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88 min
IMDB rate:
Keenen Ivory Wayans
7 wins & 5 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2000-07-07
Filming Locations: Pasadena City College - 1570 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, California, USA
Budget: $19,000,000
Opening Weekend: $42,346,669 (USA) (9 July 2000)
Gross: $157,019,771 (USA) (23 September 2013)
Kendall Saunders
Kendall Saunders
Scary Movie
Carmen Electra
Drew Decker
Dave Sheridan
The Killer
Frank B. Moore
Not Drew's Boyfriend
Giacomo Baessato
Trick or Treater #1
Kyle Graham
Trick or Treater #2
Leanne Santos
Trick or Treater #3
Mark McConchie
Drew's Dad
Karen Kruper
Drew's Mom
Anna Faris
Cindy Campbell
Jon Abrahams
Bobby Prinze
Rick Ducommun
Cindy's Dad
Regina Hall
Brenda Meeks
Marlon Wayans
Shorty Meeks
Shannon Elizabeth
Buffy Gilmore
Lloyd Berry
Homeless Man
Cheri Oteri
Gail Hailstorm
Matthew Paxman
Annoying Guy
Chris Robson
KOMQ Reporter
Susan Shears
Female Reporter
Peter Bryant
Black TV Reporter
Lochlyn Munro
Greg Phillippe
Shawn Wayans
Ray Wilkins
Andrea Nemeth
Craig Bruhnanski
Road Victim (as Craig Brunanski)
Dan Joffre
Cameraman Kenny
Kelly Coffield Park
Kurt Fuller
The Sheriff
David L. Lander
Principal 'Squiggy' Squiggman
Reg Tupper
Beauty Pageant MC
Tanja Reichert
Miss Congeniality
Babe Dolan
Grandma Campbell
David Neale
Policeman #1
Nels Lennarson
Policeman #2
Nicola Crosbie
Reporter #1
Ian Bliss
Reporter #2
Chris Wilding
Shorty's Roomate
Trevor Roberts
Glynis Davies
Buffy's Mom
Jayne Trcka
Miss Mann
Peter Hanlon
Suicidal Teacher
Ted Cole
Older Man In Theater
Doreen Ramus
Old Lady In Theatre
Lee R. Mayes
Amistad II Captain
Keenen Ivory Wayans
Mark Hoeppner
Jessica Van der Veen
Woman In Theatre
Jim Shepard
Young Man In Theatre
Marissa Jaret Winokur
Garage Victim
Dexter Bell
Shorty's Friend
Ted Gill
Store Clerk
Johnny Hawkes
Art Hives
Jennifer Anne Lee
Reporter (uncredited)
Bruce Mahler
Homey #2 (uncredited)
Mark Marriott
Sheriff's Deputy (uncredited)
Anthony McKay
Prince#1 (uncredited)
Robin Miller
Student (uncredited)
Zahf Paroo
Principal (uncredited)
Aubrey Tennant
Underwear Norseman (uncredited)
James Van Der Beek
Dawson Leery
Did you know?
The last scene where Doofy starts walking properly & his crippling was just his acting is taken from the movie 'The Usual Suspects' where Kevin Spacey does the same in the end.
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Jennifer Coolidge was offered the role of Miss Mann, but she turned it down.
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Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans and Lochlyn Munro later appeared together in White Chicks (2004).
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The same girl walks by two or three times when Cindy and Bobby are talking in the cafeteria. Shorty even refers to this, making it clear to most viewers that it's a joke.
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Ray's jersey number on the field is 13; later in his room it's 12. However, some high schools use different numbers on practice and game jerseys.
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Greg's BMW 5-series hits something, breaking the driver's side headlamp, while the passenger side lamp stays on. Then When the BMW is on the dock, the driver's side high-beam lamp is shown as lit - which may be fine, but the passenger side low-beam is on.
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Gail Hailstorm: You don't get it? Well here's what you will get. (Hold up 1 finger)This little piggy went to the market (Hold up middle finger) This little piggy stayed home (points at cameraman) And if this fat little piggy doesn't role the goddamn camera (camera clicks on) - Gail Hailstorm!
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Shorty: Theres blood, guts and asses everywhere, someone's gone all crazy, son!
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Gail Hailstorm: I'm going to try and get a glimpse of Cindy Campbell, the young girl who was attacked earlier this evening... You're on my foot, fat shit!
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What are the differences between the theatrical version and the unofficial workprint?
To obtain an R-Rating the movie had to be cut slightly. In the workprint-version these scenes are still included. Besides that each version has a few longer plot-scenes, missing in the other version. A detailed comparison with pictures can be found here
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