risk harming bystanders that he didn't have much intent to kill.2) Garrott's goal was to prey on its primary targets and not waste time with other inferior interferences-meaning that every moment he spent with the Replicant and/or Jake, he would lose track of his primary targets.3) As an incomplete prototype, the Replicant did not possess Garrott's anatomy/weaknesses or was not built to fight him.4) Garrott wanted to make the most of his kills by keeping Jake and the Replicant as leftovers-meaning that he would only hesitate to kill Jake if he kept on testing his hand.5) Garrott and the Replicant were possibly genetically linked-even after all the mind games and encounters, neither decided to kill each other until Jake decided to come into the bigger picture.6) The Replicant had learned to become more complete over time. As an incomplete prototype, he did not possess full mental and physical abilities to completely combat Garrott. This was shown in the final autopsy lab where Garrott decides to brutally slaughter Jake for the Replicant to fully understand that Garrott was an evil killer and to finally go hand-to-hand with him-this meant that both proved to be an even match at the climax of the scenarios until Jake finally managed to bring things to an end.7) In general, the Replicant was not easy to kill-the fact that Garrott put a gun to his head didn't mean he, himself, could take him hand-to-hand that easily-the anology would be one fighting a twin sibling of one' self-one may be a bit stronger but the other can even things up and fight back to a reasonable extent.
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Jean-Claude Van Damme Marnie Alton David Palffy