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Rumor Has It...

97 min
Comedy | Drama | Romance
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Rob Reiner
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-12-25
Filming Locations: 717 S Hudson Ave, Pasadena, California, USA
Opening Weekend: $7,515,000 (USA) (25 December 2005)
Gross: $43,000,262 (USA) (9 March 2006)
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston
Rumor Has It...
Mena Suvari
Mena Suvari
Rumor Has It...
Steve Sandvoss
Steve Sandvoss
Rumor Has It...
Kevin Costner
Beau Burroughs
Shirley MacLaine
Katharine Richelieu
Mark Ruffalo
Jeff Daly
Richard Jenkins
Earl Huttinger
Christopher McDonald
Roger McManus
Mike Vogel
Blake Burroughs
Rob Lanza
New Year's Eve M.C. (as Robert Lanza)
Lisa Vachon
Young Katharine
Trevor Stock
Young Beau
Jennifer Taylor
Jocelyn Richelieu
Marcia Ann Burrs
Pasadenan Wife
Lynn Wanlass
Pasadenan Wife
Mary Anne McGarry
Pasadenan Wife
Maree Cheatham
Party Guest
Gloria Grant
Party Guest
Gregory White
Party Guest
Jake Mailey
Party Guest
Frank Novak
Party Guest
Billy Kerr
Party Guest (as William Kerr)
Terrie Snell
Party Guest
Shannon Farnon
Party Guest
Jenny Wade
Erinn Bartlett
Allyson Bradford
Kate McClafferty
Googy Gress
Burly Man
Rolando Molina
Carmela Rappazzo
Party Planner
Erinn Hayes
Wedding Coordinator
Christopher Stapleton
George F. Regas
Jaime Ray Newman
Conference Greeter
Andy Milder
Conference Attendee
Gabriel Jarret
Conference Attendee
Clyde Kusatsu
Conference Attendee
John Sterling Carter
Conference Attendee
Mike Baldridge
Donna Cooper
Erin McDonald
Paul Ganus
Amos Levkovitch
Leigh French
Charity Dinner Guests
Charlotte Colavin
Charity Dinner Guests
George Gerdes
Charity Dinner Guests
Lyman Ward
Charity Dinner Guests
Jordan Lund
Charity Dinner Guests
John E. Byrd
Anne Bancroft
Mrs. Robinson
Kathy Bates
Aunt Mitsy
Joshua Bevier
Himself (uncredited)
Joan Blair
Reporter (uncredited)
Colleen Camp
Pasadenan Wife (uncredited)
Israel Carbajal
Gambler (uncredited)
Michael Chen
Rickshaw Driver (uncredited)
Troy Christian
Dancer (uncredited)
Curt Clendenin
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Bill Clinton
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
Jill Drexel
Tourist (uncredited)
Johnny Drocco
Happy Chap (uncredited)
Michael Durrell
Patriarch (uncredited)
Am Fong
Pedestrian (uncredited)
Robert Foreman
Bartender (uncredited)
Barry Goldwater
Himself (archive footage) (uncredited)
George Hamilton
Himself (uncredited)
Harrison Held
Mover (uncredited)
Dustin Hoffman
Benjamin Braddock
Joshua Michael Kwiat
Gate Agent (uncredited)
Roger Lim
Venture Capitalist 2 (uncredited)
Patricia Mizen
Ticket Agent (uncredited)
Sandra Plazinic
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
John Patrick Shulak
Bellman (uncredited)
Erica Taylor
Wedding Guest (uncredited)
Erika Wakker
Ticket Agent (uncredited)
Sarah Westbrook
Young Jocelyn (uncredited)
Brad Everett Young
Clumsy Mover (uncredited)
Rachel Zeskind
Dancer (uncredited)
Did you know?
Early in the film's pre-production stages, Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft were strongly considered for the roles of Beau Burroughs and Katherine Richelieu. But when Bancroft died and Hoffman had filming commitments for several other projects, the roles were given to Kevin Costner and Shirley MacLaine.
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This was the first movie in history to be released to DVD with a standard definition and high definition version on the same disc.
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Along with President Bill Clinton and Fidel Castro, the picture on the far left is Beau (Kevin Costner) with Rob Reiner (the director). Hugh M. Hefner was originally supposed to be pictured, but Hefner objected at the last minute; Reiner was added in digitally.
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When Beau is telling Sarah he's not her father his hand is on his leg. The next shot it's on his chin, then back on his leg again.
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When Sarah is nearing her cab at the airport, there is a mix of yellow Ford Crown Victorias present, some of which feature the updated 1998 model design, which would not have been seen in January 1997.
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When Sarah is revealing the family secrets to Annie in the bedroom, subsequent shots of Sarah show her hair alternating behind one ear, then hanging down on both sides, and back again.
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Katherine: [after revealing a secret to Sarah] You know, I really shouldn't drink this without a mixer.
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Annie: I'm the most screwed-up person in the world!
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Sarah: If you're gonna marry someone you might as well marry your best friend.
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Jennifer Aniston Mena Suvari Steve Sandvoss
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