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Sgt. Bilko

93 min
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Jonathan Lynn
Country: USA
Release Date: 1996-03-29
Filming Locations: The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Budget: $39,000,000
Opening Weekend: $8,110,080 (USA) (31 March 1996)
Gross: $30,356,793 (USA)£1,003,400 (UK)
Pamela Adlon
Pamela Adlon
Sgt. Bilko
Steve Martin
Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko
Dan Aykroyd
Col. John T. Hall
Phil Hartman
Maj. Colin Thorn
Glenne Headly
Rita Robbins
Daryl Mitchell
Pfc. Wally Holbrook
Max Casella
Spc. Dino Paparelli
Eric Edwards
Pvt. Duane Doberman
Dan Ferro
Spc. Tony Morales
John Marshall Jones
Sgt. Henshaw
Brian Leckner
Pfc. Sam Fender
John Ortiz
Spc. Luis Clemente
Mitchell Whitfield
Pfc. Mickey Zimmerman
Austin Pendleton
Maj. Ebersole
Chris Rock
1st Lt. Oster
Cathy Silvers
1st Lt. Monday (as Catherine Silvers)
Steve Park
Capt. Moon
Debra Jo Rupp
Mrs. Hall
Richard Herd
Gen. Tennyson
Steve Kehela
Master Sergeant Stan Sowicki
Dale Dye
First Engineer
Charles C. Stevenson
Rance Howard
Mr. Robbins
Christopher Paul Hart
Steph Benseman
Rusty Spur Bartender
Sam Micco
Blackjack Dealer
Ursula Burton
Assistant Casino Manager
Carol Rosenthal
G.H.Q. Cpl. Jefferson
Eidan Hanzei
Technician #1 (as Henry Hayashi)
Anthony Monroy-Marquez
Schoolboy Actor
Lauren Kate Weinger
Schoolgirl Actress
Tami-Adrian George
Travis Tritt
Reno Wilson
Radio DJ
Sally Ann Brooks
Technician #2
Derek Basco
Carmela Rappazzo
Telephone Operator
Dwayne Chattman
Soldier #1
Andrea C. Robinson
Vegas Woman #1
Lynn Tulaine
Vegas Woman #2
Cheryl Francis Harrington
Cpl. Jefferson
Michael D. Starks
Boxing Trainer
David E. Cousin
Craps Dealer
Allan Bragg
Defense Department Dignitary
Frank Romano
Pit Boss
Russell Bobbitt
Valet Parker
Matt Alexander
Cpl. Leo Kletz (uncredited)
Edward Brancieri
Zimmerman (uncredited)
Andrea Carlson
Extra (uncredited)
Mark Ebenhoch
Platoon Sergeant (uncredited)
Gerald Emerick
Matthew James Gulbranson
'Brass' in Vehicle (uncredited)
Khris Kaneff
Soldier (uncredited)
Did you know?
Albert Brooks turned down the part of Bilko.
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A picture on the back of the movie box suggests a deleted shot where Sgt. Bilko sprays air freshener on Pvt. Doberman, during the scene where Bilko introduces his platoon.
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Bilko's group (Company B) switches the sign on their barracks with the sign on Company A's barracks. One of the names on Company B's sign is Cpt. Hiken. Nat Hiken was the creator of the original The Phil Silvers Show (1955), on which this movie is based.
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During the obstacle course scene, two of Bilko's men climb the rope net but can't get down. In a medium shot there's no one is on the net, although they're present in the close-up.
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When Henshaw is telling the troops to get rid of the horse, he gives orders without his mouth moving.
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In the movie, Bilko holds the rank of "Master Sergeant" and though Master Sergeants are addressed as "sergeant", the rank is abbreviated "MSG" not "SGT" as in the title. "SGT" is the abbreviation for a buck sergeant, 3 grades lower than Master Sergeant.
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Major Thorn: [holding up some ladies underwear he's found in the closet] Are these yours?
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Master Sergeant Ernest G. Bilko: Hey, Paparelli, how are those tickets going for the Meet Stormin' Norman barbeque?
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Cpl. Jefferson: The Pentagon called, sir.
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Clifton Collins Jr. Pamela Adlon