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Sea Hunt

30 min (155 episodes)
Action | Adventure
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Country: USA
Release Date: 1958-01-04
Filming Locations: Bahamas
Did you know?
When the producer wanted Mike Nelson to wear a grey wetsuit, he had to have one specially ordered. Objecting to the high price, he bought a can of spray paint, sprayed it himself and had 2 of the crew hold Lloyd Bridges arms up while the paint dried. When it dried, Bridges couldn't put his arms down. The paint was too stiff. He paid the high price after all.
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Lloyd Bridges decided to leave the show after four seasons because the producers wanted to emphasize cops-and-robbers plots while Bridges wanted to focus more on environmental themes.
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When Lloyd Bridges complained about the weight of his twin air tanks during topside re-takes, the art director designed twin tanks made of balsa wood and had them painted silver. Only in the earliest episodes is Bridges using real tanks for above surface scenes
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Mike Nelson: By this time, my lungs were aching for air...
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Anna-Lisa Dehl Berti June Blair Morgan Brittany Pamela Duncan Nancy Hale Harry Lauter Susan Morrow