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USA:184 min (DVD)
Action | Drama | History | War | Western
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John Milius
Won Primetime Emmy. Another 4 wins & 1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1997-07-20
Filming Locations: Bandera, Texas, USA
Tom Berenger
Tom Berenger
Rough Riders
Sam Elliott
Capt. Bucky O'Neil
Gary Busey
Gen. Joseph 'Fighting Joe' Wheeler
Brad Johnson
Henry Nash
Illeana Douglas
Edith Roosevelt
Chris Noth
Craig Wadsworth
Brian Keith
President William McKinley
George Hamilton
William Randolph Hearst
R. Lee Ermey
Secretary of State John Hay
Nick Chinlund
Frederick Remington
Dale Dye
Col. Leonard Wood
Holt McCallany
Hamilton Fish
Geoffrey Lewis
James Parks
William Tiffany
Dakin Matthews
Wadsworth, Sr.
Mark Moses
Woodbury Kane
William Katt
Edward Marshall
Francesco Quinn
Rafael Castillo
Adam Storke
Stephen Crane
Titus Welliver
B.F. Goodrich
Diana Jorge
Mademoiselle Adler
Eric Allan Kramer
Henry Bardshar
Angee Hughes
Sara Bardshar
Hunter Bentley
Boyo (GT station)
Peter Sherayko
Troy Curvey Jr.
Sgt. Buck
Randy Stripling
Buffalo Soldier
Willie Dirden
Jared Chandler
Rusty Cox
Captain (Shafter's staff)
Gary Ragland
Captain (trench)
Art Tamez
Castillo Sr.
Patrick Gorman
Colonel, 71st NY
Rick Dano
Colonel (Shafter's staff) (as Richard Dano)
Carlos Compean
Cuban rebel
Michael Greyeyes
Delchaney (Apache)
Julie Wilson
Mrs. Fish
Pablo Espinosa
Frederick Funston
Greg Krutilek
Admiral (at the White House)
Brady Coleman
General (Shafter's staff)
Brian Schmeck
Capt. Grimes
Robert Strane
Sen. Hanna
Jack Watkins
Harry Hefues
Bob Primeaux
Indian Bob
David Midthunder
Indian Tom Isbell
Mark Dalton
Kid at rail siding
Lonnie Rodriguez
Capt. Max Luna
Paul Menzel
Will Wallace
Man #1 (delivers news to Hearst)
Rutherford Cravens
Man #2
Ted J. Crum
Old codger
Brian Brown
Man at San Antonio station
Todd Royal
Buck Taylor
George Neville
Billy Driver
New Mexico man
Charles Sanders
Michael A. Stephens
Opposing man
Adam Reid
Wally Welch
Other New Mexico man
Jim Morse
Lt. James Parker
Marshall R. Teague
Young Black Jack Pershing
Stephen Bridgewater
Sgt. Polk
Curtis Akin
John Barnett
Rough Rider (in jungle)
Tom Williams
Sergeant (Exhibition Hall)
Patrick Falci
Rough Rider (at campfire)
Rodger Boyce
Gen. Shafter
Louis Gusemano
Damon Collazo
Larry Randolph
Col. Swayles
Darin Heames
Lt. William Wheeler
Tiani Warden
Woman in stagecoach
Danny Kamin
Gen. Young (as Daniel Tucker Kamin)
Timberlake Lewis
British observer
Bob Hess
French observer
Julio Cedillo
Gen. Toral
Rupert Reyes
Gen. Toral's interpreter
Richard Reyes
Insurrectionist officer
Jake Cavelle
Other insurgent
Whit Edwards
Sergeant, 71st NY
Jamy Myatt
Fish's girl
Kristi Fleming
Wadsworth's girl
Ellen Locy
Kane's girl
Richard Nance
Peter Harrell Jr.
