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Snow White and the Huntsman

127 min | 132 min (Extended Version)
Action | Drama | Fantasy
IMDB rate:
Rupert Sanders
Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 13 wins & 30 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2012-06-01
Filming Locations: Quiraing, Skye, Highland, Scotland, UK
Budget: $170,000,000
Opening Weekend: $56,217,700 (USA) (3 June 2012)
Gross: $155,136,755 (USA) (6 September 2012)
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron
Snow White and the Huntsman
Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart
Snow White and the Huntsman
Rachael Stirling
Rachael Stirling
Snow White and the Huntsman
Raffey Cassidy
Raffey Cassidy
Snow White and the Huntsman
Chris Hemsworth
The Huntsman
Sam Claflin
Sam Spruell
Ian McShane
Bob Hoskins
Ray Winstone
Nick Frost
Eddie Marsan
Toby Jones
Johnny Harris
Brian Gleeson
Vincent Regan
Duke Hammond
Noah Huntley
King Magnus
Liberty Ross
Queen Eleanor
Christopher Obi
Mirror Man
Lily Cole
Hattie Gotobed
Xavier Atkins
Young William
Izzy Meikle-Small
Young Ravenna
Anastasia Hille
Ravenna's Mother
Elliot Reeve
Young Finn
Mark Wingett
Jamie Blackley
Dave Legeno
Matt Berry
Greg Hicks
Black Knight General
Peter Ferdinando
Black Knight
Andrew Hawley
Guard on Duty
Joey Ansah
Gregor Truter
Duke's Commander
Tom Mullion
Cullen Adams
Gus Dwarf Double
Karen Anderson
Muir Dwarf Double
Lee Bennett
Dark Army Warrior
Jason Bostridge
Dukes's Army
Craig Garner
Coll Dwarf Double
Craig Izzard
Duke's Army
Lee Edward Jones
Quert Dwarf Double
Cameron Matthew Leese
Edwards Lewis
Nion Dwarf Double
Edd Osmond
Gort Dwarf Double
Jo Osmond
Beith Dwarf Double
John Robinson
Lasco Atkins
Palace Worker (uncredited)
Kenneth W Caravan
Nobelman (uncredited)
Duncan Casey
Ravenna Guard (uncredited)
Jake Francis
Ravenna's Archer (uncredited)
Dylan Goodall
Fairy (mocap) (uncredited)
Roman Green
Village Peasant Amputee (uncredited)
Mark Haldor
Dukes Army
Matt Hookings
Magnus Guard (uncredited)
Kevin Hudson
Archer (uncredited)
Darren Kent
Emaciated Peasant (uncredited)
Jess Liaudin
Shadow Army Soldier (uncredited)
Hain MacSheoinin
Dark Guard (uncredited)
Duncan JC Mais
The Shadow (uncredited)
Max Manganello
Duke's Warrior (uncredited)
Brendan McCoy
Warrior - Duke's Army (uncredited)
Duncan Meadows
Woodsman (uncredited)
Sarah Molkenthin
Alex Moore
Duke's Knight (uncredited)
Bryony Neylan-Francis
Gypsy Villager (uncredited)
Mayo Oliver
Ravenna Guard (uncredited)
Jimmy Pethrus
Dark & Duke's Army Soldier (uncredited)
Paradox Pollack
Bat Faerie (uncredited)
Jd Roth-round
Ravenna guard (uncredited)
Julian Seager
Woodsman (uncredited)
David Speed
Ravenna Guard (uncredited)
Peter Stacey
Duke's Army
Ryan Stuart
Mercenary #3 (uncredited)
David Verne
Shadow Soldier (uncredited)
Paul Warren
Emaciated Peasant (uncredited)
Daniel Westwood
Special Action Soldier (uncredited)
Christian Wolf-La'Moy
Ravenna's Archer (uncredited)
Did you know?
Kristen Stewart said she had little trouble with Snow's slightly aristocratic English accent with the exception of the prince's name "William."
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Angelina Jolie and Winona Ryder were considered to play Ravenna, the Evil Queen.
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Universal Pictures decided to drop Kristen Stewart from the sequel "Snow White and The Huntsman 2", due to the scandal of Stewart's affair with director Rupert Sanders and instead of a sequel, Universal Pictures decided to focus on and develop a spin-off following The Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth).
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In the opening scene, where the girl picks the apple from the tree, there are blossoms also on the tree. Can't have apples and blossoms at the same time.
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While Snow White, William, Eric and the dwarves are heading to the fairy forest, there is a lot of scenic panning. When the sky is shown, there appears to be a pair of jet trails.
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On first meeting the Huntsman, Snow White steals a knife from him. In the subsequent scene she repeatedly changes from holding the knife in forward and reverse grips between several of the shots.
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Queen Ravenna: I was ruined by a king like you once. I replaced his queen. An old woman. And in time I too would have been replaced. Men use women. They ruin us and when they are finished with us they toss us to the dogs like scraps.
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Anna: You don't know who she is.
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The Huntsman: Why didn't you tell me? Because I'd think it was too difficult a task? You would be right.
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Is 'Snow White' by the Grimm Brothers available for reading online?
'The story of 'Snow White' is in the public domain, and various English translations from the original German are available on many online sites by goggling 'snow white text.' The text in both the original German side-by-side with an English translation can be found here.
How does the movie end?
Snow White, William (Sam Claflin), the huntsman, and their army storm the Queen's castle. While William and the Huntsman fight the Queen's army, Snow White climbs to the top of the castle tower where Ravenna is waiting for her. William and the huntsman follow, along with a small band of soldiers, but Ravenna rains shards of black glass upon them, the shards turning into monstrous creatures. With her soldiers engaged in fighting the shard creatures, Snow White rushes alone at Ravenna, but Ravenna easily overpowers her. Just as Ravenna is about to kill her and eat her heart, Snow White stabs Ravenna in the heart, causing her to fall to the floor where she gasps in pain. As she dies, Ravenna withers and ages. In the final scene, Snow White is crowned Queen of Tabor.
What is 'Snow White and the Huntsman' about?
Seven year-old Snow White (Raffey Cassidy) was living happily with her loving parents, King Magnus (Noah Huntley) and Queen Eleanor (Liberty Ross) of Tabor, until Eleanor died and the King remarried. His new wife Ravenna (Charlize Theron), a vain and powerful sorceress, killed him on their wedding night and imprisoned Snow White in a tower room for the next ten years. When Ravenna's magic mirror informs her that grownup Snow White (Kristen Stewart) is more beautiful, she orders that Snow White be slain. However, Snow White escapes into the Dark Forest, so Queen Ravenna sends a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to find her, but the huntsman has other ideas.
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