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105 min
Comedy | Drama | Music
IMDB rate:
Stephen Herek
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2001-09-07
Filming Locations: California, USA
Budget: $57,000,000
Opening Weekend: $6,018,636 (USA) (9 September 2001)
Gross: $16,991,902 (USA) (28 October 2001)
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston
Rock Star
Kara Zediker
Kara Zediker
Rock Star
Mark Wahlberg
Chris 'Izzy' Cole
Dominic West
Kirk Cuddy, Steel Dragon Guitarist
Jason Bonham
A.C., Steel Dragon Drummer
Jeff Pilson
Jorgen, Steel Dragon Bassist
Zakk Wylde
Ghode, Steel Dragon Guitarist
Timothy Spall
Mats, Steel Dragon Road Manager
Blas Elias
Donny Johnson, Blood Pollution Drummer
Nick Catanese
Xander Cummins, Blood Pollution Guitarist
Brian Vander Ark
Ricki Bell, Blood Pollution Bassist
Timothy Olyphant
Rob Malcolm, Blood Pollution Guitarist
Dagmara Dominczyk
Tania Asher, Steel Dragon Public Relations
Matthew Glave
Joe Cole
Michael Shamus Wiles
Mr. Cole
Beth Grant
Mrs. Cole
Jason Flemyng
Bobby Beers, Steel Dragon Lead Singer
Carey Lessard
Kristin Richardson
Jamie Williams
Mason Bell
Keith Loneker
Roadie #1
Sami Reed
Stephan Jenkins
Bradley, Black Babylon Lead Singer
Vitamin C
Guitarist in Crowd Outside Mansion
Kevin Ryder
Cream Reporter
Gene 'Bean' Baxter
Melody-Maker Reporter (as Gene Baxter)
Gregory Hinton
Sonya Stephens
Neil Zlozower
Kirk Enochs
Fan #1
Myles Kennedy
Rachel Hunter
A.C.'s Wife
Heidi Mark
Kirk's Wife
Carrie Stevens
Ghode's Wife Daphne
Amy Miller
Jorgen's Wife
William Martin Brennan
Office Worker
Lorna Scott
Mrs. Andrews
Ralph Saenz
Auditioning Singer
Jennifer Rovero
Topless Cutie #1
Natalie Raynes
Topless Cutie #2
Jamal Weathers
Hailie Brennand
Two-Year-Old Girl
Eric Weinstein
Roadie #2
Jamie White
MTV Veejay
Jeffrey Wetzel
Metal Head
Frederick E. Kowalo
Guitar Tech
Jennifer Uilani Warren
Girl with P-Pass
Chad Azadan
Roxy Dancer
Linda Cevallos
Roxy Dancer
Jennifer Edmond
Roxy Dancer
Brian Friedman
Roxy Dancer
Cynthia Fuhrer
Roxy Dancer
Cati Jean
Roxy Dancer
Edward Jenkins
Roxy Dancer
Kelly Knox
Roxy Dancer
Tabatha Mays
Roxy Dancer (as Tabbatha Mays)
Udee McGeoy
Roxy Dancer
Ted Napolitano
Roxy Dancer
Tomasina Parrott
Roxy Dancer
Gabriel Ramírez
Roxy Dancer (as Gabriel Ramirez)
Ursula Whittaker
Roxy Dancer (as Ursula Whitaker)
Zachary Woodlee
Roxy Dancer
Robert C. Cawley
Limo Driver
Andrew Wayne
Concert Rocker (as Andrew Stramel)
Camille Anderson
Elevator Hottie #1 (uncredited)
Brad Bartlett
Crazy Fan (uncredited)
Stacy Bellew
Tammy Blue
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Johnny Bolton
Crazed Fan (uncredited)
Lawrence Calvin
Xander's Guitar Tech, Blood Pollution (uncredited)
Jonathan Carr
Extra (uncredited)
Emmy Collins
Roadie (uncredited)
Devin Corey
Fighting Rocker (uncredited)
Teresa Couch
Fan at Good Machine Club (uncredited)
Bill DeWild
Steel Dragon Fan
Johnny Drocco
Rock Reporter / Concert Patron (uncredited)
Gia Franzia
Bar Patron (uncredited)
Mylo Ironbear
Steel Dragons Fan
Mariko Ishihara
Girl in Pink (uncredited)
Elke Jeinsen
Concert After-Party Guest (uncredited)
Soraya Kelley
VIP Girl (uncredited)
Rich Knight
Rocker (uncredited)
Jill Kocalis
Poolside Cutie (uncredited)
Eden Lake
Groupie (uncredited)
Valerie Landsburg
Concert After-Party Guest (uncredited)
Steve Larson
Sound Engineer (uncredited)
Deborah Leydig
Jason Charles Luedee
Rival Band Leader (uncredited)
Troy Martin
Heavy Metal Fan (uncredited)
Mike McIntosh
Fan #2 (uncredited)
Julie Michaels
Groupie (uncredited)
Louis E. Rosas
Rocker (uncredited)
Parker Shipp
Suzi Simpson
Cutie (uncredited)
Nicki Sixteen
Fan at Good Machine Club (uncredited)
Chris Sprister
Rocker (uncredited)
Tim Taylor
Customer (uncredited)
Stephen Zimpel
Concert Patron (uncredited)
Did you know?
