Souls at Sea
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Souls at Sea

92 min
Action | Adventure
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Henry Hathaway
Nominated for 3 Oscars.
Country: USA
Release Date: 1937-09-03
Filming Locations: Paramount Studios - 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Gary Cooper
'Nuggin' Taylor
George Raft
Frances Dee
Margaret Tarryton
Henry Wilcoxon
Lieut. Tarryton
Harry Carey
Captain of 'William Brown'
Olympe Bradna
Robert Cummings
George Martin
Porter Hall
Court Prosecutor
George Zucco
Virginia Weidler
Joseph Schildkraut
Gaston de Bastonet
Gilbert Emery
Capt. Martisel
Lucien Littlefield
Paul Fix
Tully Marshall
Monte Blue
Stanley Fields
Norman Ainsley
Ticket Taker (uncredited)
Stanley Andrews
First Mate (uncredited)
Agnes Ayres
Bit Role (uncredited)
Baby Peggy
Bit Role (uncredited)
Robert Barrat
The Reverend (uncredited)
Lina Basquette
Brunette in Saloon (uncredited)
Wilson Benge
Doctor (uncredited)
Frank Benson
Gardener (uncredited)
Arthur Blake
Prime Minister (uncredited)
Fritzi Brunette
Bit Role (uncredited)
Allan Cavan
Dignitary (uncredited)
Davison Clark
Bailiff (uncredited)
Harvey Clark
Court Clerk (uncredited)
Ethel Clayton
Passenger (uncredited)
Herbert Clifton
Ticket Clerk (uncredited)
David Clyde
Butler (uncredited)
G. Pat Collins
Slaver (uncredited)
Clyde Cook
Hendry (uncredited)
Margaret Daggett
Bit Role (uncredited)
J. Gunnis Davis
Barber (uncredited)
Lillian Dean
Bit Role (uncredited)
Lowell Drew
Jury Foreman (uncredited)
Franklyn Farnum
Court Bailiff (uncredited)
Martin Faust
Bit Role (uncredited)
Leslie Francis
Woolsey's Secretary
Galan Galt
Bit Role (uncredited)
Phyllis Godfrey
Housemaid (uncredited)
Pauline Haddon
Blonde (uncredited)
Grayce Hampton
Old Knitting Woman (uncredited)
Beth Hartman
Bit Role (uncredited)
Forrester Harvey
Pub Proprietor (uncredited)
Fay Holden
Mrs. Martin (uncredited)
Olaf Hytten
Proprietor (uncredited)
Virginia Kami
Bit Role (uncredited)
Jane Keckley
Bit Role (uncredited)
Colin Kenny
Military Guard (uncredited)
Crauford Kent
Navy Clerk (uncredited)
Erin La Bissoniere
Bit Role (uncredited)
Rollo Lloyd
Parchy (uncredited)
Betty Lorraine
Bit Role (uncredited)
George MacQuarrie
Doctor (uncredited)
Henry Mowbray
Bus Man (uncredited)
Forbes Murray
Associate Justice (uncredited)
Carlyle O'Rourke
Puppeteer (uncredited)
Ted Oliver
Bit Role (uncredited)
Alonzo Price
Bit Role (uncredited)
Dick Rich
Bit Role (uncredited)
Constantine Romanoff
Pub Drinker (uncredited)
Don Rowan
Bit Role (uncredited)
Francis Sayles
Undetermined Role (uncredited)
Lee Shumway
Mate (uncredited)
Phillips Smalley
Dignitary (uncredited)
William Stack
Judge (uncredited)
Paul Stanton
Defense Attorney (uncredited)
John M. Sullivan
Dignitary (uncredited)
Ben Taggart
Ship's Officer (uncredited)
Colin Tapley
Donaldson (uncredited)
Jameson Thomas
Pelton (uncredited)
Dorothy Vernon
Passenger (uncredited)
Luana Walters
Eloise (uncredited)
Paul Walton
Puppeteer (uncredited)
Robert Warwick
Vice Admiral (uncredited)
Blue Washington
Ship Slave (uncredited)
Jane Weir
Barmaid (uncredited)
Gloria Williams
Passenger (uncredited)
Did you know?
Edward Van Sloan is cast as "Ship's Officer" in this film according to Studio records as reported by the AFI Catalog, but he was not seen in the film.
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One of over 700 Paramount Productions, filmed between 1929 and 1949, which were sold to MCA/Universal in 1958 for television distribution, and have been owned and controlled by Universal ever since.
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The original cast list for this film lists actress Viva Tattersall as playing Queen Victoria, but the entire sequence at Victoria's court was cut from the film before it was released.
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Powdah: I'm cheap. I'm no good. I'm nothin'. I even stole a piece of poetry to tell you you was beautiful.
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Michael 'Nuggin' Taylor: Well, how many times have you been chased by a policeman?
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Powdah: Upper crust. A fluffy duff. You oughta plop that kind.
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Photos from cast
Gertrude Astor