So Big!
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So Big!

81 min
Drama | Romance
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William A. Wellman
Country: USA
Release Date: 1932-04-30
George Brent
Roelf Pool
Dickie Moore
Dirk De Jong (younger)
Bette Davis
Miss Dallas O'Mara
Mae Madison
Julie Hempel
Hardie Albright
Dirk De Jong
Alan Hale
Klass Poole
Earle Foxe
Pervus De Jong
Robert Warwick
Simeon Peake, Gambler
Dorothy Peterson
Maartje Pool
Noel Francis
Mabel, a 'Fancy Woman'
Dick Winslow
Roelf, age 12
André Cheron
The General (scenes deleted)
Guy Kibbee
August Hemple
Martha Mattox
Maiden Aunt (scenes deleted)
Willard Robertson
The Doctor (scenes deleted)
Arthur Stone
Jan Steen (scenes deleted)
Max Barwyn
Bald Waiter (uncredited)
Lionel Belmore
Reverend Dekker (uncredited)
Wilson Benge
Paula's Butler (uncredited)
Harry Beresford
Adam Ooms, the Basket Auctioneer
Helene Chadwick
Townsperson (uncredited)
Blanche Friderici
Widow Paarlenburg
Betty Jane Graham
Agnes (uncredited)
Harry Holman
Country Doctor
Olin Howland
Jacob Pogadunk
Eulalie Jensen
Mrs. Hempel (uncredited)
Cammilla Johnson
Little Girl (uncredited)
Carmencita Johnson
Little Girl in Stove Scene (uncredited)
Payne B. Johnson
Barbara Stanwick's Baby (uncredited)
Seessel Anne Johnson
Little Girl in Stove Scene (uncredited)
Rita La Roy
Mrs. Paula Storm
John Larkin
Jeff, the Black Waiter (uncredited)
Florence Lawrence
Townsperson (uncredited)
Elizabeth Patterson
Mrs. Tebbit (uncredited)
Lon Poff
Deacon (uncredited)
Emma Ray
Maiden Aunt (uncredited)
Anne Shirley
Selina Peake, as a Child
Did you know?
"Lux Radio Theater" broadcast a 60 minute radio adaptation of the movie on March 13, 1939 with Barbara Stanwyck reprising her film role.
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One of Barbara Stanwyck's favorites of her own film.
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Bernhard Kaun composed original music for the trailer.
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Miss Dallas O'Mara: You know, you seem like much too nice a fellow to sit behind a desk, pushing buttons.
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Dirk De Jong: Must a man be an artist to interst you?
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Roelf, age 12: Fields of cabbages just like you said, they are beautiful!
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Barbara Stanwyck