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USA:22 min
Animation | Comedy
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Won 5 Primetime Emmys. Another 6 wins & 31 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1997-08-13
George Clooney
George Clooney
South Park
Trey Parker
Stan Marsh
Matt Stone
Kyle Broflovski
Mona Marshall
Sheila Broflovski
April Stewart
Sharon Marsh
Isaac Hayes
Did you know?
In the first episode, everyone was made on scraps of paper. But still today, if you look closely at Chef's hand, you will see that it looks like a piece of paper cut to look like a hand.
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As of 2007, Trey Parker is mainly credited for directing and writing episodes while Matt Stone focuses on voice acting and production coordination.
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The famous South Park Holiday Special episode features live-action footage after every commercial break of Trey Parker as a newsreader saying "Frizzies at 11." This references a widely-circulated bootleg video of the infamous The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) which included "pause button delay" sound bites of a real newscaster saying just that.
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Exactly who is related to who in the Marsh family is never consistent. Early episodes imply that Jimbo and Marvin (Stan's grandfather) are on Sharon's side of the family, whereas more recent ones imply they are on Randy's side. Being on Sharon's side makes sense for Jimbo, as he has a different last name. However, Marvin's last name is, indeed, confirmed to be Marsh. Matt Stone revealed in an interview that Jimbo Kerns is Randy's half-brother.
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Cartman: Oh, Kyle, you just made a huge withdrawal at the First Bank of Lies.
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City Wok Owner: Welcome to Shitty Wok!
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Terrance: Hey Phillip, guess what?
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Which characters have disappeared over the series' progression?
Numerous characters have either altogether disappeared or been mostly retired from the show. This is presumably due to the fact that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have changed the tone of the show over time. Some characters who have disappeared include:Chef (died in "South Park: The Return of Chef (#10.1)" and hasn't been seen since; Isaac Hayes left the show in early 2006. Hayes died on August 10, 2008, ending any further possibility of Chef returning to the show.Mr. Twig (thrown away by Mr. Garrison in "South Park: Chef Aid (#2.14)" to be with Mr. Hat again and has not been seen since)Ms. Choksondik (died in "South Park: The Simpsons Already Did It (#6.7)")Ms. Crabtree (killed in "South Park: Cartman's Incredible Gift (#8.13)")Kyle's elephant disappeared after one episode. Cartman's pig also seems to have been omittedPip was killed by Mecha-Streisand in the episode "201"Numerous newer characters have been added over the years to take the place of many of these original characters. Many original characters who were barely in the show at all in its beginning (such as Butters Stotch and Randy Marsh) now appear more often. Early characters that rarely or never appear in recent seasons include Jimbo and Ned, the Mayor, Shelley, Fr. Maxi, Officer Barbrady and Dr. Mephesto.
Why is Mr. Mackey's head so big?
Mr. Mackey's head is so big because his tie is too tight. In "South Park: Ike's Wee Wee (#2.4)," Mr. Mackey gets high and takes off his tie and his head immediately shrinks.However, this is contradicted in "South Park: Proper Condom Use (#5.7)" where Mr. Mackey takes off his clothes to have sex with Ms. Choksondik. He removes all of his clothing (including his tie), but his head does not shrink (which may be an error by the writers, or it may be that the drugs he took in "South Park: Ike's Wee Wee (#2.4)" deflated his brain.)But perhaps his freakish build--big head with a stick body, shaped like a lollipop makes for a better sight-gag.
In which episode does Kenny come back to life for real, how does he come back to life, why does he come back to life and is there any explanation from the show's creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker?
Kenny comes back to life for good in "South Park: Red Sleigh Down (#6.17)." The creaters, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, brought him back for, as of yet, undisclosed reasons. What was Kenny McCormick's explaination for where he was all season? "I was just over there!"
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