Shadow of the Vampire
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Shadow of the Vampire

92 min
Drama | Horror
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E. Elias Merhige
Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 20 wins & 16 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 2001-01-26
Filming Locations: Delux Productions, Contern, Luxembourg
Budget: $8,000,000
Opening Weekend: $150,171 (USA) (1 January 2001)
Gross: $8,279,017 (USA) (1 April 2001)
John Malkovich
Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
Willem Dafoe
Max Schreck
Udo Kier
Albin Grau
Cary Elwes
Fritz Arno Wagner
Catherine McCormack
Greta Schröder
Eddie Izzard
Gustav von Wangenhein
Aden Gillett
Henrik Galeen
Nicholas Elliott
Paul (as Nicholas Elliot)
Sophie Langevin
Myriam Muller
Milos Hlavac
Innkeeper (as Milos Hlavak)
Marja-Leena Junker
Innkeeper's Wife
Derek Kueter
Reporter 1
Norman Golightly
Reporter 2
Patrick Hastert
Reporter 3
Sascha Ley
Drunken Woman (as Sacha Ley)
Marie-Paule von Roesgen
Old Woman (as Marie Paule Van Roesgen)
Jean-Claude Croes
Murnau's Crew (as Jean Claude Croes)
Christophe Chrompin
Murnau's Crew (as Christophe Crompin)
Graham Johnston
Murnau's Crew
Orian Williams
Murnau's Crew
Ingeborga Dapkunaite
Micheline (uncredited)
Radica Jovicic
Murnau's Crew (uncredited)
Did you know?
Max Schreck (Willem Dafoe) recites Tennyson's poem 'Tithonus' at one point: 'The woods decay, the woods decay and fall, the vapors weep their burthen to the ground...' This is apropos, because the poem is about a character from Greek mythology who was immortal even though he continued to age. Just like Schreck, this made him a tragic figure.
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Originally titled "Burned to Light" in a reference to the filmmaking process (and the vampire's ultimate fate in the film); the title change came about because apparently some people misread the title as "Burn Ed to Light."
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Udo Kier, who appears as Albin Grau, played the Count himself in Blood for Dracula (1974) and Vampire Elder Dragonetti in Blade (1998)
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While Orlock doesn't cast a reflection in the mirror he can be filmed on the camera.
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When Skrek first sees the picture of Greta the photos do not match between shots. This is because the first shot of the photo is taken from Nosferatu.
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A woman walks in with two Pekingese, which she hands to two men on opposite sides of her. The dogs swap places twice between shots.
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F.W. Murnau: If it's not in frame, it doesn't exist!
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F.W. Murnau: I will not allow you to destroy my picture!
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Albin: What is the most wondrous thing you ever saw?
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Photos from cast
Ronan Vibert