Rustlers' Rhapsody
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Rustlers' Rhapsody

88 min
Comedy | Western
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Hugh Wilson
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1985-05-10
Filming Locations: Tabernas, Almería, Andalucía, Spain
Opening Weekend: $2,374,973 (USA) (12 May 1985)
Gross: $4,847,085 (USA) (19 May 1985)
G.W. Bailey
Marilu Henner
Miss Tracy
Andy Griffith
Colonel Ticonderoga
Fernando Rey
Railroad Colonel
Sela Ward
Colonel's Daughter
Brant von Hoffman
Jim (as Brant Van Hoffman)
Christopher Malcolm
Jim Carter
Paul Maxwell
Sheepherder No.1
Manuel Pereiro
Sheepherder No.2
Margarita Calahorra
Sheepherder's Wife
Billy J. Mitchell
Town Doctor
John Orchard
Town Sheriff
Emilio Linder
Sheepherder in Saloon
Alan Larson
Thomas Abbott
Saloon Owner (as Thomas Abbot)
Elmer Modling
Real Estate Broker (as Elmer Modlin)
Juan Miguel Manrique
Town Boy
Dennis Vaughan
Patrick Wayne
Bob Barber
Charly Bravo
Hugh Wilson
Complaining John (uncredited)
Did you know?
The nickname of Rex O'Herlihan was the "Singing Cowboy".
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Hugh Wilson:  Uncredited, as Complaining John.
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The picture features a window-boxed black-and-white opening sequence, which was a recreation of an old western. It then segues into color with the narrator saying, "I wonder what one of these movies would look like today?"
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When Peter (the town drunk) shoots the hat off of Rex's head by mistake (aiming at the cigarette Rex has in his mouth), you can see the string that pulls it off.
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When the train is stopped, and Rex shoots back at the three men with the rifles, you can see the string that pulls off Jim's hat in the background. You can also see the person behind him pulling it off.
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When Rex rescues the "Cattle Barons Daughter" from being dragged around by her horse, his gun belt starts falling off as he is running over to her. You can see it down by his knees.
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Peter: For some reason, the bad guy was always a Colonel who had a beautiful daughter and about a thousand head of cattle which you would hear but never see.
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Colonel Ticonderoga: Let me just ask you one question. There's one thing I'm most curious about. Why bring the body here? My god, this is a home! People live here!
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Rex O'Herlihan: I'll curse if I wanna curse! Damn! Damn, damn, hell, damn, tee tee, doo doo!
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Tom Berenger