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93 min | 96 min (unrated director's cut)
Horror | Mystery
IMDB rate:
Darren Lynn Bousman
1 win & 6 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2007-10-26
Filming Locations: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Budget: $10,000,000
Opening Weekend: $31,756,764 (USA) (28 October 2007)
Gross: $63,270,259 (USA) (9 December 2007)
Tobin Bell
Costas Mandylor
Lt. Mark Hoffman
Scott Patterson
Agent Peter Strahm
Betsy Russell
Jill Tuck
Lyriq Bent
Lt. Daniel Rigg
Louis Ferreira
Art Blank
Simon Reynolds
Donnie Wahlberg
Eric Matthews
Angus Macfadyen
Jeff Denlon
Shawnee Smith
Amanda Young
Bahar Soomekh
Lynn Denlon
Dina Meyer
Detective Allison Kerry
Mike Realba
Detective Fisk
Marty Adams
Ivan Landsness
Sarain Boylan
Billy Otis
Cecil Adams
James Van Patten
Dr. Heffner
David Boyce
Kevin Rushton
Julian Richings
Kelly Jones
Ingrid Hart
Tracy Rigg
Niamh Wilson
Corbett Denlon
Janet Land
Ron Lea
Joanne Boland
Crime Scene Photographer
Zoe Heath
Lab Technician
Bill Vibert
Young Cop
Eric Gores
Devon Bostick
Tony Nappo
Noam Jenkins
Michael Marks
Mike Butters
Paul Leahy
J. LaRose
Oren Koules
The Man
Alison Luther
Young Girl
Kim Roberts
Nurse Deborah
David Webster
Dr. Steve
Sandra Manson
Nurse Patti
Shauna Black
Additional Voice Talent (voice)
Darrell Dennis
Additional Voice Talent (voice)
Tracey Ferencz
Additional Voice Talent (voice)
Catherine Fitch
Additional Voice Talent (voice)
Christopher Marren
Additional Voice Talent (voice) (as Chris Marren)
Christopher Morris
Additional Voice Talent (voice)
Geoffrey Pounsett
Additional Voice Talent (voice)
Did you know?
In the making of the first trap, prosthetic thread was used on both actors. Art (the mute) really couldn't speak during filming, but Trevor (the blind) was actually able to see.
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Whilst he was filming Saw IV (2007), Darren Lynn Bousman was also prepping his next film, Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008).
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The seamless transitions between separate scenes in the movie were not created using (digital) visual effects, but were done practically. For these transitions, the sets were build in such a way that two separate scenes could be filmed in one shot without interruption.
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When Agent Strahm and Agent Perez debut at the discovery of detective Kerry's body, Strahm declares his theory of a third person helping Jigsaw and Amanda Young. He could not possibly know that Amanda Young was involved at that stage.
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On the Unrated Director's Cut DVD, Rigg pulls the last steel spike out of Morgan and Rex and drops it. However, the accompanying sound is that of a wooden rod landing on the floor.
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(at around 1h 18 mins) Art's second trap was the Spine Pincer, which was intended to slice through the back of his neck if he failed his test, but when he takes off his jacket (revealing the device) he bends his head and clearly shows that he can get his spine out of reach of the blades. The pincers have no extension, so Art really has no obligation and no reason to subject Eric and Hoffman to their torture.
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Jigsaw: Hello Ivan. As a voyeur you've kept photos of those you have victimized. Can you see the pain you have brought them? You have torn apart their lives. You have used your body as an instrument of abuse. Now I give you the chance to decide what is more important... Your eyes which have led you blindly astray? Or, your body? Which has caused all those around you endless suffering. You have been handed the tools which can save your life... decide quickly though, in 60 seconds... the choice will be made for you.
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Jigsaw: Time is an illusion that cannot be given.
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Rigg: [to Morgan] You have to save yourself.
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Why is the removed piece of Jigsaw's skull back in his head during the autopsy?
Segments of bone removed from the skull during brain surgery are most often reinserted and wired back in place. The brain cannot be left exposed; it must be protected either by replacing the bone, adding a plate, or requiring the patient to wear protective head gear.
Why are there two Jigsaw bodies?
They're the same body. The events of Saw IV take place more or less in synchronisation with the events of Saw III. The autopsy at the beginning of Saw IV chronologically takes place after the events of Saw III and Saw IV. Essentially, the entire movie occurs alongside the events of Saw III, after Detective Kerry's death. Therefore, Jigsaw died at the climaxes of both Saw III and Saw IV.
How does the movie end?
Rigg and Strahm arrive separately at the Gideon Meatpacking Plant. As Rigg goes in search of Matthews and Hoffman, Strahm trails Jeff Denlon, who is looking for his wife Lynn and daughter Corbett. With just a minute or two left on the countdown, Rigg finds the room holding Matthews and Hoffman and prepares to open the door, ignoring the message that instructs him to wait. Matthews, knowing that he will die if the door is opened before the time is up, shoots Rigg through the glass in the door. With one minute left, Rigg bursts into the room, which triggers two huge blocks of ice that come crashing down on Matthews' head, killing him. Rigg then shoots Art, thinking he is the one responsible for the traps. Meanwhile, Strahm chases Denlon into the operating room (shown at the end of Saw III). He shoots Denlon, who attacks him while screaming, 'Where is my daughter?' Jigsaw can be seen lying on the operating table with his throat cut. Lynn's headless body and Amanda's bloody remains can be seen lying on the floor. Rigg finds a tape that details the rules of the game and how he violated them and that, if he had not entered the room before the time was up, Matthews and Hoffman would have lived. As Rigg tries to crawl to his feet, Hoffman releases himself from the chair and says "Game over," revealing that he is in fact Jigsaw's other accomplice. This matches the FBI's theory that Jigsaw A) had more than one accomplice and B) one of those accomplices was a cop involved with the case. He then goes to the operating room and locks the door, leaving Strahm inside with the bodies of Jigsaw, Lynn, Amanda, and Jeff. In the final scenes, Jigsaw's voice on the tape recovered from his stomach can be heard, warning that the games are not over just because he is dead, and that "you will not walk away untested."
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Emmanuelle Vaugier Athena Karkanis