Inspired by the real-life story of Tim "Ripper" Owens, singer in a Judas Priest cover band who was chosen to replace singer Rob Halford when he left Judas Priest. Jason Flemyng's character's declaration of homosexuality on his departure mirrors that of Halford.
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Mark Wahlberg does NOT do the singing in this movie or for the soundtrack. The singing is done by Miljenko Matijevic who sang for Steelheart and Jeff Scott Soto who sang for Yngwie Malmsteen and Journey, among others.
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Fortunately for Mark Wahlberg, he hung out with enough rock gods during his 'Marky Mark' days, among them 'Motley Crue''s lead singer Vince Neil, to know the drill. "I just took a crash course. I went and hung out with all of these guys," he says. " I was researching the part pretty early on, actually in the middle of shooting The Perfect Storm (2000). I just went to as many concerts as I could and hung out with these guys."
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As Chris' limo is pulling up to Kirk Cuddy's house, one of the fans gathered outside is clearly seen playing an Ibanez Talman acoustic guitar, which wasn't introduced until around 2000.
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During the scene where Izzy is showing the rest of Steel Dragon his artwork and song ideas for the album, Kirk and A.C. mention that they write ALL the bands songs. Earlier in the film when Izzy is auditioning, its noted that Bobby (the member of the band who was kicked out that Izzy was replacing) wrote one of the bands songs, "Stand Up", about a lover of his. However, it's not much of a stretch to believe that when Bobby was still in the band he was a songwriter himself. When he left, that left Kirk & A.C. as the creative team in the group and Kirk could just have been egotistically conveying that to Izzy.
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When Chris and Emily enter Kirk's mansion you see an image of Kirk Cuddy and Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), but that picture of Bruce wasn't taken until the early '90s.
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Chris: You're gay?
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Chris: We are NOT a cover band, we're a TRIBUTE band!
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Chris: You know, I'm just a regular guy who grew up with the posters of these guys on my wall... and now I'm one of them! That's right, I'm standing here, living proof that if you work hard enough, and you want it bad enough... dreams do come true. So follow your dreams...
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Does Mark Wahlberg do his own singing in this movie?
No. The vocals performed by Wahlberg's character, Chris Cole, are provided primarily by Mike Matijevic (pronounced Mah-tee-ah-vich), singer for the band Steelheart. The songs sung by the character Bobby Beers are provided by Jeff Scott Soto, singer for Yngwie Malmsteen's band, among others.
Why did Steel Dragon's popularity take such a hard dive after Chris left the band?
Many rock music writers, critics and historians point to the emergence of popularity of the "Seattle sound", also known as "grunge" or "alternative", as the next wave of popular rock that marked the so-called death knell for heavy metal, which had enjoyed such widespread success in the 1980s. Bands of the Seattle sound included Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, The Melvins, Screaming Trees and perhaps most famously, Nirvana. Bands that became increasingly popular that weren't from Seattle were Smashing Pumpkins (Chicago), Soul Asylum (Minneapolis), Stone Temple Pilots (LA).
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