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150 min | Canada:157 min (Ontario)
Drama | Romance
IMDB rate:
Alan J. Pakula
Won Oscar. Another 12 wins & 11 nominations
Country: UK
Release Date: 1983-03-04
Filming Locations: Reiserovo castle, Samobor, Croatia
Budget: $12,000,000
Opening Weekend: $202,131 (USA) (12 December 1982)
Gross: $19,962,353 (USA) (20 March 1983)
Meryl Streep
Kevin Kline
Peter MacNicol
Rita Karin
Stephen D. Newman
Greta Turken
Leslie Lapidus
Josh Mostel
Morris Fink
Marcell Rosenblatt
Astrid Weinstein
Moishe Rosenfeld
Moishe Rosenblum
Robin Bartlett
Lillian Grossman
Eugene Lipinski
Polish Professor
John Rothman
Joseph Leon
Dr. Blackstock
David Wohl
English Teacher
Nina Polan
Woman in English Class
Alexander Sirotin
Man #1 in English Class
Armand Dahan
Man #2 in English Class
Joseph Tobin
Cortez Nance
Günther Maria Halmer
Rudolf Hoess
Karlheinz Hackl
SS Doctor
Ulli Fessl
Frau Hoess
Melanie Pianka
Emmi Hoess
Eugeniusz Priwieziencew
Prisoner at Shower
Krystyna Karkowska
Katharina Thalbach
Nedim Prohic
Josef (as Neddim Prohic)
Jennifer Lawn
Sophie's Child
Adrian Kalitka
Sophie's Child
Peter Wegenbreth
Hoess' Aide
Vida Jerman
Female SS Guard
Irena Hampel
German Child
Sandra Markota
German Child
Hrvoje Sostaric
German Child
Marko Zec
German Child
Ivica Pajer
Sophie's Father (as Ivo Pajer)
Michaela Karacic
Sophie as a Child
Josef Sommer
Narrator (voice)
Bobby DeAngelo
NYPD Photograper (uncredited)
Did you know?
Before Meryl Streep was cast, Magda Vásáryová was to play the role of Sophie. Natalie Wood was considered for the role of Sophie.
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In a disclaimer paragraph at the end, the only character who was not fictitious was Rudolf Hoess, which was the name of the actual commandant at Auschwitz.
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When director Alan J. Pakula was initially signed on to the film, he envisioned only Liv Ullmann in the title role.
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When Nathan toasts Stingo on the bridge, as the shot pulls back you see first one then several cars from 1982, obviously an issue with how long they could hold up the bridge traffic for the shot, they needed to hold it up an extra minute or maybe lacked the budget to pay for late 40's cars to drive by instead.
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In one of the early scenes when Stingo is moving in he is carrying 3 cases of Spam on his shoulder. They barely move despite him writhing around to get the door open. When he gets into the room he drops them on the bed and you can clearly see most of the cans are glued to the cardboard. The actor even flips the top row over on the bed and they stay attached.
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When Stingo is packing to go back home and Sophie comes back home and is talking to him, you can see a pair of Nike speakers on the bed. Nike was established in 1964, much after the time when the movie is set.
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Sophie: Don't you see? We are dying. I longed desperately to escape, to pack my bags and flee, but I did not.
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Sophie: Stingo, you look... you look very nice, you're wearing your cocksucker.
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Nathan Landau: But I'm a biologist
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