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Return to Peyton Place

123 min
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José Ferrer
Country: USA
Release Date: 1961-05-05
Filming Locations: Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA
Carol Lynley
Jeff Chandler
Lewis Jackman
Eleanor Parker
Connie Rossi
Mary Astor
Mrs. Roberta Carter
Robert Sterling
Mike Rossi
Brett Halsey
Gunnar Hellström
Nils (as Gunnar Hellstrom)
Tuesday Weld
Edward Astran
Townsman at Meeting (uncredited)
Joan Banks
Mrs. Humphries (uncredited)
Helen Bennett
Interviewer (uncredited)
Bill Bradley
Mark Steele (uncredited)
Jack Carr
Mr. Johnson (uncredited)
Harry Carter
Newspaper Publisher (uncredited)
Bob Crane
Peter White (uncredited)
Alex Dunand
Pierre Galante (uncredited)
Tim Durant
John Smith (uncredited)
José Ferrer
Voice of Mark Steele (uncredited)
Bess Flowers
Townsman at Meeting (uncredited)
George Ford
Townsman at Meeting (uncredited)
Wilton Graff
Dr. Fowlkes (uncredited)
Herschel Graham
Townsman at Meeting (uncredited)
Ed Haskett
Townsman (uncredited)
Pitt Herbert
Seth Wadley (uncredited)
Jimmie Horan
Townsman at Meeting (uncredited)
Jennifer Howard
Mrs. Jackman (uncredited)
Collette Lyons
Mrs. Sarah Bingham (uncredited)
Kenneth MacDonald
Dexter (uncredited)
Max Mellinger
Nevins (uncredited)
Harold Miller
Guest at Book Publishing Party (uncredited)
Tony Miller
Photographer (uncredited)
Warren Parker
Lupus Wolf (uncredited)
Arthur Peterson
Selectman Seth (uncredited)
Hari Rhodes
Arthur (uncredited)
Jeffrey Sayre
Townsman (uncredited)
Charles Seel
Diner Proprietor (uncredited)
Max Showalter
Nick Parker (uncredited)
Leonard Stone
Steve Swanson (uncredited)
Hal Taggart
Townsman at Meeting (uncredited)
Reedy Talton
Frank O'Roark (uncredited)
Emerson Treacy
Bud Humphries (uncredited)
June Valentine
Waitress (uncredited)
Carol Veazie
Interviewer (uncredited)
Did you know?
The filming locations and interior sets of the MacKenzie house and The Tweed Shop (the store that Constance owns) are completely different from the original film. The exterior scenes for "Return To Peyton Place" were shot in Mamouth, California (for the skiing sequences) and at Fox's Malibu Ranch. The interior sets are "significantly smaller" than in the first film, as noted by film historian Sylvia Stoddard.
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Uncredited feature film debut of Bob Crane, who portrayed Peter White.
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Brett Halsey and Luciana Paluzzi, who played husband and wife in this film, were actually married at the time.
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In this sequel, Ted Carter is not only wealthy but has a controlling mother. In the first film, Ted had to work and save for law school, and his parents were not featured in the original. It was Norman Page who had a domineering mother in the first film.
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Throughout the film, it is insisted that Selena and Ted had been friends and nothing more. However, in the first film, they did in fact have a romantic relationship as teenagers and were planning to get married.
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After Selena attacks Lars in the cabin with the fireplace poker, she runs out into the winter night wearing shoes with heels. In the next shot, of her running through the snow, she is wearing snow boots.
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Photos from cast
Luciana Paluzzi