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30 min
Animation | Comedy | Family | Fantasy
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Nominated for 8 Primetime Emmys. Another 40 wins & 34 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1999-05-01
Filming Locations: Burbank, California, USA
Bill Fagerbakke
Bill Fagerbakke
SpongeBob SquarePants
Tom Kenny
Rodger Bumpass
Clancy Brown
Mr. Krabs
Dee Bradley Baker
Fish #1 / ... (146 episodes, 1999-2013)
Mr. Lawrence
Sirena Irwin
Lady Fish / ... (100 episodes, 1999-2013)
Carolyn Lawrence
Sandy Cheeks
Did you know?
The signal flags hanging on the front of The Krusty Krab do not spell a word. In fact, the third signal flag (from left to right as you face the front door) does not exist in international nautical code. The first, second, fourth and fifth are R, I, U, and K respectively, although the U is only "right-side-up" if you read the flags from right-to-left. Inside Mr. Krab's office is _, I, R, and M. The _ has no letter associated with the flag
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The episodes "SB-129" and "Krusty Krab Training Video" feature the credits on a space and a black background, respectively, instead of the traditional underwater background.
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Spongebob is ambidextrous, meaning he is able to write with both hands.
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At numerous points in the series, the phrase "Galley Grub" on the Krusty Krab menu is misspelled as "Gally Grub."
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In the episode where Spongebob is making his own Mermaidman movie, it is said that Patrick kept the lens cap on during the entire film, but, you can easily see that that is not true, since you see the camera filming without a lens cap.
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In the episode where Patrick goes to Boating School with SpongeBob, Spongebob writes Patrick's name on the board in all caps. Later on, it is seen in the background with only the 'P' capitalized.
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Mermaid Man: EVIL!
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Mr. Krabs: Attention all employees! Just giving you a heads-up. I'll be conducting a surprise uniform inspection in one hour. Whoever doesn't pass gets the boot.
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Patrick: Patrick needs love too! I defy you Heart-Man!
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