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98 min
Action | Drama | Thriller
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Luis Llosa
Country: USA
Release Date: 1993-01-29
Filming Locations: Australia
Gross: $18,994,653 (USA)SEK 2,491,909 (Sweden)
Tom Berenger
Tom Berenger
Billy Zane
Richard Miller
J.T. Walsh
Chester Van Damme
Aden Young
Doug Papich
Ken Radley
El Cirujano
Reynaldo Arenas
Cacique (as Reinaldo Arenas)
Gary Swanson
NSC Officer in Washington
Hank Garrett
Admiral in Washington
Frederick Miragliotta
General Miguel Alavarez
Vanessa Steele
Mrs. Alvarez
Carlos Álvarez
Raul Ochoa
Tyler Coppin
Ripoly (as Tyler Copin)
Teo Gebert
Ripolys Friend
Edward Wiley
William Curtin
Mountain Top Pilot
Howard Bosse
Mountain Top Co-Pilot
Christos A. Linou
Mountain Top Sniper
Christopher Morsley
Soldier at Pool Table
Don Battee
Soldier at Bar (as Donald Battee)
Raj Sidhu
Soldier in Barn
Roy Edmonds
Johnny Raaen
Crew Chief
Loury Cortez
Father Ruiz
Jorge Bustamante
Rebel Captain at Extraction
Rex Linn
Colonel (uncredited)
Antony Szeto
Boat Rebel (uncredited)
Did you know?
Richard Grieco was originally cast as Richard Miller.
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The weapon used by Billy Zane in this movie is not an H&K PSG-1, an expensive precision semi-automatic rifle commonly used by special forces snipers. It is an H&K SR-9 TC , a similar but cheaper version of the PSG-1 that was designed for civilian sales.
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The film was marketed two different ways. The international trailer--produced by the independent financiers behind the film--focused more on the psychological and thriller elements of the story and showcased the struggle between Beckitt and Miller. The US trailer, cut by TriStar, who picked it up, was accompanied by the muscular score from Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) and focused more on the action elements, highlighting the chase and shootout sequences.
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Upon hearing AK-47 fire in the jungle, Miller says that he recognizes the "hammer recoil". No such thing: hammer strike has nothing to do with a weapon's acoustic signature.
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After Beckett's spotter gets shot by an enemy sniper in the beginning, the blood on his chin appears, disappears, and finally appears again.
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Before Beckette and Miller meet the Indians, Miller does not have his shooing glasses on. When the Indian sneaks up behind Miller and puts the rifle to Millers head, Miller is wearing the glasses.
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Thomas Beckett: Don't take a piss. Bugs will swarm right up through your dick. Good night.
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Cacique: Los ojos, quierro los ojos.
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Richard Miller: When the "rush" is over, it hurts. Doesn't it?
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What are the differences between the British DVD Version and the original R-Rated Version?
Both versions exhibit a different cutting sequence. Concerning the cutting of various scenes, the R-Rated version is faster and more suspenseful than the UK version. With the exception of the censorship of one scene of violence, only scenes are missing that were slowing the film down and did not add anything important to the story. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here (scenes missing in the R-Rated Version) and here (scenes missing in the UK Version)
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Photos from cast
Tom Berenger