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60 min (38 episodes)
Crime | Drama | Mystery
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Nominated for Primetime Emmy. Another 3 nominations
Country: USA
Filming Locations: 2315 Live Oaks Meadow Road, Malibu, California, USA
Jeri Ryan
Jeri Ryan
James Woods
Sebastian Stark
Danielle Panabaker
Julie Stark
Sophina Brown
Raina Troy
Sarah Carter
Madeleine Poe
Henry Simmons
Isaac Wright
Sam Page
Casey Woodland
Kevin Alejandro
Danny Reyes
Did you know?
Shark was in jeopardy of getting canceled before it even started, but James Woods gave the legal drama new life once he signed on to star in the pilot. Woods has spent most of his career focusing on feature films, not television. He said about the decision though he had nothing against TV as most people assumed, as he had done TV movies. There were simply no characters he was willing to commit to full time until the part of Sebastian Stark came along. The creator was looking for somebody like him to play the part anyway
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In the episodes "Fall From Grace" and "Strange Bedfellows", Jessica's opponent in the D.A. race is referred to as Brian Cutler. When the character first appears on screen in the Season 2 premiere "Gangster Movies", as played by Kevin Pollak, he is named Leo Cutler.
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When actor Sam Page decided not to come back to the series as Casey Woodland, the departure of his character was explained by saying that Casey was helping his father, who is a US Senator, work on his election campaign though it's not explained what his father is running for.
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In Season One, Jessica's opponent in the race for the D.A.'s office is named Brian Cutler. He is never seen on screen, but people refer to him on multiple occasions. When Kevin Pollak begins playing the character in Season Two, his name becomes Leo Cutler.
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Sebastian Stark: When I want your opinion, I'll stop ice skating in hell and ask for it!
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Sebastian Stark: You look really hot in that suit.
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Sebastian Stark: The only time you can be with a man in a hotel room alone is if you're married or I'm dead or both.
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What is the name of the theme tune?
It's called 'Open Water' by Suicide Celebrity.
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