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Sniper 3

90 min
Action | Drama | Thriller
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P.J. Pesce
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Tom Berenger
Tom Berenger
Sniper 3
Byron Mann
John Doman
Paul Finnegan
Denis Arndt
William Avery
Troy Winbush
Captain Laraby
Jeannetta Arnette
William Duffy
Richard Addis
Nophand Boonyai
Dom Hetrakul
Govit Vattanakun
Naraporn Chainin
Vietnamese Woman
Zawit Subanunt
Vietnamese Policeman
Bangongsak Kansai
Vietnamese Policeman
Aoyama Isao
Asian Bodyguard
Ken Streutker
Neil Finnegan
Zakareth Ruben
Jocelyn Finnegan
Tharinee Songkiatthana
Norman Veeratum
Khan Choi
Pyroat Permchalad
Taxi Driver
Jittraporn Sirisayan
Hotel Clerk
Wannakit Sirioput
Bell Boy (as Wannakit Siriput)
John Muse
Corporal Evers (as John K. Muse)
Andrew Lawrence
MP Mangold
Domingo Elias De la Garza
MP Pennycate
P.J. Pesce
Annop Varapanya
Captain Tok (as Annop Vorapanya)
Robert Slater
Marine Officer
Renée Vines
Joe Cummings
Wedding Band Leader
Kraisorn Chokpichit
Asian Man
Thirapat Palee
Asian Man
Arthit Kimakhom
Young Shooter
Weerasak Buasomboon
Young Killer
Peter Tuinstra
Marine Soldier
Alex Thagard
Marine Pilot
Cody Skinner
Beckett Circa 1967
Christopher Lee Lorch
Finnegan Circa 1967
Josh Morris
News Camera Man
Nick Koleszar
Marine Soldier (uncredited)
Did you know?
The two MPs who appear early on the film are named Mangold and Pennycate. This is an homage to Tom Mangold and John Pennycate, authors of the book THE TUNNELS OF CU CHI, which was an instrumental reference source for the screenplay.
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The movie on Beckett's motel TV is The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)
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When Beckett and Detective Quan are in the tunnels Beckett is carrying a sidearm in his left hand and rifle with his right hand with the index finger "missing", but in another shot it is carrying the rifle in his left hand and the handgun in his right showing the index finger on the trigger.
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In several occasions in a jungle locations, the call of a Screaming Piha can be heard. The Screaming Piha is a bird of the Americas and is not to be found in Viet Nam.
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Beckett kills Finnegan by shooting a man in the hand who was holding a gun to Quan's head, causing the hand to rotate and the trigger finger to spasm and shoot Finnegan. The man whose hand was shot should have been screaming and holding his hand, but in all the next scene there is no sign of him.
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Beckett: This isn't war, Finnegan! This is madness!
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Quan: Remember, one shot is probably all you get.
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Beckett: Best damn sniper rifle ever made, if you ask me.
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Tom Berenger