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89 min
Comedy | Family | Fantasy
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Robert Rodriguez
1 win & 1 nomination
Country: USA
Release Date: 2009-08-21
Filming Locations: Austin, Texas, USA
Budget: $40,000,000
Opening Weekend: $6,410,339 (USA) (23 August 2009)
Gross: $20,916,309 (USA) (13 December 2009)
Kat Dennings
Kat Dennings
Jimmy Bennett
Jimmy Bennett
Jake Short
Nose Noseworthy
Trevor Gagnon
Devon Gearhart
Cole Black
Jolie Vanier
Helvetica Black
Rebel Rodriguez
Leo Howard
Leslie Mann
Mom Thompson
Jon Cryer
Dad Thompson
William H. Macy
Dr. Noseworthy
James Spader
Mr. Black
Angela Lanza
Alejandro Rose-Garcia
Cambell Westmoreland
Blinker #1
Zoe Webb
Blinker #2
Chris Orf
Goofy Host
Tina Rodriguez
Female Employee
Jackson Hurst
Male Employee (as Jack Hurst)
Jonathan Breck
Security Guard
Racer Rodriguez
Bully #1
Rocket Rodriguez
Bully #2
Elizabeth Avellan
The Baby
Bianca Rodriguez
The Baby
Paul Archer
Party Guest (uncredited)
Peter Armendáriz
Zorro / Black Box Employee (uncredited)
Jamie Batiste
Neighborhood Resident
Ro' Black
Party Guest /
Tony Bottorff
Cowboy (uncredited)
Michelle Brew
Neighborhood Resident
Kelsey Buchanan
Campus Student (uncredited)
JenelleRae Cardenas
Black Box Employee (uncredited)
Nickolas Carl
Neighborhood Kid (uncredited)
John Chilleri
Hallway Kid
Josh Christman
Classroom Kid (uncredited)
Eric Vincent Davenport
Valet Driver (uncredited)
Joshua Drew
Classmate (uncredited)
Pablo D. Flores
Security Officer Grevera (uncredited)
Troy Harris
Black Box Boardmember (uncredited)
Samantha Inoue Harte
Party Guest (uncredited)
Zach Irsik
Schoolyard Kid
Jolyn Janis
Party Guest - Neighborhood Resident (uncredited)
Ryan Lee
Classmate / Neighborhood Kid (uncredited)
Christina Lehner
Classmate (uncredited)
James Leonardo Mayberry
Schoolyard Kid
Mitchell Parrack
Neighborhood Resident
Bella Perryman
Classmate (uncredited)
Micaela Phillips
Girl on Bus (uncredited)
Carlos Pina
Security Officer (uncredited)
Wil Pollard
Security Officer Potter (uncredited)
Tori Ramert
Student (uncredited)
Lori Ramirez
Corporate Employee (uncredited)
Patricia A. Robinson
Black Box Employee (uncredited)
Isaac Rodriguez
Neighborhood Resident
Jaime De La Rosa
Black Box Enterprises Employee (uncredited)
Tommy Scott
Basketball Player / Neighbor Kid (uncredited)
Will Scoville
Partygoer (uncredited)
David Sharp
Sailor - Black Box Employee (uncredited)
Henry J. Smith III
Neighborhood Kid (uncredited)
Stayce Smith
Neighborhood Resident
Cameron Wofford
Alexis Woods
Schoolyard Kid
Alison Young
Costume Party (uncredited)
Did you know?
The role of Stacey Thompson was to be originally played by Alexa PenaVega, but a scheduling conflict with her film, Broken Hill (2009), which was filmed in Australia lead to her having to be recast, Kat Dennings was cast instead.
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The class fish is a pop-eyed goldfish.
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Released theatrically in the US on the same day as Inglourious Basterds (2009) by Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez' last film was their collaboration Grindhouse (2007).
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During the initial classroom scene when the teacher is conducting an experiment with catalysts, the "blink contest" girl blinks in a brief moment wherein the aliens are circling the bottoms of the classroom desks, ruining her record.
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Blinker #1 blinks (at around 31 mins) while opening a cellophane bag over his cereal bowl. Blinker #2 blinks (at around 22 mins) in the background during the classroom scene where the aliens are circling the bottoms of the students' desks while the teacher is conducting an experiment with catalysts.
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Near the end of "The Miscommunicators" party, Helvetica says "I wish these casts were off" and the camera cuts (01:05:39) to Toe marveling that his arms no longer have casts, but at the right edge of the frame Helvetica's right arm is still shown in a cast and holding the wishing rock. At 01:05:41 she adds "Not his, just mine", at which point the camera cuts to a shot of Helvetica without casts while behind her Toe's arms are in casts again.
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Helvetica Black: Shall we do this?
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Cole Black: Hey metalmouth! Got another date with the trashcan.
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Loogie: I'm tired of video games and i'm bored with TV. Let's do something.
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Is "Shorts" based on a book?
No. Shorts (aka Shorts: The Adventures of the Wishing Rock) is based on a screenplay by Mexican-American film-maker Robert Rodriguez, who also produced and directed the movie.
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Photos from cast
Kat Dennings Jimmy Bennett