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117 min
Action | Crime | Thriller
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Clark Johnson
4 wins & 5 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2003-08-08
Filming Locations: California, USA
Budget: $80,000,000
Opening Weekend: $37,062,535 (USA) (10 August 2003)
Gross: $116,934,650 (USA) (6 June 2013)
Samuel L. Jackson
Sgt. Dan 'Hondo' Harrelson
Colin Farrell
Jim Street
LL Cool J
Deacon 'Deke' Kay
Josh Charles
T.J. McCabe
Jeremy Renner
Brian Gamble
Brian Van Holt
Michael Boxer
Olivier Martinez
Alex Montel
Reg E. Cathey
Lt. Greg Velasquez
Larry Poindexter
Capt. Thomas Fuller
Page Kennedy
Domenick Lombardozzi
James DuMont
Denis Arndt
Sgt. Howard
Lindsey Ginter
Agent Hauser
Lucinda Jenney
E. Roger Mitchell
Agent Kirkland
Jay Acovone
Lear Jet Pilot
Mario Aguilar Jr.
Beat-up Latino Thug
Peter Allas
Bistro Gangster #1
Frankie J. Allison
Robber #2 (as Frankie Jay Allison)
Nathan Andrews
Lead Gangster
Sara Arrington
Boxer's Wife
Michael Baker
Range Official
Dianne Barone
Newscaster #1
Tody Bernard
Subway Engineer
Melanie Kim
Reporter #3 (as Melanie Kim Blank)
Bridget Powers
Herself (as Bridget the Midget)
Joe Bucaro III
Robber #3 (as Joey Bucaro)
Esther Chae
Reporter #2 (as Esther K. Chae)
Andi Chapman
Customs Agent #2
Gregory Crane
Prison Guard
Brad Crosby
Ken Davitian
Uncle Martin Gascoigne
Tommy De La Cruz
Gangster #1
Bruce Dent
Reed Diamond
Officer David Burress
Martin Dorsla
Hip Cop
Jamal Duff
Subway Cop
Jessica Edwards
Reporter #4
Steve Forrest
SWAT Truck Driver
Kenneth Franklin
Young Deputy (as Kenny Franklin)
María Gálvez
Latino Woman
Garry Guerrier
Gamble's Thug (as Garry G.)
Willie Gault
Newscaster #2
Matt Gerald
Sheri Goldner
Dispatcher #1
Bruce Gray
Mr. Richard Segerstrom
Michael Gregory
Limo Driver
Michael Guarnera
Noel Gugliemi
Latino Thug
Steven Hack
Injured Bank Manager
Krista Hartling
Motorcycle Cop
Daniel Ichikawa
Sgt. Yamoto
Clark Johnson
Deke's Handsome Partner
Dale Jones
Gangbanger #1
The Bishop Don Magic Juan
Himself (as Archbishop Don 'Magic' Juan)
Tricia Kelly
Waitress at Pub
Benjamin King
Customs Agent #1
Joseph Kung
Rail Unit Cop
Brendan Wayne
S.W.A.T Techie (as Danny La Cava)
Sergio Lambert
Kid in Alley
Brian Leckner
Iris Little Thomas
Bank Supervisor (as Iris Little-Thomas)
Ricki Lopez
Agusta Pilot #2
Elio Lupi
Hot Dog Vendor
Alexander Lyras
Bistro Gangster #2
Larry McCormick
Jay Montalvo
Spanish Newscaster
Neal H. Moritz
Luxury Car Driver
Michael Papajohn
Bistro Gangster #3
Devika Parikh
Jail Intake Reporter
Rod Perry
Deke's Dad
Audra Platz
Dispatcher #2
Stephen Ramsey
Lear Jet Co-Pilot
Ken Rudulph
Heather Salmon
Wounded Bank Teller
Ashley Scott
Ben Siegler
Sheriff's Deputy
Octavia Spencer
Neighbor in Alley (as Octavia L. Spencer)
Gregory Sporleder
Robber #1
Richard Steinmetz
SWAT Negotiator
David St. James
Polish Hostage
Arlow Stewart
Michael Eric Strickland
Rod Tate
Gangbanger #2
Max Thayer
Desk Officer
Atticus Todd
Gangster #2
Andy Umberger
Deputy Chief
Nick Vachon
Agusta Pilot #1 (as Nicholas Vachon)
Jeff Wincott
Ed Taylor (as Jeffrey Wincott)
Jamison Yang
Philip Akin
Hijacked Passenger (uncredited)
J. Grant Albrecht
Desk Sergeant (uncredited)
Frank Alvarez
Gangster Watching TV (uncredited)
Carlos Ayala
Thug / Stunt (uncredited)
Heather Charles
Hostage (uncredited)
Pat Dade
Airport Customs Agent (uncredited)
Chris Daher
Police Officer Subway (uncredited)
Nick Danger
Himself (uncredited)
Duane Davis
Security - 6th St. Bridge (uncredited)
Russell Duncan
Inmate Thug (uncredited)
Janine Edwards
Nurse (uncredited)
Roshawn Franklin
Rookie Officer (uncredited)
Terry Gingles
Guard (uncredited)
André Gordon
Officer Harris (uncredited)
Heath Gunn
Reporter #4 (uncredited)
Sergio Kato
Prison Guard (uncredited)
Gangster (uncredited)
'Big' LeRoy Mobley
Inmate (uncredited)
Elizabeth Mouton
Jr. Miss LA (uncredited)
Tim Owens
SWAT Cop #3 (uncredited)
Alex Revan
S.W.A.T. Sniper (uncredited)
