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Starship Troopers

129 min
Action | Sci-Fi
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Paul Verhoeven
Nominated for Oscar. Another 3 wins & 12 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 1997-11-07
Filming Locations: The Henman House - 33583 Mulholland Highway, Malibu, California, USA
Budget: $100,000,000
Opening Weekend: $22,058,773 (USA) (9 November 1997)
Gross: $54,700,065 (USA) (22 February 1998)
Parry Shen
Parry Shen
Starship Troopers
Casper Van Dien
Johnny Rico
Dina Meyer
Dizzy Flores
Denise Richards
Lt. Carmen Ibanez
Jake Busey
Ace Levy
Neil Patrick Harris
Carl Jenkins
Clancy Brown
Sgt. Zim
Seth Gilliam
Sugar Watkins
Patrick Muldoon
Zander Barcalow
Michael Ironside
Jean Rasczak
Rue McClanahan
Biology Teacher
Marshall Bell
General Owen
Eric Bruskotter
Matt Levin
Kitten Smith
Blake Lindsley
Anthony Ruivivar
Brenda Strong
Captain Deladier
Dean Norris
Commanding Officer
Christopher Curry
Mr. Rico
Lenore Kasdorf
Mrs. Rico
Tami-Adrian George
Corporal Bronski
Steven Ford
Lt. Willy
Ungela Brockman
Corporal Birdie
Curnal Achilles Aulisio
Sgt. Gillespie
Greg Travis
Net Correspondent
Bruce Gray
Sky Marshall Dienes
Denise Dowse
Sky Marshall Meru
John Cunningham
Fed Net Announcer (voice)
Julianna McCarthy
Timothy McNeil
Robert David Hall
Recruiting Sergeant
Brad Kane
Amy Smart
Pilot Cadet Stack Lumbreiser
Timothy Omundson
Patrick Bishop
Engineering Officer
Hunter Bodine
Young Cap Trooper
Travis Lowen
Little Boy Trooper
Patrick Wolff
Late Cadet
Mara Duronslet
Communications Officer
Dale Dye
Mike Stokey
Officer with Morita (as Michael Stokey)
Tyrone Tann
Matt Entriken
Eric DaRe
Ronald L. Botchan
Jumpball Referee
Walter Adrian
Stephanie Erb
Young Mother
Alexi Lakatos
Stomping Kid
Nathaniel Marshall
Stomping Kid
Austin Sanderford
Stomping Kid
Rhiannon Vigil
Stomping Kid
Mylin Brooks
Female Trooper
Armand Darrius
Male Trooper
Kai Lennox
Male Trooper
Dawn E. Anderson
Female Trooper
Michael Aumock
Extra (uncredited)
David Beckett
Businessman (uncredited)
William Bradley
MI trooper (uncredited)
Jason Thomas Campbell
Squad Leader (uncredited)
Jon Davison
Buenos Aires Survivor (uncredited)
R. Lee Ermey
Voice heard on speaker when troopers were receiving gear for battle (uncredited)
Mohammad Faisal
Trooper (uncredited)
Female Trooper
Michael Gerald
Football Quarterback (uncredited)
Josh Gilbert
Bruce Holman
Jump Ball Referee (uncredited)
Richy B. Jacobs
Jumpball Player (uncredited)
Antonio Magrane
Academy Student (uncredited)
Steve Mora
Male Trooper
Brooke Morales
Cheerleader (uncredited)
Jim Morse
Male Trooper
Cole Nelson
Football Player (uncredited)
Edward Neumeier
Defendant (uncredited)
Ryan O'Quinn
Jumpball Player (uncredited)
Dan Olivo
Academy Soilder (uncredited)
Julie Pinson
Female Trooper
Zoë Poledouris
School Prom Lead Singer (uncredited)
David Rey
Trooper (uncredited)
Mary Ann Schmidt
Female Trooper
Tony Scoville
Extra (uncredited)
Julia Self
Female Trooper
Claude Stuart
K. Harrison Sweeney
Cpl. Allen (uncredited)
Brian Tochi
Male Trooper
Michael A. Valenzano
Trooper (uncredited)
Cari Vega
Justin Ward
Medic (uncredited)
Melissa J. Ward
Trooper (uncredited)
Sam P. Whitehead
Trooper (uncredited)
Did you know?
The German dubbing of this film, although changing a lot of the political issues of the story, is partly regarded as cult especially due to lines like "Das ganze Gehirn weggelutscht" ("They sucked his brains out") as performed by Joachim Kerzel.
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Director Paul Verhoeven admits to never finishing the novel, claiming he read through the first few chapters and became both bored and depressed.
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In the shower scene, Shujimi (Anthony Ruivivar ) says that he joined the Mobile Infantry so that the Federation would pay for his studies, which would otherwise have cost him 'an arm and a leg'. Shujimi later has his limbs ripped off by the bugs.
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In the shower scene, Johnny's butt is already red before it is smacked.
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While at the outpost, Ltl Raczak's mouth moves, but nothing comes out just before he says, "Fire at will."
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When Rico shows his tattoo after having liquor poured on it, the lower half is running down his arm.
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Johnny Rico: These are the rules. Everybody fights, nobody quits. If you don't do your job I'll kill you myself. Welcome to the Roughnecks!
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Jean Rasczak: [to Rico] I need a corporal. You're it, until you're dead or I find someone better.
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Jean Rasczak: [Arriving on Planet P after its been bombed] All right. SPREAD OUT! Fire Teams, you see a bug hole, NUKE IT!
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Is it true that the Japanese DVD is slightly censored?
Yes, Rasczak's provocative dialogue about Hiroshima has been cut out. A detailed comparison between the Japanese DVD Version and the Original Version with pictures can be found here.
Was the final scene meant as a prelude to a sequel?
Yes and no. It is true that Paul Verhoeven was interested in doing a sequel, so leaving the movie open-ended was partially intentional. However, Verhoeven intended the sequel to be a big-budget movie comparable to the original. Due to the somewhat disappointing box office result of Starship Troopers, this idea was scrapped; the two sequels that have since been released were produced for the direct-to-dvd market on a significantly lower budget.But more importantly, on the dvd commentary, Verhoeven explains that the final scene was primarily intended as a very cynical coda: it shows that Johnny Rico has become a full-blown mindless war machine just like Lt. Rasczak (he has even copied his war cry "Come on, you apes, you wanna live forever?") and that mankind still thinks they can win this war through superior firepower. In this context, the final tag line 'They'll keep on fighting' can be read as 'They still haven't learned anything'. Verhoeven admits that many viewers and critics entirely missed this subtext of the movie, and misinterpreted the final scene as a statement of militarism, or a simple allusion to a sequel.
What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Workprint?
The Workprint is a pretty final cut of the movie. Some scenes, which focus on Carmen's love life have been removed for the Theatrical Release. In the Workprint it is clear that she sleeps with Rico, but after his supposed death shares some intimate time with Zander and finally gets back to Rico at the end. These scenes were removed because they caused a lot of animosity towards Carmen during test screenings(according to Paul Verhoeven, some viewers even asked him to "kill the slut"). Otherwise there are minor extensions/alternate scenes. A detailed comparison between both versions with pictures can be found here.
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