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Special Unit 2

60 min (19 episodes)
Drama | Action | Comedy | Horror
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Country: USA
Release Date: 2001-04-11
Filming Locations: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Michael Landes
Detective Nicholas O'Malley
Alexondra Lee
Detective Kate Benson
Richard Gant
Captain Richard Page
Danny Woodburn
Carl the Gnome
Jonathan Togo
Did you know?
Frequently pokes fun at its fellow UPN supernatural/action/comedy series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997). For instance, in the first episode, Captain Page tells Kate that all myths and stories of monsters are based on actual creatures, except vampires, which are total fiction.
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Christina Moore was originally cast as Kate Johnson. She was later replaced by series regular Alexondra Lee.
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In the unaired pilot episode, Captain Richard Page was named Captain William T. Page, but played by the same actor, Richard Gant.
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The Golden City Dry Cleaner sign has a phone number at the very bottom. In some shots the number '7' will be present; in other shots it will be absent.
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The Chicago Police Uniforms in the show are perfect except for the Left Shoulder Patches, which 'should' read Chicago Police, but instead are a fictional patch that reads 'Police Department of the City of Chicago'. This is common when any show films in Chicago (even when most of the filming is done in Canada). Chicago has a rule that no representation of their real Police Patch can be shown without express permission from the city. Since most movie productions don't want to hassle having a bureaucrat 'approving' all of their scripts, most depictions of the "Chicago Police Department" have bogus patches versus the real thing. Thus this is an intentional "mistake" but one that sharp eyed viewers will pick up.
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Carl: Hey, I still scare the ladies.
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Benson: You enjoyed killing that thing. Saving my life was secondary.
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Nick O'Malley: Remember, guns don't kill people, gargoyles do.
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