Jeremy Roberts
Gun store clerk (uncredited)
Magdaleno Robles Jr.
Prisoner on Bus (uncredited)
Marcio Rosario
Dispatcher Garcia (uncredited)
Alexis Rousseau
Prisoner (uncredited)
Scott Sandler
Training Officer (uncredited)
Candice Sharp
Newscaster (uncredited)
Leonard L. Thomas
Officer Lennox (uncredited)
Krystal Vayda
Limousine Girl (uncredited)
Irene Wiley
Operations Officer (uncredited)
Did you know?
The tune that the team sings at the table in the film's trailer, is the theme from the original TV series.
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As Alex Montel (Olivier Martinez) is being handcuffed by Jim Street (Colin Farrell), he is seen face down over Alex Trebek's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Alex Trebek also provides the (uncredited) newscast voice-over during this shot.
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When a location was being picked for the plane escape, one consideration was closing I405 or a stretch of another highway to land a Learjet on, but that was "out of their reach", so they shut down the 6th St Bridge from 6pm to 5am every night for filming, and used CGI effects for the plane's approach. The scene with the aircraft taking off was actually done, with an aircraft equipped with a V8 engine so they could drive it down the bridge.
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When Street and Gamble fast rope in to the bank in the opening scene, you can clearly see lines from the ropes and footprints from a previous take.
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In the final scene outside the S.W.A.T. van from the outside, the camera crew is reflected on the black paint and in the window as the shot tilts up.
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During the training montage in the Kill House, there is an overhead shot of one of the characters tossing a flashbang grenade into one of the rooms. The explosion and smoke cloud, however, can clearly be seen to originate not from the actual grenade, but from a previously laid FX charge almost a foot away.
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Robber #1: I said kill that bitch and throw her out front!
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Alex Montel: [to news cameras, as he is being led into prison] I will give 100 million dollars to whoever gets me out of here.
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McCabe: This was supposed to be simple snatch and extract.
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What gun does Hondo use in the film?
The rifle Hondo gives to Street in the gun cage to tune up is an M-4 carbine. Later, during the prisoner transport mission, Hondo and Sanchez are both seen carrying MP-5 submachineguns.
Why was Alex Montel arrested?
Alex Montel, the French criminal was originally pulled over by the police because his left taillight was out. Which is a tickitable traffic violation. While running the plates the car was shown registered to his uncle. An arrest warrant was issued for the uncle and while Alex only had a foreign passport, the cops decided to detain him until they could verify his identity. That is why he was arrested originally, the charges got ammended when his picture and prints returned a match in the Interpol database.
What was the cameraman in the first scene filming?
The cameraman who was filming in the first scene, was a cameraman for a local news channel who was providing a live feed to that channel. He manages to get a shot of Gamble aiming at the terrorist with the hostage. A terrorist saw this on the TV and says to kill the hostage on live television. Just before the hostage is killed, Gamble shoots but intentionaly shoots the hostage in the arm, which causes the terrorist to drop her. If it wasn't for the cameraman, most of the events in the movie may not have occurred.
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