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Serving Sara

Spain:102 min | USA:99 min
Comedy | Romance
IMDB rate:
Reginald Hudlin
Country: Germany
Release Date: 2002-08-23
Filming Locations: Dallas, Texas, USA
Budget: $29,000,000
Opening Weekend: $5,758,236 (USA) (25 August 2002)
Gross: $16,930,185 (USA) (1 December 2002)
Amy Adams
Serving Sara
Matthew Perry
Joe Tyler
Elizabeth Hurley
Sara Moore
Vincent Pastore
Bruce Campbell
Gordon Moore
Cedric the Entertainer
Ray Harris
Terry Crews
Jerry Stiller
Milton the Cop
Marshall Bell
Warren Cebron
Derek Southers
Alan Ackles
Man in elevator (scenes deleted)
Robin McGee
Jimmy, Elevator Operator
Brent Duncan
Blackjack Dealer
Eli Jacques
Woman at Blackjack Table
John Wayne Shafer
Pit Boss
Joe Viterelli
Fat Charlie
Vince Cecere
Tony Longo
Roderick Watson
Kid with Walkie Talkie
Marie Miranda
Elderly Woman in Elevator
Alaina Huffman
Spa Receptionist (as Alaina Kalanj)
Heather Hunt
Swamp Thing at Spa
Melinda Renna
Saleswoman in Boutique (as Melinda Ramos Renna)
Maria Arita
Miami Marriott Reservations Clerk
Mary Lyons
Jim Wilkey
Bus Driver
Hal Rawley
Coati Mundi
Miami Cab Driver
Julio Cedillo
Miami Marriott Hotel Clerk
Andrew Wilson
Mr. Andrews
Nikki Ziering
Allison, Gordon's Personal Trainer
Paul Schulte
Man in Wheelchair
Georgia Foy
Ray's Secretary
John Rawley
Moore Co. Employee
Robert D. McTeer
Moore Co. Executive
Ouida White
Doris, Gordon's Secretary
Kelley West
Denise, Ticket Agent (as Kelley Saunders)
Cheryl Toma Sanders
Japanese Interpreter (as Cheryl Akemi Toma)
Paul Fujimoto
Japanese Businessman
Don Pirl
Wally Welch
Ramsey Williams
Mirelly Taylor
Maria (as Ruth Osuna)
Libby Villari
Cowgirl Waitress
Amanda Denton
Tony's Flight Attendant
Court Young
Arena Ticket Collector
David Scott Heck
Rusty, Scoreboard Guy
Rick Morrow
Man in Crowd
Tammy Barr
First Class Traveler in Airport (uncredited)
Will Brunson
Office Worker (uncredited)
Rebecca Bustamante
Extra (uncredited)
Deidre A. Cannon
Spa Worker (uncredited)
Lisa Carnahan
Cow Masseuse (uncredited)
Matthew Cason
Monster Truck Enthusiast (uncredited)
Ash Christian
Cowboy (uncredited)
Rhett Ashley Crosby
Airport Traveler (uncredited)
Jared Day
Security Guard (uncredited)
Lisa Marie Dupree
Model at Front Desk of Miami Marriott (uncredited)
Ashley Head
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Paul Heckmann
Truck Show Patron (uncredited)
Jennifer Hepp
Monster Truck Enthusiast (uncredited)
Rick Herod
Ranch Hand (uncredited)
Mike Judge
Motel Clerk (uncredited)
William Kidd
Office Worker (uncredited)
Jason Duffy Klemm
Valet Customer (uncredited)
Michael S. Koenig
Business Traveler (uncredited)
Yvonna Lynn
Girl in Elevator (uncredited)
Michael Marco
Miami Tourist (uncredited)
Erin McCann
Girl in Airport (uncredited)
Jon McPhalen
Blackjack Dealer (uncredited)
Tammy Nguyen
Student on Bus (uncredited)
Rosa Nichols
Girl at Miami Hotel Desk (uncredited)
Brian Nolen
Baggage Handler (uncredited)
Richard Phillips
Dancer (uncredited)
Larry Purtell
Shoeshine Man in Airport (uncredited)
Vernon Reeves
Mafia Gambler (uncredited)
Matt Wallace
Monster Truck Enthusiast (uncredited)
Channing Webb
Monster Truck Show Gun Holder (uncredited)
Farah White
Woman in Elevator (uncredited)
Phillip Wilburn
Man in Elevator (uncredited)
Stephen Wade Wilson
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Did you know?
The slutty outfit that Sara Moore wears throughout the second half was actually chosen by Elizabeth Hurley. The director liked it so much he decided that would be her costume.
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Many of the locations featured in the movie are actual locations found in Dallas Texas (e.g., the Texas Club, Reunion Arena, Dallas City Hall.) However, the stainless steel building of the "Moore Company" in the movie is actually the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank (K-11) which is located in the cultural district of Dallas.
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During filming in 2002, 'Matthew Perry' spent some time in rehab due to an addiction to prescription painkillers. Production was slowed, but the filmmakers focused on filming scenes without Perry in them during his absence.
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When Sara originally makes up the "contract" between herself and Joe, she does not sign her name on the bottom, writing only "One Million Dollars". Later on when Joe shows her the contract, her name is signed on the bottom.
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After Sarah is served by Tony and Kate, we catch a glance of the Polaroid picture in Kate's hand and it has a large Texas Flag on it that is not in the room.
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When Joe and Sara are up in the booth at the Union Arena, he calls her Cheryl.
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Joe Tyler: Hey I'm not sure if you guys have met, Guy who got run over, Guy who ran over!
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Sara Moore: Help me!
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Ray Harris: It's only been three white geniuses ever: Da Vinci, Stallone in the first Rocky, and now you, Tony!
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