Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady
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Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady

187 min (NTSC DVD) (2 parts)
Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller
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Peter Sasdy
Country: UK
Filming Locations: Old Castle of Ansembourg, Luxembourg
Patrick Macnee
Patrick Macnee
Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady
Christopher Lee
Sherlock Holmes
Morgan Fairchild
Irene Frances Adler
John Bennett
Dr. Sigmund Freud
Engelbert Humperdinck
Eberhardt Bohm
Tom Lahm
Elliott Ness
Ronald Hines
Sir Reginald Cholmondley
Nicholas Gecks
Michael Simpson-Makepeace
Jenny Quayle
Lady Violet Cholmondley
Michael Siberry
Franz Winterhauser
Dominic Jephcott
Major Von Bork
Frank Middlemass
Dr. Froelich
Charlotte Attenborough
Margaret Froelich
James Bree
Franz Dietrich
John Gower
Count Helmut Giddings
Mia Nadasi
Olga Lindstrom
Robert Rietty
Franz Hoffman
Kalman Glass
Franz Zimmer
Paul Humpoletz
Hugo Oberstein
Tom Chadbon
Kevin Quarmby
Terence Beesley
Serge Duvok (as Terrence Beesley)
Patrick Monckton
Laszlo Karparti
Leon Lissek
Stage Door-Keeper
Cyril Shaps
Emperor Franz Joseph
Guy Scantlebury
Captain Melbury
Jerome Willis
Mycroft Holmes
Margaret John
Mrs. Hudson
Michael McStay
Inspector Schmidt
Amy L. Taylor
Jeremy Beckman
Antony Marsh
Guard (as Anthony Marsh)
Sandor Elès
Maitre D' (as Sandor Eles)
Mark Powley
Stage Manager
Patrick Duggan
Chief Usher
Gertan Klauber
Night-Club Doorman
Julia Finlay
Jovica Nikolic
Gypsy Reader
Marcel Medernach
Major Domo
Nick Gray
Peter Bamber
Prince Orlofsky
Peta Bartlett
Phillip Dogham
Diane Horsey
Bruce Ogston
Dr. Falke
Gareth Roberts
Debra Skeen
Did you know?
Harry Alan Towers has said in interviews his first choices for Dr.Watson were Gordon Jackson and Nigel Stock but he soon found both men had died.
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At the ball, Franz Joe see was introduced as "His Majesty" but as Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary he was also referred to as "His Imperial and Royal Majesty"
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At one point in the story, Sherlock Holmes encounters an American lawman named Eliot Ness (who in reality was to win fame in the 1920s for his efforts to enforce the Prohibition laws). Ness does tell Holmes that this is his "first case" in which case he must have been very precocious, the story is set in 1910, while Ness was born in 1903, which would have made him seven years old at that time.
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In an early scene, a reflection of the mic can be scene in a cabinet with glass doors. It is slowly withdrawn from sight before the scene is over.
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Irene Frances Adler: I've come to understand that you are not going to change. And I promise I won't try to change you.
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Elliott Ness: Allow me to introduce my self. Ned Elliot, an alias. My Christian name is Elliot. My surname is...
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Dr. Watson: Holmes, you are not seriously thinking of marrying that Adler woman, are you?
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Patrick Macnee