Somewhere Over the Flagpole: A Nintendo Movie
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Somewhere Over the Flagpole: A Nintendo Movie

USA:22 min (approx.)
IMDB rate:
Alex Lamb
Country: USA
Filming Locations: Anaheim, California, USA
Jim Cathcart
Lucas Matthew Burrows
Amanda Penn-Francis
Marco Daniele
Stephanie Keefer
Matthew J Cates
Andrew Lamb
Paper Boy
Jared L. Parsons
Skater #1
Mike Burrows
Skater #2
Matt Burrows
Skater #3
Did you know?
Lucas states that Cliff Bleszinski got the highest Super Mario Bros. score when he reached 9,999,950 points in 1986. This was a true fact that was listed in the premiere issue of Nintendo Power. However, there were many other names listed as receiving the same score; Alex Lamb just liked his name the best. In real life, Cliff Bleszinski grew up to become a high-profile employee of Epic Games and titled himself CliffyB.
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In the script, Lucas had the line, "If you keep trying to mess me up, your brother will die, and I'll lose the score," but Matt Burrows, being the REAL Lucas, insisted that Alex Lamb change it to, "If you keep trying to mess me up, I'll lose the score, AND he'll die," because he knew that Lucas would put his score before a little kid's life.
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The character of Lucas Burrows was based off of Alex Lamb's friend Matt Burrows. Matt was originally supposed to play the part, but Jim Cathcart blew the producers away in the auditions and consequently won the part. Matt Burrows does make an appearance however in the opening sequence.
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When Becky runs into her house in the opening sequence, the front door is in the middle of the house, but when it cuts to her inside, there is a window by the staircase, revealing that it was filmed inside a different house with a front door on the left side rather than in the middle.
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A C-stand with a light on it is visible in the kitchen scene.
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When Lucas and Becky are leaving Lucas' room, you can see the mic pack hooked to the back of Lucas' pants.
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Who plays that awesome jogger? He's amazing!
Jared Lee Parsons
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