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Silver Linings Playbook

122 min
Comedy | Drama | Romance
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David O. Russell
Won Oscar. Another 91 wins & 115 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2012-12-25
Filming Locations: Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, USA
Budget: $21,000,000
Opening Weekend: $443,003 (USA) (18 November 2012)
Gross: $132,088,910 (USA) (2 June 2013)
Anupam Kher
Anupam Kher
Silver Linings Playbook
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence
Silver Linings Playbook
Bradley Cooper
Robert De Niro
Pat Sr.
Jacki Weaver
Chris Tucker
John Ortiz
Shea Whigham
Julia Stiles
Paul Herman
Dash Mihok
Officer Keogh
Matthew Russell
Ricky D'Angelo
Cheryl Williams
Tiffany's Mother
Patrick McDade
Tiffany's Father
Brea Bee
Mary Regency Boies
Regina (as Regency Boies)
Phillip Chorba
Anthony Lawton
Dr. Timbers
Patsy Meck
Nancy (High School Principal)
Maureen Torsney-Weir
Older Waitress (as Maureen Torsney Weir)
Jeff Reim
Fritz Blanchette
Rick Foster
Dance Competition Announcer
Bonnie Aarons
Ricky D'Angelo's Mother
Ted Barba
Doug Culpepper
Elias Birnbaum
Ricky D'Angelo's Friend #1
Matthew Michels
Ricky D'Angelo's Friend #2
Pete Postiglione
Lawyer at Bar
Dicky Eklund Jr.
Fighting Eagle Fan (as Richard Eklund III)
Sanjay Shende
Indian Invasion #1
Mihir Pathak
Indian Invasion #2
Ibrahim Syed
Indian Invasion #3
Madhu Narula
Dr. Patel's Wife
Samantha Gelnaw
Jake's Fiancée
Tiffany E. Green
Tanya (as Tiffany Green)
Tal Livshitz
Dancer Santos
Vlada Semenova
Dancer Aguilar
Zhan Paulovich
Dancer Makarov
Svetlana Roosiparg
Dancer Tretiak
Richard Adams
Ramon (uncredited)
Todd Anthony
Dinner Guest (uncredited)
Robert Bizik
Neighbor (uncredited)
Joe Cappelletti
Football Play By Play Announcer (voice) (uncredited)
Louis Centanni
Tourettes Patient (uncredited)
Michael Connolly
Spectator (uncredited)
Jessica Czop
Nikki Lookalike (uncredited)
Alan Davis
Dance Competition Spectator (uncredited)
Tom Delconte
Recital Guest (uncredited)
Luisa Diaz
MILF (uncredited)
Christian Dorsey
Bartender (uncredited)
Chris Dyer
Dance Competition Spectator (uncredited)
Debra Efre
Nosey Neighbor #2 (uncredited)
Soloicus Twentius Eightican
Eagles Fan (uncredited)
John G. England IV
Eagles Tailgater
Cindy Engle
Dinner Guest at Dance Contest (uncredited)
Liam Ferguson
Singing Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Jade Froeder
Dance Competition Spectator (uncredited)
Anthony J Giampetro
Zombie Guy (uncredited)
Vaughn Goland
Robert (uncredited)
Shawn Gonzalez
Movie Theater Usher (uncredited)
Rachel Anne Goodman
Eagle's fan jumping with Bradley Cooper (uncredited)
Cody C.J. Greene
Jae Greene
Matt Grochowski
Ben Franklin Diner Patron (uncredited)
Matthew James Gulbranson
Father (uncredited)
Andrea Havens
Family Member (uncredited)
Ian Jarrell
Business Man
Dennis Jeantet
Singing Eagles Fan / Ballroom Spectator (uncredited)
Kirk Kelly
Painted Eagles Fan #2 (uncredited)
Benjamin Kerr
Dance Competition Spectator (uncredited)
JaQuinley Kerr
Spectator (uncredited)
Basil Kershner
Moviegoer (uncredited)
David Kneeream
Movie-goer (uncredited)
Michael J. Kraycik
Landscaper (uncredited)
Marty Krzywonos
Tom Leonard
Dance Contest Spectator (uncredited)
Raymond Mamrak
Tailgate Fan
Montana Marks
Bikini Tailgater
Erica Lynne Marszalek
Dance Competition Spectator /
Jaclyn McHugh
Diner Patron (uncredited)
Jeni Miller
Sexy Girl at Halloween Party (uncredited)
Jeffrey Mowery
Neighbor (uncredited)
Carol Anne Mueller
Dance Competition Spectator (uncredited)
Jason Mullen
Dance Competition Spectator (uncredited)
Lavonne Nichols
Dance Competition Spectator (uncredited)
Lou Pacheco
Giants Fan (uncredited)
Charles Pendelton
Recital Guest (uncredited)
Jerry Perna
Guy in Group Therapy (uncredited)
Chuck Rayner
Painted-Chest Eagles Fan #20 (uncredited)
Vincent Riviezzo
Giants Fan (uncredited)
Rick Russo
Banquet Attendee (uncredited)
Sherri X. Russo
Eagles Fan / Tights Girl (uncredited)
Michelle Santiago
Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Lindsay Schnebly
Football Play By Play Announcer (voice) (uncredited)
Ryan Shank
Bartender (uncredited)
Kenny Shapiro
Hotel Guest (uncredited)
Robert Shearn III
Rita Soto
Spectator (uncredited)
Will Souders
Orderly (uncredited)
Samantha Steffen
Teen Fan / Pedestrian (uncredited)
Susanne Sulby
Bald Man's Wife (uncredited)
Randy Louis Swiren
Group Therapy Patient (uncredited)
Nikki Corinne Thomas
Dancer #3 (uncredited)
Joseph Tornatore
Painted Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Barbara Tutolo
Upscale Dance Spectator (uncredited)
Ryan Tygh
Zombie Guy (uncredited)
Thomas Walton
Giants Suck - Fan (uncredited)
Volieda Webb
Gate Guard Carla (uncredited)
Jen Weissenberg
Tomboy Girl (uncredited)
Brian Anthony Wilson
Orderly (uncredited)
Mike Wilson
Eagles Tailgater
Did you know?
