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143 min
Action | Adventure
IMDB rate:
Sam Mendes
Won 2 Oscars. Another 66 wins & 93 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 2012-11-09
Filming Locations: London, England, UK
Budget: $200,000,000
Opening Weekend: $88,364,714 (USA) (11 November 2012)
Gross: $304,360,277 (USA) (10 March 2013)
Helen McCrory
Helen McCrory
Ola Rapace
Ola Rapace
Neve Gachev
Neve Gachev
Daniel Craig
James Bond
Judi Dench
Javier Bardem
Ralph Fiennes
Gareth Mallory
Naomie Harris
Albert Finney
Ben Whishaw
Rory Kinnear
Nicholas Woodeson
Doctor Hall
Bill Buckhurst
Elize du Toit
Vanessa (M's Assistant)
Ian Bonar
MI6 Technician
Gordon Milne
M's Driver
Peter Basham
Vauxhall Bridge Police Guard
Ben Loyd-Holmes
Vauxhall Bridge Police Guard
Wolf Blitzer
CNN News Anchor
David Gillies
MI6 Assessor
James Li
MI6 Assessor
Kenneth Hazeldine
MI6 Assessor (as Ken Hazeldine)
Orion Lee
Shanghai Barman
Dave Wong
Shanghai Art Collector
Tank Dong
Severine's Bodyguard
Roger Yuan
Severine's Bodyguard
Liang Yang
Severine's Bodyguard
Yennis Cheung
Floating Dragon Cashier
Chooye Bay
Floating Dragon Floor Manager
Sid Man
Floating Dragon Assistant Floor Manager
Angela Tran
Floating Dragon Barmaid
Milorad Kapor
Boat Captain
Huw Edwards
BBC News Anchor
Adebayo Bolaji
Boat Crew
Elia Lo Tauro
Boat Crew
Amir Boutrous
Boat Crew
Khan Bonfils
Boat Crew (as Kan Bonfils)
Nicholas Goh
Boat Crew
John Hodgkinson
Silva's Isolation Guard
Kurt Egyiawan
Q's Assistant
Oliver Johnstone
Q's Assistant
Harry Kershaw
Q's Assistant
Burt Caesar
Inquiry Member
Paul Venables
Inquiry Member
Crispin Letts
Inquiry Member
Kammy Darweish
Inquiry Member
Beatrice Curnew
Inquiry Member
Dominique Anne Jones
M's Inquiry Assistant
Ross Waiton
Whitehall Police Guard
Jim Conway
Whitehall Police Guard
Jens Hultén
Silva's Henchman
Michael Pink
Silva's Henchman
Jo Cameron Brown
Wife at Tube Station
Anthony O'Donnell
Husband at Tube Station
Hannah Stokely
Tube Driver
Wayne Gordon
Silva's Mercenary
Enoch Frost
Silva's Mercenary
Tom Wu
Silva's Mercenary
Jake Fairbrother
Silva's Mercenary
Christopher Sciueref
Silva's Mercenary (as Chris Sciueref)
Daniel Adegboyega
Silva's Mercenary
Selva Rasalingam
Silva's Mercenary
Joss Skottowe
Helicopter Gunner
James Adkin
Whitehall Businessman (uncredited)
Adil Akram
London Commuter
Bhanu Alley
Jozef Aoki
Security (uncredited)
Mihai Arsene
Turkish Businessman
Raj Awasti
Eddie Bagayawa
Gambler (uncredited)
Greg Bennett
MI6 Agent
Alon Bentley
Civilian (uncredited)
Paul Blackwell
Duncan Casey
MI6 Agent
Trevor Comber
Paramedic (uncredited)
Leon Corbin
Tube Commuter (uncredited)
Tom Coulston
MI6 executive courtroom (uncredited)
Chris Cowlin
Commuter Pushed by Bond (uncredited)
Elliott Crossley
Underground commuter (uncredited)
Myles Crowder
Underground Train Driver (uncredited)
Carol Cummings
Mourner (uncredited)
Graham Curry
Paul Davis
MI6 agent Steve Benelisha (uncredited)
Leigh Dent
Passenger (uncredited)
Simon DeSilva
Kriss Dillon
Alexandra Doyle
White Hall Staff Member (uncredited)
Mehmet Edip
Armed Response Police Officer (uncredited)
Amber Elizabeth
Dino Fazzani
Whitehall Worker (uncredited)
Joshua Ferdinand
London Commuter
Brandon Francis
Reporter (uncredited)
Duane Francis
Train passenger (uncredited)
Jake Francis
Chauffeur (uncredited)
Daniel Harland
Whitehall Commuter (uncredited)
Lee Nicholas Harris
Armed Police officer (uncredited)
Rebecca Hickey
London Commuter
Rob Ho
Airport Security (uncredited)
Luke Hope
Silvas Mercenary (uncredited)
Luke Howard
MI6 Agent
Craig Izzard
London Tourist
Joanna Jeffrees
Whitehall Commuter (uncredited)
Jorge Leon Martinez
Police Officer (uncredited)
Chelsea Li
Casino Guest (uncredited)
