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Strange Frequency

120 min
Comedy | Fantasy | Horror | Sci-Fi
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Mary Lambert
Country: USA
Release Date: 2001-01-24
Filming Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Martin Cummins
Dante (segment "Disco Inferno")
Christopher Masterson
Todd (segment "My Generation") (as Christopher Kennedy Masterson)
Brandy Ledford
Christine (segment "Disco Inferno")
Danny Masterson
Randy (segment "Disco Inferno")
Judd Nelson
Martin Potter (segment "More Than a Feeling")
Erik Palladino
Buck (segment "Disco Inferno")
Eric Roberts
Bob Henry (segment "My Generation")
Holland Taylor
Marge Crowley (segment "Room Service")
John Taylor
Jimmy Blitz (segment "Room Service")
Christine Chatelain
Farrah (segment "Disco Inferno")
Brian Drummond
Paramedic #2 (segment "Disco Inferno")
Dean Marshall
Paramedic #1 (segment "Disco Inferno")
Shawn Reis
Bouncer (segment "Disco Inferno")
Jessica Van der Veen
Nurse (segment "Disco Inferno")
Trevor White
Disco Man (segment "Disco Inferno")
Emy Aneke
M.C. (segment "More Than a Feeling")
Shannon Beaty
Lauren (segment "More Than a Feeling")
Doron Bell
Carter (segment "More Than a Feeling")
Preston Cook
Terry (segment "More Than a Feeling")
Kurt Evans
Foley (segment "More Than a Feeling")
Deryl Hayes
Officer #2 (segment "More Than a Feeling")
Adrian Holmes
Dean Mace (segment "More Than a Feeling")
Nels Lennarson
Jack Schulman (segment "More Than a Feeling")
John Mann
Daryl Trent (segment "More Than a Feeling")
Christian Mena
Latin Singer (segment "More Than a Feeling")
Darryl Scheelar
Officer #1 (segment "More Than a Feeling)
Desiree Zurowski
Sue (segment "More Than a Feeling")
Ben Cotton
Officer DJ (segment "My Generation")
Tom Heaton
Good Sam (segment "My Generation")
Jane Sowerby
Krista (segment "My Generation")
Keegan Connor Tracy
Kim (segment "My Generation")
Ben Bass
Tom West (segment "Room Service)
Scott McNeil
Robbie Laine (segment "Room Service)
Gerard Plunkett
Miles Davenport (segment "Room Service)
Conan Graham
Suzette Meyers
Marianne Sawchuk
Don Thompson
(segment "My Generation")
Kett Turton
Toby (segment "More Than a Feeling")
Did you know?
This was the pilot movie, but was made up of episodes which were later shown in the series.
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Todd: Mom used to listen to this hippie crap. Long, rambling songs are so boring.
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Bob Henry: Your generation *raps* over classic rock songs and calls it new. You take drugs to hide from reality instead of to expand your mind.
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Bob Henry: 36 kills in 16 states.
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Photos from cast
Marla Sokoloff Kendall Saunders