Jennifer Lawrence was more impressed with one of her co-stars than with the others. "I met Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, and Jacki Weaver all at the same time," she remembers. "Robert De Niro is standing right next to Jacki Weaver, and I go straight to Jacki and am like, 'Oh my God, I love Animal Kingdom (2010)! I love you!'"
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Throughout the movie, Dolores (Jacki Weaver) announces to her family and visiting friends that she has made "crabby snacks and homemades" for them to eat while watching football. Many critics and viewers outside of the Philadelphia area assumed this was some sort of term for a Philadelphia Eagles food tradition, but most Philadelphia-area viewers were just as mystified by the term as everyone else. Weaver herself, in a November 2012 New York Magazine interview, admitted that she couldn't remember what the term meant, although she had known at the time of shooting the movie. Finally, the Philadelphia Daily News reported that "crabby snacks" are a canapé that Doreen Quick (mother of Matthew Quick who wrote this story) used to make for game days and other gatherings. The recipe consists of canned crabmeat and processed cheese cooked together and spread onto English muffins, and cut into quarters. "Homemades" are beef rolls covered with bread crumbs and simmered in tomato sauce.
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Co-stars Shea Whigham and Bradley Cooper, who play brothers in the film, share their birthday, January 5.
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During the dance scene Pat's shirt goes from untucked to tucked while they dance.
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When Pat talks to Nikki at the end and Tiffany leaves the hotel, she is wearing black leggings, but she was still wearing the white dance suit when she stormed off.
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The Eagles' games mentioned during the film took place during the 2008 season, but they take place out of the order in which they actually occurred.
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Pat: [to his mother] Danny was in for assault because of crystal meth and alcohol.
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Pat Sr.: Yeah, have Ernest Hemingway call us and apologize to us too.
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Danny: Black it up, Pat.
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What are the differences between the movie and the novel?
The main difference is the tone. The novel is a lot darker, and the ending is more bittersweet. In fact, the entire 3rd act is different. In the novel, Pat is an unreliable narrator (it's clear that the reality he has built around himself is not the entire truth), and, we don't find out about what his ex-wife did until the end. His relationship with Tiffany isn't the main storyline. She's as much of a supporting character as Pat's family, friends and therapist. Also, she's very quiet. The two of them don't talk much to each other in the book, whereas in the movie they talk a lot. Another detail is that, in the movie, he's diagnosed as bipolar whereas, in the book, he isn't explicitly diagnosed as anything.Originally the narrator is called Pat Peoples, unlike at the movie which happens to be Pat Solitano. Pat's trigger song in the book is anything by Kenny G, especially "Songbird", as well as any other jazz music. In the movie it is "My Cherie Amour" by Stevie Wonder. In the book, the dad doesn't want to spend time with Pat, but in the movie Pat is reluctant to spend time with his dad. In the book, the dad doesn't talk to Pat, whereas in the movie he does. In the book, the parents have marriage problems, the mother cries much more in the book and she comes home drunk at least twice in the book but never in the movie. In the book, Pat hears and sees Kenny G in his nightmares. Kenny G isn't mentioned in the movie at all.In the book, Pat is given a Hank Baskett jersey by his brother, and his brother and friends subsequently call him Hank Baskett. Baskett was an undrafted rookie. He became the first Eagle player to catch 2 TD passes longer than 80 yards in the same season. In the novel, Baskett is symbolic for Pat. Both Baskett and Pat have to go through a long evolution. In the movie it changes to a DeSean Jackson jersey. In the book, Pat takes much time to actually mention sensitive stuff he thinks about, but in the movie is very outspoken and speaks his mind uncontrollably. The dance "competition" is revealed to be a showcase of dancing involving primarily high school kids rather than a scored contest.
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