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30 min (28 episodes)
Action | Family | Fantasy | Sci-Fi
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Robert Chenault
1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 1974-09-07
Filming Locations: Warner Brothers Burbank Studios - 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA
Michael Gray
Billy Batson
Les Tremayne
Mentor (28 episodes, 1974-1976)
Jackson Bostwick
Captain Marvel
John Davey
Captain Marvel
Did you know?
Jackson Bostwick was fired from "Shazam!" (replaced by John Davey) two episodes into the second season. Bostwick had sustained an injury during an episode's shooting and was getting medical treatment. Producers, however, mistakenly accused him of holding out for a higher salary. He filed a successful lawsuit against Filmation, which was forced to pay him for the remainder of his contract, including the remainder of the second season.
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Each episode featured an "ending moral" segment where the viewer was told the life lesson that was to be learned from watching it. For the entire first season (15 episodes), Jackson Bostwick dressed as Captain Marvel delivered these messages. Michael Gray as Billy Batson gave them the second season (6 episodes) and in one episode of the third season along with baseball great Maury Wills. John Davey gave them in all other season 3 episodes.
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The character of Captain Marvel was originally created by Fawcett Comics in the 1940s as a rival to Superman. A successful lawsuit by Superman's owner, DC Comics, resulted in the character disappearing for more than a quarter-century. DC, which had acquired the rights to the character, relaunched him in the comics in 1973. However, during Captain Marvel's long hiatus, DC rival Marvel Comics launched its own, unrelated Captain Marvel character, which prevented DC and the producers of this series from using Captain Marvel as a title. As a result, the title "Shazam!" was introduced. As of 2007, Shazam! is still used on all DC publications featuring the original Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel was actually created in 1939. In mid 1939, an ashcan copy of a comic printed under both the names "Flash Comics #1" and "Thrill Comics #1" was printed purely to secure copyrights for the character, but the names used were already in use elsewhere. The name of the main character was changed to "Captain Marvel," and the title of the magazine changed to "Whiz Comics." Whiz Comics #2, reprinting the stories from the earlier ashcan copy, was printed for distribution in late '39, and dated February 1940. A copy of the ashcan edition was discovered in 1985, at which time it was considered to be the most valuable comic book in existence.
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Billy Batson: Oh, Elders, fleet and strong and wise, appear before my seeking eyes!
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Captain Marvel: By the Elders!
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Narrator: Chosen from among all others by the immortal elders - SOLOMON, HERCULES, ATLAS, ZEUS, ACHILLES, MERCURY - Billy Batson and his mentor travel the highways and byways of the land on a never ending mission: to right wrongs, to develop understanding, and to seek justice for all! In time of dire need, young Billy has been granted the power by the immortals to summon awesome forces at the utterance of a single word! Billy Batson: SHAZAM!
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