Snow Falling on Cedars
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Snow Falling on Cedars

127 min
Drama | Mystery | Romance | Thriller
IMDB rate:
Scott Hicks
Nominated for Oscar. Another 5 wins & 9 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2000-01-07
Filming Locations: Cathlamet, Washington, USA
Budget: $36,000,000
Opening Weekend: $32,135 (USA) (26 December 1999)
Gross: $14,378,353 (USA) (12 March 2000)
Ethan Hawke
Ishmael Chambers
Yûki Kudô
Hatsue Miyamoto (as Youki Kudoh)
Reeve Carney
Young Ishmael Chambers
Anne Suzuki
Young Hatsue Imada
Rick Yune
Kazuo Miyamoto
Max von Sydow
Nels Gudmundsson
James Rebhorn
Alvin Hooks
James Cromwell
Judge Fielding
Richard Jenkins
Sheriff Art Moran
Arija Bareikis
Susan Marie Heine
Celia Weston
Etta Heine
Daniel von Bargen
Carl Heine Sr. (as Daniel Von Bargen)
Akira Takayama
Hisao Imada
Fujiko Imada
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Zenhichi Miyamoto
Zak Orth
Deputy Abel Martinson
Max Wright
Horace Whaley
Sam Shepard
Arthur Chambers
Caroline Kava
Helen Chambers
Jan Rubes
Ole Jurgensen
Sheila Moore
Liesel Jurgensen
Zeljko Ivanek
Dr. Whitman
Seiji Inouye
Young Kazuo Miyamoto
Saemi Nakamura
Sumiko Imada
Mika Fujii
Yukiko Imada
Dwight McFee
Bus Driver
Bill Harper
Henry O
Nagaishi (as Xi Reng Jiang 'Henry O.')
Myles Ferguson
German Soldier
Noah Heney
Ship's Doctor
John B. Destry
Bailiff (as John Destrey)
A. Arthur Takemoto
Buddhist Priest
Ken Takemoto
Larry Musser
Gas Station Attendant
Jamie Kang
Singing Girl
Lili Marshall
Strawberry Girl
Lisa Mena
Strawberry Woman
Jethro Heysen-Hicks
Parade Boy with Stick
Tom Heaton
Frank C. Turner
Marilyn Norry
Peter Crook
Ron Snyder
Mark Farrell
Fisherman (as Mark Ainsworth Farrell)
Jay Brazeau
Tom Scholte
Tim Burd
Gareth Williams
FBI Agent
Anthony Harrison
FBI Agent
Adam Pospisil
Heine Child
John Brynelsen
Heine Child (as Johnny Brynelsen)
Sean Akira
Man in the Courtroom
Barry Brandt
Marine (uncredited)
Robert J. Burke Jr.
Tarawa Marine (uncredited)
Don 'Tex' Clark
Staff Sergeant (uncredited)
Did you know?
The accused's name in the novel was Kabuo Miyamoto, while in the movie it was changed to Kazuo.
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Many of the "Harbor" and "Ocean" related signage remains in the filming location of Greenwood. This causes some confusion to tourists as Greenwood is 275 miles inland.
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Many of the extras in the scene where the Japanese are sent to internment camps were Japanese-Americans who had actually been sent to the camps in the 1940s.
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While Ishmael Chambers is checking the coast guard records, a pen disappears from his mouth between shots.
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The guests are wearing black ties at the wedding. In Japan, a black tie signifies a funeral. The guests should be wearing white ties.
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The movie is set in the Pacific Northwest. Twice, shots are shown of the Portland (Maine) Head Light which is on the Atlantic coast.
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Nels Gudmundsson: It takes a rare thing, a turning point, to free oneself from any obsession. Be it prejudice or hate, or, even love.
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Young Hatsue Imada: Don't be sorry. I'm not.
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Young Hatsue Imada: [snuggling] Do you think this is wrong?
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