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Royal Flash

102 min
Adventure | Comedy | Romance
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Richard Lester
Country: UK
Filming Locations: Bedford School, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England, UK
Oliver Reed
Oliver Reed
Royal Flash
Malcolm McDowell
Captain Harry Flashman
Alan Bates
Rudi Von Sternberg
Florinda Bolkan
Lola Montez
Tom Bell
De Gautet
Joss Ackland
Christopher Cazenove
Eric Hansen
Henry Cooper
John Gully, M.P.
Lionel Jeffries
Alastair Sim
Mr. Greig
Michael Hordern
Britt Ekland
Dutchess Irma
Richard Pearson
Dutchy Chamberlain
Alan Howland
Dutchy Chamberlain
Bob Hoskins
Police Constable
Richard Hurndall
Arthur Brough
King Ludwig of Bavaria
Elizabeth Larner
Margaret Courtenay
Lady in honour duel
Stuart Rayner
Leon Greene
David Jason
The Mayor
Noel Johnson
Lord Chamberlain
Ben Aris
Rula Lenska
Bob Peck
Police Inspector
John Stuart
English General
Frank Grimes
Paul Burton
Tom Brown
Tessa Dahl
1st Girl
Claire Russell
2nd Girl
Kubi Chaza
David Sterne
Meg Davis
Roger Hammond
Did you know?
In 1970, Richard Lester had planned to make a film of "Flashman", the first of George Macdonald Fraser's novels, from a screenplay by Charles Wood and Frank Muir and with John Alderton in the title role. Because of expense, it was canceled with only days to go before the start of shooting. Half a decade later, having collaborated with Fraser on his two "Musketeers" films with huge success, Lester tried to reactivate the project, but found it easier to set up a film of Fraser's second novel, "Royal Flash", perhaps because the story is a parody of "The Prisoner Of Zenda", which had been filmed several times with great popularity. Even so, United Artists went cold on the idea shortly before filming was due to begin, but this time Lester was able successfully to transfer the project to Twentieth Century Fox. However, the film proved a critical and box-office failure, and was cut from a running time of 118 minutes to 96 minutes for general release in Britain (which accounts for certain well-known actors either not appearing or doing so only very briefly).
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Roy Kinnear had his scenes deleted from the final print. He was among around 20 performers that had their performances deleted including some famous actors including Two Dad's Army regulars.
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Arthur Lowe was cast in this film but was replaced.
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At around 48 minutes, as Flashman and Rudi enter Strackenz, one of the cheering crowd of townspeople can be seen to pull out a compact camera and take a photograph of the procession, before resuming cheering.
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At c.47 minutes Flashman strikes a red ball with his cue. However, in all variants of billiards the cue-ball is white.
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Otto von Bismarck: I salute you, you animal.
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Harry Flashman: [posing as Crown Prince Carl Magnus] Highness, may I say... May I tell you...
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Rudi Von Sternberg: Come down and fight like a man!
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Oliver Reed