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93 min | 95 min (unrated version)
Horror | Mystery
IMDB rate:
Darren Lynn Bousman
2 wins & 7 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-10-28
Filming Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Budget: $4,000,000
Opening Weekend: $31,725,652 (USA) (30 October 2005)
Gross: $87,025,093 (USA) (1 January 2006)
Tobin Bell
Shawnee Smith
Amanda Young
Donnie Wahlberg
Eric Matthews
Erik Knudsen
Daniel Matthews
Franky G
Xavier Chavez
Glenn Plummer
Jonas Singer
Beverley Mitchell
Laura Hunter
Tim Burd
Obi Tate
Dina Meyer
Detective Allison Kerry
Lyriq Bent
Daniel Rigg
Noam Jenkins
Michael Marks
Tony Nappo
Gus Colyard
Kelly Jones
SWAT Member Pete
Vincent Rother
SWAT Member Joe
Linette Doherty
Mother in Cancer Ward
Gretchen Helbig
Nurse in Cancer Ward
Kofi Payton
Boy in Cancer Ward
John Fallon
Video Techie
Ho Chow
Security Officer
Conrad Coates
Additional Voice Talent (voice)
James Gallanders
Additional Voice Talent (voice)
Sam Malkin
Additional Voice Talent (voice)
Robin Ward
Additional Voice Talent (voice)
Did you know?
Jigsaw's puppet was originally controlled by fishing line (in Saw (2004)). This time around, the crew had a slightly larger budget and decided to completely redo the puppet and make it mechanically controlled.
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The name of Jigsaw, according to a scene with a nurse, is John Kramer.
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at around 12 mins) Instead of the step shooting forward and breaking the SWAT officer's shins, a blade had originally been intended to shoot forward and slice off the first SWAT officer's legs once said rigged step had been activated.
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(at around 16 mins) When Detective Eric Mathews meets John his badge is normal. A few moments into the scene it becomes twisted and when it cuts to John then back to Eric after a second the badge is normal.
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(at around 35 mins) When they discover Obi's envelope, the knife's position on the envelope shifts between shots.
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The first time we see the number 9 on Addison's neck, it has a curvy line, looking like an upside down 6. Later, when there are flashes of the previous numbers, the 9 shows up with a straight line.
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Obi: If you're going to threaten me with a knife you may as well cut me a little.
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Laura: Jail. You said you three had been there. Make it four.
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Addison: What is this, house arrest?
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A Note Regarding Spoilers
The following FAQ entries may contain spoilers. Only the biggest ones (if any) will be covered with spoiler tags. Spoiler tags have been used sparingly in order to make the page more readable.
For whom was the Razor Glass Box trap meant?
Addison, the prostitute, gets stuck in this trap, but according to the director's commentary, the trap was meant for Gus, the man who was shot through the eye when they tried to open the door. Gus is guilty of financial fraud at his work, and the Razor Glass Box was meant to represent the proverbial "cookie jar" where he would steal from. In addition, there is a lock with a key in it on the back of the box, so obtaining the antidote would have been very easy, but Jigsaw had correctly guessed that its victim would not bother to check.
What is Jigsaw's new game about?
The main reason why everyone is put together in the same location is to put pressure on Eric Matthews. Eric arrested and framed all of the victims (except for his son Daniel). If the victims find out that Daniel is Eric's son, that puts Daniel in immediate danger. Jigsaw assures Eric that the only reason he has orchestrated this game is because he wants to talk to him for a few hours so Eric can truly understand the meaning of Jigsaw's work.
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