Buffalo sergeant
Raliegh Wilson
Saddlery sergeant
Oriana Huron
Castillo's girl
Deborah Nunez
Bordello lady
Lincoln Lageson
Hearst lackey
Chase Casson
Stagecoach passenger
Joaquin Jackson
Stagecoach passenger #2
Matt Hawrylak
Other stagecoach passenger
R.L. Tolbert
Stage Coach Driver
Jack Lilley
Stagecoach shotgun guard
Ruben Medina
Spaniard #5
Rebecca M. Valenzuela
Eli's wife
Grove E. Johnson
Other admiral
Freddie Joe Farnsworth
Sgt. Farnsworth
Royce Perkins
William T. Lane
Rough Rider (as William Lane)
Marvin Schroeder
German Maxim gun advisor (as Marvin F. Schroeder)
Nathan Alvarado
Rough Rider (uncredited)
Robert Barge
Towns Person (uncredited)
Jesse P. Bernal
Soldier (uncredited)
Joe Bernier
Rough cowboy / gunfighter (uncredited)
Shane Alan Bowers
'G' Trooper (uncredited)
Alan C. Brooks
Spanish Artillery Officer; Rough Rider (uncredited)
Brett Carleton
Rough Rider (uncredited)
Russ Cox Jr.
Cavalry Captain (uncredited)
John S. Davies
Gen. Lawton (uncredited)
Mark Ebenhoch
Lieutenant (uncredited)
Todd Freeman
Cowboy (uncredited)
Gordon Frye
Rough Rider 1st Sgt. (uncredited)
Nancy Frye
Bardshar's nurse (uncredited)
Charles E. Gray
Spaniard (uncredited)
Kevin Kelly
Rough Rider (uncredited)
Kris Kidd
Rough Rider (uncredited)
Ray Melendez
Rough Rider (uncredited)
Brian Merrick
Hospital Orderly, G-Troop (uncredited)
Kenneth Miccio
Rough Rider (uncredited)
Lance Miccio
Brooklyn (uncredited)
Rene Munguia
Spaniard (uncredited)
Larry Porter
Rough Rider (uncredited)
Pat Ridley
Town Person (uncredited)
Martin Salisbury
Waylon Boggs (uncredited)
Joel Schechter
Rough Rider (uncredited)
Bruce Stewart
Soldier 71st NY. (uncredited)
Bill Strebler
Rough Rider, B Troop (uncredited)
Andie Ximenes
Spanish Soldier (uncredited)
Kevin R. Young
Hearst's Man (uncredited)
Did you know?
Besides being a feared and well-respected lawman, Bucky O'Neill had also been an Indian scout and the Mayor of Prescott, Arizona, as well as a self-educated, very well-read and multi-lingual man (speaking French, Spanish and several Indian languages). He and Roosevelt became fast friends and spent much of their time in the campaign discussing military history, Indian customs and classic European literature.
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Real casualties of the Rough Riders was 40% and many died from malaria, after the battle because the US would not let them back into the country, finally TR was able to get them back to Montauk New York in a quarantine camp. On the Library of Congress American Memory website, there are early Edison movies of them at the Montauk quarantine camp.
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The woman singing "Garry Owen" is John Milius's wife.
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In the final scene, Nash mentions not having visited his friends' graves since the "First World War". This term did not come into common usage until the Second World War. Before 1939, the 1914-1918 war was known as the Great War.
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The Film ends with Henry Nash, now a millionaire, visiting the graves of his comrades circa 1920. In fact, the real Henry Nash died in the Philippines in 1902 as a teacher.
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Henry Nash is portrayed as a poorly educated stage robber. Although some sources indicate he may have once been a train robber named William Sterin, he was actually a school teacher before joining the Rough Riders and a graduate of DePauw University.
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Secretary of State John Hay: General, you were one of the finest cavalry officers in the Confederacy.
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Theodore Roosevelt: [greeting dignitaries at a party] Oh, more good Republicans!
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Hearst's Man: Are you Mr. Hearst?
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Tom Berenger
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