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Argentina:112 min | Australia:114 min
Horror | Thriller
IMDB rate:
John Eyres
1 nomination
Country: Canada
Release Date: 2001-12-27
Filming Locations: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Opening Weekend: ARS 10,635 (Argentina) (28 March 2002)
Gross: ARS 14,812 (Argentina) (2 May 2002)
A.J. Cook
Molly Keller
Bruce Payne
Marshall Kane
Ryan Northcott
Jason Korda
Claire Keim
Chantal Etienne
Derek Hamilton
Eddie Sackman
Daniella Evangelista
Mary-Anne Nordstrom
Kelly Brook
Marisa Tavares
Jürgen Prochnow
Detective Kelso
Courtenay J. Stevens
Aaron Kroeker
Robin Collins
Kevin Lusk
Leanne Hindle
Cheryl Ellis (as Leanne Buchanan)
Michael Copley
Matt Novak
Sean Whale
Mark Tannenbaum
Crystal Dalman
Ellie Eckhart
Josh Byer
Stuart Adamson
Christy Sandback
Dominika Juillet
Kissing Blonde / Grinding Girl (as Dominika Wolski)
Bruce Pinard
Jack the Ripper - 1888
Denis Corbett
Mental Patient (uncredited)
Raymond Law
Raver (uncredited)
Olga Lounová
Prostitute (uncredited)
Robin Miller
Raver (uncredited)
Did you know?
The name on the sailing boat Molly is seen on at the beginning of the film is 'Mary Kelly' referencing back to a Ripper victim.
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To avoid a restrictive NC-17 rating in the USA, the reconstruction of the the death of Mary Kelly's roommate Ada was toned down considerably. In reality, this was a particularly gruesome murder.
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Kelly Brook, Derek Hamilton and Emmanuelle Vaugier all subsequently appeared in the Need For Speed series.
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During the car chase, the model of the blue car changes back and forth. You can see this by looking at the grill, for most of the chase the badge is in the middle, but at one point near the beginning, and once the car is at the cliff edge the badge is in the top right hand corner of the grill.
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Molly Keller: For a time there I wasn't thinking clearly. I was confused. In limbo. I mean, this is 1888, right? I knew I was Jack. Cunning Jack. Quiet Jack. Jack's my name. Jack whose sword never sleeps. Not the good shepherd. Not the prince of peace. I'm right Jack. Spring out Jack. Saucy Jack. Jack from Hell. Trade name: Jack the Ripper.
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Marshall Kane: What if I told you I was going to murder one of you today? What if everything I have accomplished in my field thus far was a vicarious way to experience what I'm really drawn to? And what if the truth is that I've studied serial killers all my life because subconciously I wanted to be one... but was too scared to admit it? And what if I had medicated myself for years, seen psychoanalysts to repress this desire and finally, two weeks ago, stopped taking the medication and decided to step into the abyss?
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Emmanuelle Vaugier
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