Alan Low
Casino Martini Bar Guest (uncredited)
Shaun Lucas
London Tourist
Darren Lynch
Terrorist (uncredited)
Demi Mann
MI6 Headquarter staff (uncredited)
Jarah Mariano
Girl with Gun - Title Sequence (uncredited)
Martyn Mayger
Commuter on Underground (uncredited)
Katherine Elizabeth McLean
London Commuter
Vander McLeod
MI6 Agent
Duncan Meadows
Isolation Guard (uncredited)
Eric Michels
Cocktail Party Guest (uncredited)
Stuart Mulcaster
Car Driver
Benjayx Murphy
Whitehall and Tube Commuter (uncredited)
Shane Nolan
Police Officer (uncredited)
David Norfolk
Police Armed Response Officer (uncredited)
Mayo Oliver
Firefighter (uncredited)
Martin Poole
Lisa Potter
London Commuter
Michael Riedacher
Istanbul Fake Market Tourist (uncredited)
Santi Scinelli
London Commuter
Julian Seager
Airport Passenger (uncredited)
Neil Alexander Smith
Underground Passenger (uncredited)
Clem So
Casino Guest (uncredited)
Glen Stanway
Police Officer (uncredited)
Senem Temiz
London Whitehall Commuter (uncredited)
Claira Watson Parr
Whitehall Office Worker (uncredited)
Glenn Webster
Car Driver
Daniel Craig Williams
Tube Passenger (uncredited)
Dion Williams
Embedded MI6 Agent
Gregg Wilson
Turkish bar patron (uncredited)
Michael G. Wilson
Pall Bearer (uncredited)
Özcan Özdemir
Cop (uncredited)
During the subterranean chase the villain has to adapt his schedule to escape a pursuing Bond, but is somehow still able to predict exactly when and where Bond will catch up to him and to have previously planted explosives at that location and timed it so that an underground train arrives exactly on schedule.
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When it is cold enough for a deep pond/lake to freeze over enough to allow someone to walk on it in Scotland, the amount of precipitation means that there will be snow. Generally a lot of snow. This might melt close to the coast, but there would be ample snow on the hills and by the roads through the highlands. The pond simply could not have frozen over enough for two people to walk across it without there being a lot more evidence of winter.
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Before Patrice enters the elevator in Shanghai, the button for his floor is already lit. After he motions to press the floor button, it is no longer lit. Later, as the elevator is moving up, the button is lit again.
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Husband at Tube Station: [after Bond has leapt onto a moving underground train] He's keen to get home.
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Raoul Silva: [caresses Bond] There's always a first time...
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Raoul Silva: You caught me... Now, here's your prize. The latest thing from my local toy store. It's called... radio.
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How does Silva know Bond and M are at Skyfall?
There is a scene as Bond and M are driving away from the city where Bond calls Q and asks him to leave a sort of digital trail of crumbs for Silva to find, so he will know to look for them there. Mallory catches Q doing it and approves despite the fact that it runs contrary to standard MI6 operating procedure.
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How many James Bond movies has Daniel Craig made so far?
Including Skyfall, Craig has made three movies so far in which he plays James Bond: Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), and Skyfall (2012). Spectre is set for release in 2015, and Bond 25 is on the books with no known release date. Craig is scheduled to play Bond in both of these movies.
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