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121 min
Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller
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Rob Cohen
2 nominations
Country: USA
Release Date: 2005-07-29
Filming Locations: Australia
Budget: $135,000,000
Opening Weekend: $13,251,545 (USA) (31 July 2005)
Gross: $31,704,416 (USA) (4 September 2005)
Josh Lucas
Lt. Ben Gannon
Jessica Biel
Lt. Kara Wade
Jamie Foxx
Lt. Henry Purcell
Sam Shepard
Capt. George Cummings
Richard Roxburgh
Dr. Keith Orbit
Joe Morton
Capt. Dick Marshfield
Ian Bliss
Lt. Aaron Shaftsbury
Ebon Moss-Bachrach
Michael Denkha
Naval Controller
Rocky Helton
Master at Arms
Clayton Adams
USS Abraham Lincoln Sailor
Maurice Morgan
USS Abraham Lincoln Sailor
Woody Naismith
USS Abraham Lincoln Sailor (as Christopher Naismith)
Charles Ndibe
USS Abraham Lincoln Sailor
Nicholas Hammond
Executive Officer
Michael McCabe
Commander 3rd Fleet (as Vice Adm. Michael McCabe)
Joel Tobeck
Black Ops Leader
John Waters
Black Ops Doctor
Sara Saliba
Korean Girl
Jim Diamond
Rangoon Terrorist
Jaffar Hussain
Rangoon Terrorist
Gary Quay
Rangoon Terrorist
Jason Lee
Colonel Yune
Rowan Schlosberg
EDI Technician
Jason Chan
EDI Technician
Mathew Wilkinson
EDI Technician
Johann Walraven
EDI Technician
Randall Mettam
Naval Controller
Lucia Mastrantone
Naval Controller
Dorian Nkono
Naval Controller
Miles Paras
Naval Controller
Harli Ames
Naval Controller (as Ali Ammouchi)
Adriano Capelletta
Naval Controller
Blazey Best
Naval Controller
Paul Pantano
Naval Controller
Alexandra Davies
Ben's Date
Caroline de Souza Correa
Henry's Date
Ilya Melnikoff
Russian Pilot (as Ilya Morelle)
Nikolai Nikolaeff
Russian Pilot
Warwick Young
Russian Pilot
Paul Donazzan
Russian Pilot
Vanessa Trezise
Sky News Reporter
Matthew Jorgensen
Barricade Officer
Colby Sanders
Aviation Plane Captain
Diego Corral
Ships Safety Officer
Jaypetch Toonchalong
Henry's Thai Girlfriend
David Andrews
Wentworth Miller
EDI (voice)
Robert L. Keane
Aircraft Carrier Chaplain (as CDR Robert L. Keane CMC USN)
Josiah D. Lee
North Korean Soldier (voice)
Eddie Vee
Thai operative (voice)
Peni Loloa
Watchtower Guard (uncredited)
Alex Lorre
Insurgent Himself (uncredited)
Harrison Norris
Russian Boy (uncredited)
Did you know?
When we see Capt. Marshfield and Capt. Cummings walk the flight deck of USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) the patch on the front of Capt. Marshfield's jacket says USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) - this was one of the aircraft carriers used during filming.
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A photo of one of the F/A-37 Talon mock-ups, snapped on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln during filming was published in an Australian aviation magazine, claiming that the Talon was an actual prototype aircraft being tested by the US Navy.
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Although the F/A-37 Talon and the EDI UCAV are both capable of short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL), they are shown doing conventional carrier take-offs and landings. Catapult launches and arrested landings would not be performed on such aircraft as it is unnecessary and very stressful on the airframe.
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When Lt. Gannon dives towards the building from many miles up, it is impossible not to black out from the ascent and the descent.
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When the UCAV is first taken for a test run, Lt. Ben Gannon is heard to say "Let the schoolin' begin!" right before the fighters break formation, yet on the screens in the command center showing facial shots of each pilot you can clearly see his mouth is not moving.
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Survival training must not have been a high priority for these elite pilots. Breaking radio silence over enemy territory to relay unimportant information and drawing attention to oneself while attempting to evade are just a couple of the errors these aviators make.
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EDI: [Gannon preparing to fire a missile] Talon 1, clarify your intentions.
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Lt. Kara Wade: Just tell me you love me, you pussy.
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Lt. Ben Gannon: You know what i think?
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Is it considered proper military/naval protocol for service members to go out "clubbing in dress uniform?"
Their is no official service wide policy in effect in peacetime. Whether or not officers and enlisted personnel wear dress uniform, uniform of the day or civilian clothing to frequent bars and nighclubs while overseas and off duty. Then it is always up to the discretion of the commanding officer of each command/unit/ship/submarine to set forth the uniform of the day requirements regarding how service members will be attired while off duty and mixing with the local civilian population. Keep in mind that whenever in uniform American service members are representing their nation and should always be on their best behavior. While stationed in the USA then uniform requirements are often relaxed for local commands including those stationed in Alaska and Hawaii. For naval personnel, dress whites are always difficult to keep clean the majority of the time.
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