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Action | Fantasy
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Dylan Cuthbert
Country: Japan
Release Date: 2006-08-28
Did you know?
After finishing the game for the first time, the first ending shows Krystal rejoining Team Star Fox, but later breaking up her relationship with Fox McCloud to join Panther's team. Upon re-play, the game features an additional eight alternate endings, all depending on the order of the missions being played. The endings differ mostly in the fates of the main characters, and vary drastically in how well things turn out for them. Due to this, there is no 'real' ending agreed upon by the designers, and the canonical significance of the game is therefore controversial among both the fans and creators of the game.
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The game offers the unique option for the player to record his or her voice sounds in the beginning. If this is done, all game characters will speak a gibberish language in many variations of the player's voice during the game.
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